Choosing your Boxer Dog

Written by Kathy Burns-Millyard

Choosing your Boxer Dog

An easier and more pleasant journey with your chosen Boxer starts with checking outrepparttar parent dogs for unbecoming traits like aggression, hyperactive and extreme shyness.

This is easier to do when you get your Boxer from a reputable breeder or from a pet shop that get their animals only from known breeders.

Exercise prudence if you are getting your Boxer puppy from pet stores, which often get their supply from breeders of unknown reputation.

These "puppy mills" as they are called are not known to put much emphasis onrepparttar 125811 quality and health of pups they are producing.

Reputable breeders would adhere torepparttar 125812 accepted standards for Boxers in terms of uniformity inrepparttar 125813 breed, good health, temperament, size and color.

Reputable breeders would be able to showrepparttar 125814 pedigree and registration papers and/or pictures ofrepparttar 125815 parent dogs that may reside somewhere else.

Professional breeders are also there to produce dog show champions or prospects.

Even if you are not looking to raise a show champion Boxer, known breeders can provide you with some "best buy" puppies because not allrepparttar 125816 puppies in a litter are show prospect/champion materials.

Butrepparttar 125817 full litter would have had benefited fromrepparttar 125818 same proven bloodlines, nutrition and medical care. So you can choose from amongrepparttar 125819 good-looking brothers or sisters of potential champion for a bargain.

Your other source option is animal shelters that inrepparttar 125820 US alone receive up to 12 million homeless dogs and cats every year, and about 25% of them are purebred. Payingrepparttar 125821 adoption fee is a lot cheaper thanrepparttar 125822 price you will pay to a breeder or pet store, and you will be saving a life.

So are you ready for a Boxer Dog?

Written by Kathy Burns-Millyard

So are you ready for a Boxer Dog?

The answer is "no" if you arerepparttar type who mostly leave your dog on a chain. Boxers require much of your love, attention and companionship although they are easy to take care of.

One Boxer-lover even said to never get one as pet if you work full time!

Another point to consider is thatrepparttar 125810 costs for food, training, grooming, medical care, toys and other supplies do add up.

Still, for many years now,repparttar 125811 Boxer has ranked inrepparttar 125812 top 10 of favorite purebreds byrepparttar 125813 American Kennel Club, numbering about 35,000 Boxers registered in 2003.

Boxers Crave Attention

Boxers need constant attention and love to be babied. Treat your Boxer as your best friend and play, play, play with him.

One three-month old Boxer loves her bath more whenrepparttar 125814 owner sings to her. Be it playing, talking or singing to them or taking them for a walk, Boxers simply loverepparttar 125815 attention.

Shower them with love, affection and attention as well as some treats.

These keep Boxers happy. Left to their own devices, Boxers can become very destructive when lonely, bored and ignored. One is known to jump over 6-footer fences ifrepparttar 125816 owner is gone for too long.

Give extra space when you have to leave Boxers alone over extended period. They donĘt like to be locked in a room. One owner gives a 4-year old male Boxerrepparttar 125817 run ofrepparttar 125818 hall stairs, landing and its own bedroom andrepparttar 125819 dog is much happier and not destructive at all.

When you have to leave Boxers alone, you better make sure they have a toy they really like or they'll find something to do that you probably really won't like.

Destructive Streak in Boxers

Boxers are too smart and strong for their own good, and if they're bored and undisciplined they can be a disaster inrepparttar 125820 house.

That is why obedience training is important, in order to preventrepparttar 125821 destruction of too many of your belongings. Training makes a happier dog.

The accepted temperament for Boxers rules out aggression, hyperactivity and extreme shyness inrepparttar 125822 breed. You want to have these under control in your pet.

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