Choosing Your Domain Name – Internet Marketing

Written by Joanne King

This is actually an important key to your business and sometimes its success. I will explain why through-out this article.

Firstly when choosing a domain name you can use letters, numbers or hyphens however you can’t use hyphens atrepparttar beginning norrepparttar 143286 end of your URL. You can use up to 67 characters.

Choosing a smaller domain name will help your website be more easily remembered for repeat vistors (who don’t bookmark your website but wish to return). Problem is most ofrepparttar 143287 smaller domain names are taken these days.

Choosing a name that is relevant and rich in keywords for your product or service will enhance your chances of being found inrepparttar 143288 search engines. From my knowledge using hyphens can actually give you a better position for example, if you are selling horse shoes you might choose a domain name that looks like this:

Make a Full-Time Income Online - 4 Ways to Do So

Written by Farid Aziz

Many people earn good livings throughrepparttar internet. Can YOU? Here are some ideas of how you could make a full-time income online...

First thing you could do is to find unique products in your local markets. Look for handicrafts, antiques, or any original products from your country and then sell them online. If you take a visit to, you will see that people sell almost everything there.

Sometimes you could find home industries that create good quality products but just don't know how to market. Instead of registering those products on eBay, why don't you try to get rights to sell it? The next step you should do is to build your own promotional web site forrepparttar 143285 products.

Very few people are doing this, but once you haverepparttar 143286 formula, you could make a full-time income just by finding unique products and sell them online!

The second thing you could do is creating your own products. If you are an expert in a certain area and you know that your knowledge could solve others' problems, why don't you write a book about it and sell it overrepparttar 143287 internet? Or, instead of writing a book, you could make a tutorial video and market it in a form of CD. Several surveys stated thatrepparttar 143288 most selling products onrepparttar 143289 internet are books, softwares and services.

One thing very important is that you must run a thorough research BEFORE creating your own product. Find out first whether people would buyrepparttar 143290 product or not. Many people skip this crucial step and end up with products they can't sell!

Another good alternative to make a full-time income throughrepparttar 143291 internet is by becoming an Affiliate. The main concept is to sell others' products and receive commissions on every sales made. It's called Affiliate Marketing. Some merchants even pay you for clicks and leads to their promotional web sites, although not many offer this kind of deal nowadays.

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