Choosing Your MLM Company

Written by Lois R. Thompson

In recent years, withrepparttar growth ofrepparttar 122578 Internet and it's lightening fast communications ability, more and more MLM companies are staking their claims of an Internet presence. The more reputable companies offer their distributors what's called a replicated webiste. This website usually offerrepparttar 122579 distributor on-line order processing, real time tracking and for some a virtual office from whichrepparttar 122580 distributor can track their genealogy and conduct a host of other business activities.

Unfortunately, many people don't spend much time in checking out a company before joining. They may see an ad or hear about an opportunity to financial freedom and simply sign-up, get a distributor's kit, buy products, and try to learn how to promote that opportunity.

If after a month or two they haven't signed up a good following, are not making a few thousand dollars they simply jump on to another MLM opportunity repeatingrepparttar 122581 same in-effective process or they quit MLM all together blamingrepparttar 122582 industry for not working. Is it that MLM does not work? Absolutely not! Their approach to it did work, because they are doing it backwards. If in deed, they tookrepparttar 122583 time to do due diligence, start with a solid MLM company, appliedrepparttar 122584 principles necessary for achieving success with time they would begin to see results.

Surely if you were buying a franchised business you'd takerepparttar 122585 time to investigaterepparttar 122586 company, it's products/services, and get to know some ofrepparttar 122587 other franchises and so on. The same should be true in choosing an MLM or any other type of business for that matter.

>>> Choosing An MLM Company Wisely

There are a greater number of legitimate MLM companies with solid integrity and excellent credentials on and off-line, that offer yourepparttar 122588 opportunity to earn a very good, solid residual income. These arerepparttar 122589 companies you should be looking for.

Because there are also a lot of "get-rich-quick-schemes", hype and simply fly-by-night operations out there, it is crucial that you know how to choose a company wisely.

Here are some pointers in when choosing an MLM company:

* Hasrepparttar 122590 company been around for a number of years?

* Doesrepparttar 122591 company have an excellent reputation inrepparttar 122592 MLM industry?

* Does their website provide visible contact information?

* Do they offer testimonials of satisfied customers and/or successful distributors?

* Doesrepparttar 122593 company offer a business that can be easily duplicated - learn and build sucessfully by others?

* Do they provide real time stats and online payment?

* Doesrepparttar 122594 company track off-line sales if you are promoting off-line?

* Do they meetrepparttar 122595 criterion of a legitimate MLM company?

* Arerepparttar 122596 products offered in high demand?

* Doesrepparttar 122597 company have a generous commission pay plan?

Secret of Success is Sales . . . Yeeuck!

Written by Mike Banks Valentine

The great promise ofrepparttar web was that vast worldwide market where you could reach millions without doing traditional sales. Put up a killer web site and reel inrepparttar 122577 big fish! Or simply scoop up millions of tiny fish in that big "net". Voila! No sales necessary! Now it's only spammers that fall for that asrepparttar 122578 rest of us realize we must sell to succeed.

How many ideas have succeeded on their own merits - without promotion, marketing and sales? What products have takenrepparttar 122579 world by storm when no one knew about them? Why do authors go on book-signing tours, actors makerepparttar 122580 rounds ofrepparttar 122581 talk show circuit, and major companies spend millions on trade shows? They launch monstrous public relations campaigns and give away tchotchke's with their logo emblazoned on them.

Public awareness does not come cheap or easy. The sales process is a necessary evil that many small business people abhor (and then they die) or embrace (and then they prosper.) Innovators and inventors must seek venture capital and sell their concept to investors. Why do we recoil fromrepparttar 122582 sales process ifrepparttar 122583 task falls to us as independent business owners? We look to gurus of marketing, P.R. and promotion to rescue us from this task and throw money at advertising to avoid doing sales ourselves.

Riches are reaped from multi-level marketers recruiting vast hoards of amateur sales people through pep-rally conventions offering "residual sales" without further effort by building a "downline", another name for sales staff. Then you can ease off, live onrepparttar 122584 sales efforts of hundreds of new "recruits". The product is secondary andrepparttar 122585 business opportunity is key to building that sales staff, so you can reachrepparttar 122586 top ofrepparttar 122587 pyramid and sip tropical drinks onrepparttar 122588 beach while "they" sell.

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