Choosing an Effective Title

Written by Tim North

"Titles distinguishrepparttar mediocre, embarrass repparttar 129344 superior and are disgraced byrepparttar 129345 inferior."

George Bernard Shaw

It may seem trivial to tell you to choose a good title for your next written work, butrepparttar 129346 importance of this task should not be underestimated. A good title may berepparttar 129347 difference between a reader choosing to look at your work or passing over it.

Many readers will learn of your work while surrounded by other documents that are competing for their attention. For example, they may see it while:

* scanningrepparttar 129348 printed documents on a bookshelf;

* looking throughrepparttar 129349 titles in a printed index;

* looking at a bound collection of documents; or

* searchingrepparttar 129350 Internet.

A good title can help your work to stand out fromrepparttar 129351 crowd. Here then are some guidelines for choosing a good title.



When choosing a title, avoid generic phrases like 'An investigation of...', 'A study into...' and 'Observations on...'. These are implied anyway and add little value.

Compare these two titles:

A study ofrepparttar 129352 effects of chaos as a source of complexity and diversity in evolutionary processes

Chaos as a source of complexity and diversity in evolution

The first title takes seventeen words,repparttar 129353 second one ten. The first one contains extra words that convey slightly more information (study, effects and processes) but atrepparttar 129354 cost of makingrepparttar 129355 title notably longer and less memorable.

Here is another example:

A description of a variety of different tools for creating an interactive virtual-cinema environment

Tools for interactive virtual cinema

The first title clearly employs more words than are needed (fourteen versus five). It does contain more information, but atrepparttar 129356 cost of being wordier, harder to remember and buryingrepparttar 129357 key words atrepparttar 129358 end ofrepparttar 129359 sentence.

Indeed, inrepparttar 129360 first title,repparttar 129361 key word virtual-cinema isrepparttar 129362 thirteenth word inrepparttar 129363 sentence, You have to read almostrepparttar 129364 entire title before finding out whatrepparttar 129365 paper is about. This leads us to our next guideline ...

7 Reasons You Should be Writing Articles

Written by David McKenzie

You have probably heard that writing articles is a very successful internet marketing technique. But why is this so?

Here are 7 reasons why writing articles really works:

1. Writing articles is free marketing. You write your article and post it to a number of article resource sites. Then, ezine owners pick up your article and feature it in their ezine. All of this costs you nothing and you get free marketing.

2. The more articles you write,repparttar more you become an expert in your field. Experts get featured a lot more widely.

3. By having lots of articles on lots of web sites aroundrepparttar 129341 world, you automatically rank above average on search engines because of your link popularity. All those links inrepparttar 129342 resource box back to your site can make a big difference in search engine ranking.

4. Writing articles can mean repeat business. In one ezine I have had about 8 of my articles published overrepparttar 129343 last couple of years. Asrepparttar 129344 subscribers of this ezine have become more familiar with my business they are more inclined to buy from me again and again.

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