Choosing a Business Telephone System

Written by Rebecca Ajibade

Here are some ofrepparttar things to consider

1. What isrepparttar 133499 maximum number of extensions it can handle WITHOUT having to replacerepparttar 133500 "PBX onrepparttar 133501 wall"?

Checkrepparttar 133502 capacity onrepparttar 133503 system you are purchasing

Do you need a larger system inrepparttar 133504 range to get maximum capacity stated?

Find out at what stage you will need to invest in a bigger box

Get this information in writing!!!

2. How will it help our customers communicate more easily with us?

DIRECT DIALS allow calls to by passrepparttar 133505 switchboard

VOICEMAIL takes messages if you cannot get torepparttar 133506 phone

Access to messages can be remotely as well as from your handset

3. How can it improve our Customer Relationship Management?

CALL LOGGING itemises missed and answered calls

Return missed calls to improve CRM

4. How can mobile staff work effectively?

DECT allows you to contact people wherever they are inrepparttar 133507 office

It can be used to locate people who are on another site

HOT DESKING allows people to log on to any handset

Unified Messaging stores emails, fax, SMS and voice in one location

Modern Developments in Spinning

Written by

Compact Spinning Protruding fibres fromrepparttar body of yarn, known as hairiness, is a characteristic feature of staple fibre yarns. This givesrepparttar 133498 yarns and fabrics made from them a softer and comfortable feel. Atrepparttar 133499 same time, hairiness has some undesirable effects as pointed below 1.Full ralisation of strength of fibres is not realised as part ofrepparttar 133500 fibres are not integrated inrepparttar 133501 yarn 2.Rough feel is given to yarns 3.Variation in hairniess is a source of weft bars and warp way streaks in fabric. 4.Long protruding hairs from yarn contribute to multiple breaks in weaving and fabric faults like stitches and floats. Compact spinning is designed to reduce hairiness in yarn. In traditional spinning fibres inrepparttar 133502 selvedge of strand emerging from front roller nip do not get fully integrated into yarn because of restriction to twist flow byrepparttar 133503 spinning triangle. These fibres therefore show up partly as protruding hairs or wild fibres. To overcome this effect,repparttar 133504 spinning triangle is nearly eliminated in compact spinning by incorporating a condensing zone after main drafting zone. The condensing zone has a revolving perforated apron with suction underneath. The fibres are collected onrepparttar 133505 perforated track and thus get condensed. The width of strand under front roller nip is substantially reduced and this enables twist to flow right up to nip. As a result hairiness is substantially reduced. Compact spinning systems are offered by Rieter(Comforspin), Suessen(Elite) and ITV-Zinser among others. Benefits claimed from comfort spinning are

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