Christ and Covenant

Written by Aleck Cartwright

The Covenant and Christ

All are under sin, whether underrepparttar law or barbarians, and apart fromrepparttar 126996 Law we are all in need of righteousness. Not one of us can stand before God righteous apart from Christ in us as our righteousness. God does have a covenant with Israel as His chosen race and we as believers are grafted ontorepparttar 126997 chosen race by grace. This is where there is neither Jew nor Gentile, slave nor free for we are all in Christ, and there is a level playing field for all mankind who are made partakers of divine nature.

We as Gentiles never become Jews, except inrepparttar 126998 spiritual sense we become circumcised in our hearts havingrepparttar 126999 law of God written on our hearts and in our minds. In Christ we realiserepparttar 127000 fulfillment ofrepparttar 127001 law in our lives. We cannot attain to it and neither canrepparttar 127002 Jew, so whether we are underrepparttar 127003 law or not, we are all facingrepparttar 127004 wrath of God towards sin. Where God will judge us for what we have done according to Paul's gospel, which is Christ in us,repparttar 127005 hope of Glory.

Healthy Living - Body, soul and spirit!

Written by Donna-Rae Cartwright

Healthy Living

A healthy lifestyle is holistic. You cannot look at justrepparttar physical side of healthy living and negate our responsibility to nurturerepparttar 126995 spiritual side, and vice versa.

God created us as physical and spiritual beings. He created us as physical when He made us fromrepparttar 126996 dust ofrepparttar 126997 earth and gave us bodies, breathing life into us. He created us as mortal, finite beings - but He also created us as spiritual beings, to live or die eternally.

So because God created us to live in tension with ourselves, balancingrepparttar 126998 spiritual andrepparttar 126999 physical, healthy living is to look after both areas of our life, to live a holistic lifestyle. More often than not we hear teaching onrepparttar 127000 nurturing of our spiritual lives, discipleship – what it means to live a truly Christian life as a disciple of Jesus, and so on, but not very often do we hear teaching on looking after our physical bodies.

It is my belief that if we take just as much care of our physical bodies –repparttar 127001 way we dress,repparttar 127002 way we eat, exercise and rest – as we do of our spiritual state, we will set a precedent amongst non-believers. They will see Christ inrepparttar 127003 way we live our lives.

So that is what this article is about –repparttar 127004 physical side of healthy living, looking after our bodies. However please realise that although this is what I am focusing on, I am in no way ignoringrepparttar 127005 spiritual.

Some time ago, I felt challenged to a healthy lifestyle. A scripture He gave me was Hebrews 3:4-11. I know you have probably only ever heard this passage inrepparttar 127006 context of spiritual rest, but there are a few key principles that I want to draw out in regards to healthy living.

“(For every house is built by someone; butrepparttar 127007 builder of all things is God.) Now Moses was faithful in all God’s house as a servant, to testify torepparttar 127008 things that would be spoken later. Christ, however, was faithful over God’s house as a Son, and we are His house if we hold firmrepparttar 127009 confidence andrepparttar 127010 pride that belong to Hope.

Therefore, asrepparttar 127011 Holy Spirit says: “Today, if you hear His voice, do not harden your hearts as inrepparttar 127012 rebellion, as onrepparttar 127013 day of testing inrepparttar 127014 wilderness, where your ancestors put me torepparttar 127015 test, though they had seen my works for forty years. Therefore I was angry with that generation, and I said, ‘They always go astray in their hearts, and they have not known my ways.’ As in my anger I swore, ‘They shall not enter my rest.’” (NRSV)

Principle 1: DO NOT STRIVE (v4) God isrepparttar 127016 builder, not us. He isrepparttar 127017 one who makes everything happen. Striving doesn’t help anyone – or anything – least of all you. Life,repparttar 127018 ministry etc, doesn’t depend on us. God is more concerned about us than He is aboutrepparttar 127019 work. He has many vessels through which He can work. It is folly to think that we arerepparttar 127020 only person who can dorepparttar 127021 task. DO NOT STRIVE. IT DOES NOT DEPEND ON US. GOD IS THE BUILDER.

Principle 2: WE ARE THE HOUSE OF GOD (v6) Our bodies arerepparttar 127022 temple ofrepparttar 127023 Holy Spirit. We need to take care of them. If we don’t we will not be good for anything because we will run ourselves intorepparttar 127024 ground. We need to respect God by taking care ofrepparttar 127025 body He has given us by: - - EATING HEALTHILY - EXERCISE regularly - Getting enough REST

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