Choosing a Car Stereo

Written by Amy Barson

Choosing a car stereo can be a complicated and difficult task, especially for individuals with little knowledge onrepparttar subject. This process requires extensive research in order to determine you are receivingrepparttar 144170 best deal possible. Before going to a car stereo dealer, you may want to review and understand allrepparttar 144171 components of a car stereo. This way, you can personally choose which components you would like for your car. The following is a list ofrepparttar 144172 basic components of a car stereo:

1.Decks - Car stereos cannot function without a deck. A deck constitutes any piece of equipment ranging from cassette decks and CD players to MP3s and mini discs. The deck is consideredrepparttar 144173 glue that holdsrepparttar 144174 car stereo together. The deck controlsrepparttar 144175 overall output ofrepparttar 144176 sound and allows you to controlrepparttar 144177 music being played. All car stereo decks have a minimum 4-channel output for your speakers. If you want more power than what your speakers alone can hold, you may want to consider purchasing an amplifier.

2.Amplifiers Amplifiers providerepparttar 144178 power needed to blastrepparttar 144179 music in your car. The more powerful your amplifier is,repparttar 144180 louderrepparttar 144181 sound system is going to be. An amplifier can have anywhere from 1 to 7 channels. The number of channels in your amplifier isrepparttar 144182 number of speakers you can hookup in a series circuit.

Toyota Lexus GS300: Venerable Luxury with Durable Toyota Parts

Written by Jenny McLane

High equipment levels and meticulous quality and refinement have beenrepparttar formula for building and maintainingrepparttar 144018 Lexus. It embodies a fresh design approach, re-engineered fromrepparttar 144019 ground up.

Dominated by a long cabin with steeply angled front and rear glass,repparttar 144020 windows allow plenty of light intorepparttar 144021 well-organized interior. The Rear passengers get plenty of legroom repparttar 144022 wheelbase has been lengthened by 50mm and large quarter-windows.

The GS300 Sports at $95,000 includes climate control, heated and ventilated front seats, auto headlights and wipers, reversing camera and steering wheel audio controls. The Sports Luxury model tested here adds satellite navigation, a sunroof, intelligent cruise control, parking sensors and an excellent Mark Levinson stereo system.

Operating full time,repparttar 144023 GS300's all-wheel-drive system features a planetary gearset and a wet, multidisc clutch to couplerepparttar 144024 primary drive wheels, atrepparttar 144025 rear, torepparttar 144026 front. The standard torque split is 30/70 front to rear, butrepparttar 144027 system's electronic brain can vary that to 50/50, making its judgments based on various driver inputs such as throttle angle and steering angle, and vehicle data such as wheel speed and yaw rate

Every GS has three variations of a new close-ratio six-speed automatic transmission, each designed for optimum performance with their respective GS applications. One ofrepparttar 144028 smallest and lightest gearboxes of its type, it includes a sequential manual shift mode, with gear changes made via a lever inrepparttar 144029 center console. An outstanding feature ofrepparttar 144030 car isrepparttar 144031 all-wheel-drive system. The more slipperyrepparttar 144032 road,repparttar 144033 more pronounced is its advantage over conventional two-wheel-drive systems.

The car has an all-new 3.0-liter DOHC 24-valve aluminum V-6, which replaces an iron-block straight six of identical displacement. With Toyota's VVT-i variable-valve-timing system operating on cams, plus direct injection, plus a formidable 11.5:1 compression ratio,repparttar 144034 new six generates 245 horsepower and 230 pound-feet of torque, compared with 220 of each for its predecessor. The new V-6 is bolted to an equally new six-speed automatic transmission, featuring manumatic shifting and an electronic brain that does a good job of avoiding excessive hunting, particularly in uphill runs.

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