Choosing a Home Construction or Remodeling Contractor

Written by George Stevens

Choosingrepparttar right Contractor isrepparttar 100022 most important aspect of any home construction project. You must take your time and do your research to find a good qualified contractor if you want excellent quality at a fair price. When we built our new home we spent many hours findingrepparttar 100023 best contractors for each aspect of building our new home. We developed a method that served us well and it is as follows:

Determine exactly what you want done and write it down. This may sound a little basic at first blush, but it is so important. Remember what is not well defined is easily manipulated. If it is not in writing, it can be disputed. You do two things when you define your project in detail, and in writing. You find any missing aspects that you may have overlooked and you have good definition and expectations for your contractor.

Get three (3) bids for each trade that you will hire. Never rely on one bid, and always meetrepparttar 100024 contractor face to face atrepparttar 100025 site whererepparttar 100026 work is to be done. If you are uncomfortable withrepparttar 100027 contractor when they are biddingrepparttar 100028 job how is it going to be whenrepparttar 100029 two of you have to work outrepparttar 100030 details of your project. Remember cheaper is not always better!

Ask each contractor for references and make sure they are bonded and insured. Check their references and callrepparttar 100031 BBB (Better Business Bureau) in your area to see if they have any outstanding complaints.

Building Your Own Home

Written by George Stevens

Most people think building their own home involves vast knowledge of all aspects ofrepparttar home building process. The impression of most people is they donít really know enough to build their own home. Letís face it, most of us know a little aboutrepparttar 100021 process. Some of us may know a lot about one aspect orrepparttar 100022 other involved in building a home. You may know how to paint or do carpentry work or lay tile, but you probably donít know everything about home building.

What is so different about building a home thanrepparttar 100023 rest of major tasks that we take on in our everyday lives? Right now I am typing on my laptop over a wireless connection that is networked torepparttar 100024 Internet. Do I know how all this works? Nope, I just knew how to put it all together and eureka, I can do it! Well we all know it is not that simple sometimes with computers, but my point is you donít need to know everything about something to do it.

In this age ofrepparttar 100025 Internet with itís endless sources of information and connection to other people that haverepparttar 100026 knowledge you need, almost anything is possible. So why is building your own home any different? It isnít really, let me tell you why. First a little background aboutrepparttar 100027 building process.

Most of us buy a home that is built by a builder, or general contractor. The General Contractors hire Sub-Contractors to dorepparttar 100028 work, or essentially buildrepparttar 100029 homes. The Subs put uprepparttar 100030 framing, roofing, siding, flooring etcÖ Normallyrepparttar 100031 General contractors employ building supervisors to watch overrepparttar 100032 building process. They arerepparttar 100033 managers that have day-to-day contact withrepparttar 100034 subs. This process is not really complicated.

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