Choosing The Wrong Server Will Literally Make Or Break You

Written by Rich Hamilton

Choosing The Wrong Server Will Literally Make Or Break You

by: Rich Hamilton

Choosingrepparttar right web server will be one ofrepparttar 134397 most important decisions you will ever make with your online business. Why? Becauserepparttar 134398 web server you choose will literally make or break your online business.

Today I am going to talk about two types of servers, one is Virtual Web Hosting andrepparttar 134399 other is Virtual Private Servers.

Overrepparttar 134400 last couple of years Virtual Web Hosting has beenrepparttar 134401 only way to go when choosing a web server. One ofrepparttar 134402 reasons that Virtual Web Hosting became so popular was because they supportedrepparttar 134403 necessary files and allowed you to have more freedom than other conventional web hosts. But now you can have more freedom than ever before with Virtual Private Servers. Moreover, Virtual Private Servers should not be confused with Virtual Hosts, because they are completely different.

Before I go any further I must explain whatrepparttar 134404 difference is between a Virtual Host and a Virtual Private Server, so that you can fully understand. In this article I will also go overrepparttar 134405 advantages and disadvantages of both types of servers, to help you decide which is right for you and your business. Let's get started with Virtual Hosting.

Virtual Hosting

Virtual Hosting is also known as Shared Web Hosting, where you are sharingrepparttar 134406 physical server and a single set of software applications with other users. Virtual Hosting has been extremely popular inrepparttar 134407 past for it's fast deployment, strong resources, and most importantly for having a very reasonable price. Another advantage to Virtual Hosting is that you have a powerful, reliable, and professionally managed server without having to have advanced technical skills, making it ideal for an individual, small business, or even a beginner webmaster.

The disadvantage of Virtual Hosting is that you are sharingrepparttar 134408 server with other users, which are configured and controlled by an administrator, not you. So basically you have your hands tied behind your back, because you have to contactrepparttar 134409 administrator everytime you have to adjust or change your configuration settings. Even if you managed to get a hold ofrepparttar 134410 administrator, they may not fulfill your request. It's up to them, they arerepparttar 134411 administrator. If you wererepparttar 134412 administrator you wouldn't have these limitations and would have full control.

Virtual Private Servers

Virtual Private Servers are a hot topic these days and for a good reason. Before I get intorepparttar 134413 advantages of a Virtual Private Server, let explain what it is first. A Virtual Private Server is a single server that is partitioned atrepparttar 134414 root into multiple dedicated servers. This allows you to sharerepparttar 134415 cost ofrepparttar 134416 network connectivity, hardware, and system maintenance with other hosting customers, while maintaining your flexibility and freedom.

How to Install a CGI Script and Increase Web Site Interactivity

Written by Herman Drost

You may have delayed cgi script installation duerepparttar apparently complex process. Well, I avoided it also for several years, however if you want to increase your web site's interactivity it's a necessity to know how to do it. It's not hard to learn and you don't have to be a programmer.

What is CGI ?

Common Gateway Interface or CGI is a program that can interact with an html form on your web site, and processesrepparttar 134396 results on your server using a cgi script. The result generated is a dynamic web page. The cgi script is written in a language called PERL ("practical extraction and reporting language").

Uses of CGI scripts

CGI scripts are most commonly used for creating user interaction with a html form on your web site. Other uses include: autoresponders, shopping carts, counters, mailing list managers, ad management, surveys, polls, discussion boards, content management, calendars and click tracking.

There are 100s of free cgi scripts that can be found onrepparttar 134397 Net. Just do a search on Google for "free cgi scripts" or visitrepparttar 134398 resources atrepparttar 134399 end of this article.

We will create an html email form to collectrepparttar 134400 name, email address and comments of subscribers using a secure cgi formmail script. An automatic confirmation will be sent andrepparttar 134401 results ofrepparttar 134402 email form will be passed on to your email address.

Steps to installing your own cgi script

1. Check that your web host supports CGI - your web host will have a cgi-bin folder installed onrepparttar 134403 server. The cgi-bin is a special directory inrepparttar 134404 server where allrepparttar 134405 files which require security are kept. This is where you will upload your cgi script once it has been modified.

2. Downloadrepparttar 134406 cgi script - this is a secure cgi formmail script. Spammers can't access and harvest your email address from this script.

3. Readrepparttar 134407 documentation that comes withrepparttar 134408 script - this will give you a thorough understanding what changes you need to make to have it work correctly with your web site and server. It will also provide you with some examples.

Editing your script

4. Open and edit your cgi script using notepad (don't use an html editor as this can create errors).

5. Removerepparttar 134409 html tags fromrepparttar 134410 script (atrepparttar 134411 top and bottom).

6. Changerepparttar 134412 path to perl to: #!/usr/bin/perl -wT (this isrepparttar 134413 first line ofrepparttar 134414 script to be edited).

7. The section ofrepparttar 134415 cgi script shown below, arerepparttar 134416 other minimum fields to fill out inrepparttar 134417 script (replacerepparttar 134418 fields inrepparttar 134419 script you downloaded withrepparttar 134420 changed fields inrepparttar 134421 script below).

# USER CONFIGURATION SECTION # -------------------------- # Modify these to your own settings. You might have to # contact your system administrator if you do not run # your own web server. Ifrepparttar 134422 purpose of these # parameters seems unclear, please seerepparttar 134423 README file. # BEGIN { $DEBUGGING = 1; $emulate_matts_code= 0; $secure = 1; $allow_empty_ref = 1; $max_recipients = 1; $mailprog = '/usr/lib/sendmail -oi -t'; $postmaster = ''; @referers = qw(; @allow_mail_to = qw(); @recipients = (); %recipient_alias = ('siteowner' => '',); @valid_ENV = qw(REMOTE_HOST REMOTE_ADDR REMOTE_USER HTTP_USER_AGENT); $locale = ''; $charset = 'iso-8859-1'; $date_fmt = '%A, %B %d, %Y at %H:%M:%S'; $style = ''; $no_content = 0; $double_spacing = 1; $wrap_text = 0; $wrap_style = 1; $send_confirmation_mail = 0; $confirmation_text = <<'END_OF_CONFIRMATION'; From: Subject: Subject of Your Contact Form

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