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Domain names are no longer a web address these days. Many profitable companies have been built around their domain name making itrepparttar brand andrepparttar 148477 company. Choosingrepparttar 148478 right domain should be as important as naming your product. Given that status, here are some pointers how to find a name that will see you through it all.

Branding vs. Keywords:

This is probablyrepparttar 148479 most difficult to determine. Yet, should berepparttar 148480 first place to start becauserepparttar 148481 rest ofrepparttar 148482 considerations will one way or another relate to this. There are two schools of thought. One group believes you should have your keywords inrepparttar 148483 domain so that search engines pick up onrepparttar 148484 keywords and rank you better. To what extent this really affects your search engine ranking is not clearly known or proven. Consider why you are puttingrepparttar 148485 website up inrepparttar 148486 first place. Most likely itís for your customers or visitors. So choose a domain that also puts your audience first.

The other group believes a webmaster should go for brand. Most successful companies start off with a brand, including online companies. Brands makerepparttar 148487 product memorable, create differentiation and encourage loyalty. Inrepparttar 148488 early days ofrepparttar 148489 Internet, everyone wanted a generic domain like,, andrepparttar 148490 likes. Today, very few of those are truly successful sites that rival Goggle, Amazon and eBay.

A branded domain also ensures consistency throughout your marketing efforts. As one web user describes, ďEvery timerepparttar 148491 company tells me to visit their generic website, they loserepparttar 148492 opportunity to reinforce their brand name in my mindĒ.

Whether you use keywords or brand for your domain depends much on what you aim to do. If you plan to build a business or website that is going to have staying power, branded domains are a better choice. It might not be easy or cheap to build a brand but there are no shortcuts when it comes to branding either. Itís a slow process that can be very rewarding if done right. Donít choose a domain simply because of its keywords. First class content, links in and clever optimization are more important to good ranking than anything else. Having said that, a brand name made up of keywords could be best, and you would haverepparttar 148493 best of both worlds Ė literally. Take Owner Kathy Browning choserepparttar 148494 domain because of its keywords. But apart from being keyword rich, is also very marketable and can be a strong brand.

If you are building a resource website, a website for affiliate programs or one thatís temporary in nature, keyword rich and generic domains would be a better choice. Finally, there is no harm in buying both branded and keyword domains that point torepparttar 148495 same site. Just make sure you only use one for submissions, directory listings, link exchanges and promotion. This way you build your link popularity.

You should also, make surerepparttar 148496 site title or name matches your domain. If your domain is and your site name is Smith Brothers Biking Tours this makes visitors and directory editors wonder if this isrepparttar 148497 correct website. It also causes confusion. People who know you tend to look for a domain that reflects your brand and not extreme biking. If you have yet to establish a company name or a site name, it might be a good idea to name it after you find a domain name. This is sensible, consistent marketing.

Company Name:

This isrepparttar 148498 most common because in todayís increasingly small and competitive world, businesses tend to have rather creative and catchy names. Onrepparttar 148499 other hand, if your business name is very nondescript such as The Smith Brothers, you might want to takerepparttar 148500 approach that combines part of your company name and a keyword. Althoughrepparttar 148501 importance of brand name was emphasized earlier, hererepparttar 148502 situation is slightly different. Non-descriptive company names arenít particularly helpful to audiences. Someone looking for you would find it difficult to differentiate your company andrepparttar 148503 other company with a similar name. In this case, keywords tied to your name are worth considering.

Domain Length:

Short domains are supposed to be best but itís increasingly difficult to find one without paying someone a lot of money to take overrepparttar 148504 domain. There are alternatives though, such as expired domains which we will explore a little later on.

Just because a domain is a little longer doesnít make it bad. For example, is meaningful, torepparttar 148505 point and memorable even though it is rather long. Onrepparttar 148506 other hand, is too long, difficult to remember and prone to errors. The other extreme is needless abbreviation. is meaningless because works much butter. Aim for some balance while taking into account ease of use.

Before You Register a Domain Name for Your New Online Business...

Written by Gerardas Norkus

Recently I made a mistake that may cost a great deal of traffic to my new web site.

Let me explain...

I studied so many books about Internet marketing overrepparttar last couple of years that I decided to start a new web site, and share my knowladge and experience with other fellow Internet marketers.

Since I read lots of information about search engine optimization (SEO), I intended to optimize all of my web pages for search engines fromrepparttar 147780 beginning on, expecting Google to be my number one source of traffic inrepparttar 147781 near future.

I did an extensive keyword research using WordTraker, made a blueprint for my product and article pages, andrepparttar 147782 time has come to choose a great domain name for my new project.

I went to GoDaddy,repparttar 147783 famous domain name registar, tried this and that, and finally came up with a beautiful domain name related to Internet marketing -

You probably know that Internet marketing is a very competitive niche, so I was glad that this domain name was still available. I registered it immediately.

My site was up and running in 48 hours. Now I needed some fresh web content, and to get indexed by major search engines as soon as possible.

So, I spent a week or two writing search engine optimized content for my new online business.

I usually don't submit my new web sites to search engines for indexing. I prefer when my sites are found on other web sites and get spidered automatically.

One ofrepparttar 147784 easiest ways to have a link to a web site from other sites is by writing and distributing high quality articles. So, I wrote an article about two-tier affiliate programs and submited it to major article directories.

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