Choosing The Right Strategy for your Online Business: Pay for Inclusion vs Pay per Click

Written by Richard Zwicky

Choosing The Right Strategy For Your Online Business: Pay for Inclusion versus Pay per Click

By Richard Zwicky

Back inrepparttar old days ofrepparttar 128314 Internet - in 1993, - there were 284 locations onrepparttar 128315 entire World Wide Web. According to Bill Clinton, only 8 of them ended in .com or .net when he was sworn into office. As of January 1, 2003, there were 171,000,000 domain hosts in use. In 1995,repparttar 128316 largest search engine database was Altavista, and it had most ofrepparttar 128317 Internet categorized. Today Google and FASTsearch ownrepparttar 128318 largest databases. Yet neither one of them has even 10% ofrepparttar 128319 Internet covered. It's estimated that more than 8,000,000 web pages are added torepparttar 128320 Internet every day. None ofrepparttar 128321 search engines are able to keep up to that pace. So how will your website stand out? How will it acquirerepparttar 128322 traffic it needs to succeed? There are many ways to approachrepparttar 128323 issue of marketing an online business, but forrepparttar 128324 sake of this article, we'll concern ourselves solely with online tools, and ways to expedite success. In that vein, we'll concern ourselves with Pay for Inclusion and Pay for Placement (or Pay per Click) advertising.

Some engines, such as AltaVista, Inktomi, Looksmart and FAST, use a pay for inclusion model. What this means is that to be guaranteed to be found within that specific search engine index,repparttar 128325 website operator must pay a fee to be listed. It's similar torepparttar 128326 fee a business pays for a Yellow Pages listing. These fees vary from monthly to annual. Looksmart charges a listing fee, plus a fee of $0.15 per clickthrough.

Engaging a Pay-for-Inclusion service does not come with any placement guarantees. If your website is not properly optimized, but you paid an inclusion fee, it is guaranteed to be indexed and listed somewhere within that search engine. If you want to ensure success with a Pay-for-Inclusion search engine, then your website must still be optimized. Without proper optimization, which includes an analysis fromrepparttar 128327 perspective of allrepparttar 128328 factors thatrepparttar 128329 search engines look for, a pay for inclusion service will not deliverrepparttar 128330 desired benefits torepparttar 128331 website operator.

When properly matched with a comprehensive Search Engine Optimization regimen, a Pay for Inclusion program will result in powerful results: Qualified Traffic, Customers, and Relevant Traffic.

Pay per Click advertising isrepparttar 128332 process by which a web site operator can arrange for a website to be placed in a pre-defined position within certain search engines, such as Overture.

Search Engine Placement is always a Pay-Per-Click solution. While advertising websites are only permitted to buy advertising in search queries that are relevant to their content, they are not sorted by relevance but rather purely based on bid value.

Pay per click services allow advertisers to bid for each visitor directed through to their web site, based uponrepparttar 128333 number of clicksrepparttar 128334 ad receives. Pay per Click search engine placement should be realistically viewed for what it is - an online auction. Advertisers bid against each other for a fixed position within a list of search results. The advertiser who bidsrepparttar 128335 most is givenrepparttar 128336 top spot inrepparttar 128337 list. Each advertiser bids according to their budget, and has to know his or her Return On Investment (ROI) to determine how much money should be spent on acquiring new customers.

How Do I Know Which Strategy Is Right For My Website? For those advertisers whererepparttar 128338 ROI is sensible or worthwhile, pay per click search engines are valuable customer acquisition tools. But is it right for you? While it can be expensive, here's a way for you to easily determinerepparttar 128339 ROI for your online business, and determine if it isrepparttar 128340 right choice for you. Take out a sheet of paper, and atrepparttar 128341 top ofrepparttar 128342 sheet mark downrepparttar 128343 average price ofrepparttar 128344 goods you sell - we'll use $100.00 forrepparttar 128345 purpose ofrepparttar 128346 example. From that number, make some simple and basic calculations, outlined here:

Why Search Engine Traffic Should be your Top Priority

Written by Richard Zwicky

Why Search Engine Traffic Should be Your Top Priority

Richard Zwicky

Most Internet marketing methods are risky and many will not have any affect on traffic to a web site. Some online marketers will sell you anything from banner impressions, to mass email campaigns (spam), to popup ads. All these marketing tools can work, but they are also extremely risky. Some people I know find pop-ups and spam so annoying that they will never purchase anything from a business that uses them. These plans are probably notrepparttar best customer acquisition strategies, and more likely they are a total waste of money. So why would anyone bother risking money on marketing strategies that probably will not increase traffic to your website? Why not concentrate on what does work? - The search engines.

Have you ever been contacted by online marketers who promise to deliver a "ton of traffic" to your website" ? I get these emails every day. Here's a quote from one I used to get 10 times a day (until I automatically filtered it to trash):

"Hi I visited, and noticed that you're not listed on some search engines! I think we can offer you a service which can help you increase traffic andrepparttar 128313 number of visitors to your website.

I would like to introduce you to We offer a unique technology that will submit your website to over 300,000 search engines and directories every month.

You'll be surprised byrepparttar 128314 low cost, and by how effective this website promotion method can be.

To find out more about thispromotioncompany andrepparttar 128315 cost for submitting your website to over 300,000 search engines and directories, visit (...)"

Have you ever received one, and wondered why they were contacting you? First off, how did they find your web site? What search engines are they referring to? If they really could deliver on their promise, then they would have so much repeat, and word of mouth business, that they wouldn't have time to be calling or emailing you. Lastly, how many people actually believe that there are 300,000 search engines?

While it's true you need traffic fromrepparttar 128316 search engines, you don't need to use spam techniques to get it. You need real results, and not false hope.

Increase Web Site Traffic,.. Naturally It is true thatrepparttar 128317 best way to obtain lots of targeted traffic (customers) is to acquire it based on relevance, viarepparttar 128318 search engines. Various studies show that anywhere from 83% to 92% of first time visitors to a web site find it throughrepparttar 128319 search engines. That's an incredible statistic. If you are not acquiring those customers as a result of a relevant query, then they will be disappointed. They may be disappointed withrepparttar 128320 search result, but more likely, they will be disappointed with your web site.

Inrepparttar 128321 online world that's your first impression. We all know how important a first impression is. You can never get a bad one back, and a good one will carry you a long way. You have to make sure thatrepparttar 128322 search engines are sending you visitors that are looking for your products or services. If your web site matches their interests, they will remember it, and come back, even if they do not make a purchase on that visit. If they find it irrelevant, they may have subconsciously formed a negative opinion of your online business, through no fault of your own.

Search engines provide a continuous stream of targeted visitors to your website, and forrepparttar 128323 most part, it's free of charge. Some engines do charge a listing fee, but most do not. The only thingrepparttar 128324 search engine asks is that each web site operator makes an effort to provide relevant and good information to web surfers for a particular search phrase. If a web site does so,repparttar 128325 search engines will rewardrepparttar 128326 site with increased good quality traffic.

Search engine traffic is a win-win situation for any online business. It doesn't take much to improve on most web site's search engine traffic - it just takes optimization. Did you know that as of January 1 2002, there were 160,000,000 domain hosts in use worldwide? Did you know that 88% ofrepparttar 128327 web pages worldwide are not indexed byrepparttar 128328 largest search engines? 88% of web pages are not optimized. How can any business survive onrepparttar 128329 Internet if it is not optimized forrepparttar 128330 search engines, and thus can never be found? How can they exist if over 83% of first time visitors never find their web site? How much more money could a web site operator earn if they ensured their web site was even partially visible?

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