Christ and Culture Part 2

Written by Aleck Cartwright

...cont. from Christ and Culture Part 1

4. Christ and Culture is in Paradox This view differs fromrepparttar preceding option by maintaining that while both Christ and culture claim our loyalty,repparttar 126992 tension between them cannot be reconciled by any lasting synthesis. Luther maintained that sin is universal and inside a Christian all of His earthly life, thereby making it impossible to attempt any kind of utopian society on earth. I agree that though God has dealt with our sinful nature in Christ, we are susceptible to sinful desires (sins not unto death, because our sin nature has been removed and replaced with Christ in us) and as such will never have heaven on earth.

Christ in us has fulfilledrepparttar 126993 law of God on which our societies are based in order to ensure justice and law and order. The law is in play over our physical bodies and behaviour in society, which Christ affirms. We live byrepparttar 126994 grace of God withoutrepparttar 126995 law and find that we naturally fulfilrepparttar 126996 law of God and affirmrepparttar 126997 law ofrepparttar 126998 land. Christ has become to us an "eternal law" that fulfilsrepparttar 126999 "temporal law" of God.

These two are held in tension, we still have to account for our actions, but by God's grace we have forgiveness of sins and a new nature at work within us. The temporal law is in place not to makerepparttar 127000 ungodly righteous, but as a means of limitingrepparttar 127001 far-reaching effects of sin in this world. As a church we upholdrepparttar 127002 law, not through self-effort but in our natural adherence to Godly principles throughrepparttar 127003 natural inclination to submit ourselves to Godly authority (Romans 2:12-14).

As Christians we are simultaneously subject to bothrepparttar 127004 nature of Christ in us andrepparttar 127005 reality of an unrenewed and sinful mind,expressed through a physical and limited body. Inrepparttar 127006 world we are subject to temporal law, and yet in Christ we are subject torepparttar 127007 grace of God for our salvation. Jesus Christ isrepparttar 127008 fulfilment ofrepparttar 127009 temporal law in us as believers.

The Christian life is a paradox, and keepingrepparttar 127010 two realms distinct has far-reaching effects. Since we are saved by grace and not our own works, we have no grades of holiness, or any need to separate ourselves from culture. This ultimately means that any vocation provided it is a true vocation, a station in life instituted by God, can be pursued forrepparttar 127011 glory of God. So we are in fact set free to serve.

All things are permissible torepparttar 127012 believer, but we do those things that are beneficial. This means that although we are not underrepparttar 127013 law which is temporal and cannot save any man. The temporal law does lead man to repentance and thereby curbsrepparttar 127014 extent of sin's consequences inrepparttar 127015 world as a moral guide. So those who are in Christ live by grace and find that they fulfilrepparttar 127016 law of God.

So whether we live by Christ or byrepparttar 127017 law we find that we all keeprepparttar 127018 law,repparttar 127019 one byrepparttar 127020 law written on their hearts,repparttar 127021 other by obeyingrepparttar 127022 letter ofrepparttar 127023 law. So "all who sin apart fromrepparttar 127024 law will also perish apart fromrepparttar 127025 law, and all who sin underrepparttar 127026 law will be judged byrepparttar 127027 law" (Romans 2:12).

So this freedom of a Christian is balanced with a respect for temporal law and secular government (Romans 13:1-7). This really does create a paradox, we who are no longer under law submit ourselves to it and should not return harm for harm (Romans 13:8-9), but in time of war we may rightly be ordered to take up arms against an oppressor in order to limit a greater evil.

Also if a leader is wrong in commanding us to do something that is against God, we are not bound to obey him over God. "For it is no one's duty to do wrong, we must obey God rather than man" (Acts 5:29). We need to be realistic about man's inclination to sin, as unbelievers who will suffer death as a result of their sin as well as for believers who will sufferrepparttar 127028 chastisement of God. For there is a sin unto death and a sin not unto death (1 John 5:16,17).

Intercessory Prayer for The Pentagon and Employees

Written by Angelique Watkins

I am sharing history of how I became to know aboutrepparttar Friday Prayer Mission and also ofrepparttar 126991 Friday Prayer Mission that I received today.

May 17, 2002

I am sending you this because of your interest in intercessory prayer for The Pentagon and those of us who work here.

Our time of prayer is on Friday's from 1130-1200. We have a Bible Study following from 1200-1300.

Here is what to pray for:

1. In 1997, I was shown byrepparttar 126992 L-rd that there are 3,000 believers that work inrepparttar 126993 Pentagon (almost a tithe). The problem is that we brothers and sisters inrepparttar 126994 faith do not know each other.

Please pray that 50 percent ofrepparttar 126995 believers here will stand up for Christ in their workplace one hour each week.

Here's how to pray:

a. That 1 in 2 believers here would attend a Bible Study for one hour or b. That 1 in 2 believers here would attend The Pentagon Prayer Breakfast for one hour c. That 1 in 2 believers here would attend a prayer group for one hour d. That 1 in 2 believers here would put a Bible on their desk. e. That 1 in 2 believers here would exercise with a Jesus T-shirt on.

2. Pray forrepparttar 126996 ministry ofrepparttar 126997 Christian Embassy

Ministry leaders are George Selden and here in The Pentagon: Rev. Corky

Eddins and Dick Morton.

3. Pray forrepparttar 126998 Chaplaincy. Army Chief of Chaplains Gunhus and Pentagon Chaplain COL Henry Haynes.

4. Please pray for those who are called to join us for prayer.

5. Please pray for us to not make this into a religion, but to wait on Him and The Holy Ghost.

Scripture reference: PSALM 60:11-12 PSALM 68:19-20

I plan to send you these updates once a week, each Friday afternoon.


Bud Greenberg

Washington, DC 20310-0700

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