Choosing the right car

Written by Jason Hulott

We all dream aboutrepparttar car we’d like, Maybe we see one inrepparttar 102792 street and think “that’srepparttar 102793 one for me” then, being fickle, will see another a little further alongrepparttar 102794 street and say “No, that’srepparttar 102795 car I want!”.

Don’t worry, this is quite normal, very few people know exactly what they want.

Here, we give you some considerations on choosingrepparttar 102796 right car for you so you don’t end up saddled with a car that, frankly, disappoints you! Remember that you are likely to spend a lot of your time sitting in it andrepparttar 102797 model you choose will say a lot about you to other people.

What will be your new car’s main purpose? Your lifestyle and what your new car will be used for isrepparttar 102798 very first thing you need to think about. Basically, your dream car may be TT Roadster (a two-seater) bit ifrepparttar 102799 car is to be used to droprepparttar 102800 kids off to school, then it really won’t be suitable!

Consider this …. • Isrepparttar 102801 car going to be used for family trips? • commuting to work in? (then choose a diesel to getrepparttar 102802 most from your fuel) • will it be a sporty second car for week-ends? • Does it need to used for off-roading? • Will it be needed for business? • Are you married or single? Do you have children? etc etc

This will then help you build a picture in mind ofrepparttar 102803 car that is realistically right for you

The costs Another important consideration is running costs:

The right way to buy a car

Written by Jason Hulott

Your no-nonsense guide to gettingrepparttar right car atrepparttar 102791 right price.

Buying a car can be quite daunting. With so many makes, models and finance options available and other decisions, it can be difficult to findrepparttar 102792 deal that leaves you 100% happy. However,repparttar 102793 following pointers should help you make an educated decision when buying a new or used car. Where to buy?

There are number of ways to buy a new or used car – a car dealership isn’t your only option. For example, there are independent dealers, importers, brokers, auction, online, car supermarkets or privately.

Here we weigh uprepparttar 102794 pros and cons of each of them:

Car and Independent Dealers Using a dealer to buy your new or used car can be convenient as you can have a test drive andrepparttar 102795 salesman should be more versed inrepparttar 102796 car details as compared to say buying a car from a broker, or by buying a car online.

Dealers will offer deals such as free insurance or low-rate finance. January – traditionally a very slow month for car dealers who offer extra specials incentives to try and get your custom - is also a time where you may be able to snap up a bargain.

Most new cars come with a two or three warranty (most with breakdown cover included as well forrepparttar 102797 same period).

If you have a car to part exchange,repparttar 102798 car dealer will normally take it as part of a deposit, which means it is off your hands withoutrepparttar 102799 hassle of trying to sell it privately. However, do bear in mind that you will not get fullrepparttar 102800 market value for it.

However,repparttar 102801 downside of buying from a car dealership is that their prices can be higher than elsewhere as they need to coverrepparttar 102802 cost ofrepparttar 102803 showroom and staff.

And, if there aren’t any finance incentives atrepparttar 102804 dealership, choosing their finance scheme will be, in most cases, expensive.

Importers If you a buy a car in from Europe, you do stand to save money, though in some cases, UK deals are increasingly competitive. Lower prices over here and exchange rate fluctuations mean imports aren’t quiterepparttar 102805 outstanding bargains they used to be.

Brokers A broker is an intermediary who negotiates with a dealer on your behalf to get you a cut-price car. Car brokers use their bulk –buying power to secure discounts which they then pass on torepparttar 102806 customer (after they’ve taken their cut of course!)

Auction You can be sure of snapping up a bargain if you buy at auction, but it is best if you visit a few auctions before takingrepparttar 102807 plunge. Visit and learnrepparttar 102808 ropes or take a knowledgeable friend. With Auctions, you will get more legal protection at an auction than buying privately.

Car Supermarkets Car Supermarkets offer a huge choice at competitive prices. However, there is little room for negotiation and you may get a low bid for your part-exchange and limited pre-sales checks.

Some car supermarkets also charge you extra for a warranty (ifrepparttar 102809 maker’s cover has expired), a history check and road tax.

Online This process is all carried out online. You can visit a manufacturer’s website or a specialist online car broker such as JamJar. Everything can be completed online - finding and choosing ofrepparttar 102810 car,repparttar 102811 specification options, finance options, delivery details, and, in some cases even part exchanges.

The disadvantage to this service that you can not test driverepparttar 102812 car.

Privately Buying privately is a risky way to get a car as you have very little legal protection should anything go wrong. Many dealers masquerade as private sellers to duck their legal responsibilities, so always check thatrepparttar 102813 log book details match up.

Always take someone who knows about cars along with you and always view any private car in broad daylight when any dinks, dents and damage are visible!

Financing your new car

Once you’ve decided where to buy your next car, you need to think about finance.

Very few of us buy a car with cash, and borrowing money isrepparttar 102814 only option. However, there are so many different types of finance to choose from, it can be difficult knowing which isrepparttar 102815 right one for you.

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