Choosing a Data Recovery Company

Written by Yaroslav Shkvorets

There are many different factors to consider when choosing a data recovery company. All of them may have strong advantages in some areas but be weaker or less efficient in others.

If this is your first time choosing a data recovery company, you will want to learn as much information as possible regarding them. Browse their websites, contact representatives and findrepparttar answers torepparttar 137975 following questions. This will help you to make an informed choice.

  • Do they have specialists specifically devoted to data recovery? Some companies offer data recovery as supplementary to other computer support services. You should definitely avoid these since data recovery is a complex process and it requires many years of devoted experience.
  • How do they perform an evaluation? Most good companies offer a free evaluation and do not have any cancellation fees. However some firms will try to make money on "unsuccessful" diagnostics attempts.
  • Do they charge for unsuccessful data recovery attempts? Make sure that you won't be charged in case a firm fails to retrieve your data or else may lose your money, time and information.
  • When will they give you a final quote? Upfront pricing is a good choice. You should always haverepparttar 137976 right to cancel your job ifrepparttar 137977 price or other circumstances don't suit you. Don't leave a final quote forrepparttar 137978 last moment orrepparttar 137979 price might shock you.
  • What are their prices like compared torepparttar 137980 competitors'? Data recovery is a very comple complex procedure, so prepare possibly a few hundred dollars. Very high or low prices are not usually an optimal solution. Explore your local market to findrepparttar 137981 golden mean.

FocusStor develops a data backup solution for the construction and architecture industries

Written by M.Bulot

Montreal, Canada, May 12, 2005 FocusStor, Online Data Backup & Recovery (,repparttar leading Canadian provider of disk-based backup and recovery solutions for small businesses since 1985, today released their newest offsite storage software. In today's insecure world, cables become unplugged, electronics fail daily, disks stop turning, viruses and hackers burden businesses constantly, and regardless of specific backup procedures, electronic records will continue to be discarded and overwritten. Each year businesses loose billions of dollars due to data loss. The factors used to determinerepparttar 137974 viability and business continuity for an organization that has suffered from a significant system or data loss does not rely strictly onrepparttar 137975 ability to replace hardware or rebuild infrastructure. In most cases continued success relies heavily onrepparttar 137976 ability to quickly and successfully recover business critical data. Considering it's one ofrepparttar 137977 key deciding factors in whether your company will remain in business, shouldn't a company be prepared to makerepparttar 137978 needed data protection decisions up front? Indeed, they should, and that is why FocusStor offers a highly secure data back up technology. FocusStor uses 448-Bit AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) and 112-Bit Triple DES encryption with SSL (Secure Socket Layer) technology to ensure that data is secure. Data is transmitted and stored in encrypted format, so no one can accessrepparttar 137979 data without a personalized encryption key not even FocusStor can access client's data. We use reliable servers and storage machines at two mirrored data centers, protected by a high level of security. FocusStor backs up data overrepparttar 137980 Internet nightly, automatically, security, quickly and all for a very low monthly fee. FocusStor is designed for companies with remote offices, as well as small and mid-sized businesses, that have primarily relied on in-house tape or disk backups to protect their data. FocusStor guarantees recovery of all business-critical data and enables companies to return operations torepparttar 137981 state they were in immediately prior to a data-loss event.

More specifically, inrepparttar 137982 construction and architecture industries, data storage challenges are obvious and business continuity and redundancy plans become a necessity.

Below are some studies onrepparttar 137983 matter:

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