Choosing The Right Keywords For Your Pay Per Click Advertising Campaign

Written by Stan Hauser


Of allrepparttar important decisions that go into a successful Pay Per Click Advertising program,repparttar 138145 most critical one is which keywords to target. Choosingrepparttar 138146 right keywords will drive a continuous stream of qualified buyers to your site at affordable CPC's. Choosingrepparttar 138147 wrong keywords will negate evenrepparttar 138148 most well planned Pay Per Click Advertising strategy.

Going Beyond The Obvious:

At first glance, choosing keywords for your Pay Per Click Advertising program seems easy. Anyone can come up with a list of obvious keywords related to their web site. The problem is, becauserepparttar 138149 keywords are obvious, all your competitors have come up withrepparttar 138150 same list of words. This can lead to price inflation for these keywords onrepparttar 138151 Pay Per Click Search Engines, making it difficult for anyone to profit from these keywords. The key to a successful PPC Advertising strategy is to identify targeted, hard to find, niche keywords that drive profitable traffic to your site.

Monetizing The "Keyword Tail"

The enormous number of queries that fall outsiderepparttar 138152 obvious keywords is known asrepparttar 138153 "Keyword Tail". An advertiser's ability to minerepparttar 138154 "Keyword Tail" for profitable nuggets of Search terms is oftenrepparttar 138155 difference between a successful Pay Per Click Advertising program, and one that loses money.

Examples of keywords that fall intorepparttar 138156 "Keyword Tail" are singular, plural, and misspelled versions of keywords, and keyword terms related torepparttar 138157 obvious keywords for your site. For example, if you own a site that sells fishing supplies, you may come up withrepparttar 138158 following list of keywords:

Obvious Keyword: Fishing

"Keyword Tail": Fly Fishing Equipment

Profiting From Small Search Engines

Written by Stan Hauser

Profiting From Smaller Search Engines February 23, 2005

Once you venture intorepparttar world of Pay Per Click advertising, you'll soon discover thatrepparttar 138144 marketplace is sharply divided between tier 1 Search Engines (Google and Overture), and everyone else. While it's difficult to imagine a comprehensive, successful Pay Per Click Advertising campaign that doesn't includerepparttar 138145 major players, companies that limit themselves to Google and Overture may be missing out on profitable traffic.

Defining Tier 1 And Tier 2 Search Engines:

Two things separate Google and Overture fromrepparttar 138146 rest ofrepparttar 138147 Pay Per Click Search Engines. The big players deliver more traffic, andrepparttar 138148 quality ofrepparttar 138149 clicks is often better. Simply put, if you advertise on Google and Overture your ad will be seen by more people, and these people are more likely going to buy from you. This is why its difficult to ignorerepparttar 138150 big players when crafting your Pay Per Click Advertising strategy. However, if you're willing to put inrepparttar 138151 effort, you'll often discover it'srepparttar 138152 smaller, lesser known, Search Engines that ultimately deliverrepparttar 138153 most profitable traffic to your site.

The Downside Of Being Big:

Ironically,repparttar 138154 same factors that make Google and Overture essential to any Pay Per Click Advertising campaign are alsorepparttar 138155 reasons it's becoming increasingly difficult for small and medium size companies to generate profitable traffic fromrepparttar 138156 top tier Search Engines.

Nearly every company doing Pay Per Click Advertising is using Google and Overture, meaning you're competing against virtually every company remotely connected with your industry for your keywords. As competition for your keywords increases your prices rise, and your profits fall. Both Google and Overture have hundreds of thousands of advertisers, causing keywords in some competitive industries to sell for over $10.00 per click! As this trend continues small and medium size companies will be forced to explore alternative sources of traffic if they hope to maintain their profit margins on their Pay Per Click Advertising campaigns.

The other downside of working withrepparttar 138157 big Search Engines is they tend to focus their customer support resources on their big customers. This can make it difficult for smaller companies to get help optimizing their campaigns, generating lists of keywords or creating compelling ad copy.

Thankfully, there are several smaller Search Engines who can fillrepparttar 138158 void by delivering high quality Search traffic at an affordable price.

The Best Of The Rest:

Once you expand your horizons beyond Google and Overture, and begin running tests on some smaller Search Engines, you'll find wide discrepancies in traffic quality and volume, software functionality and customer support. When deciding which smaller Search Engines to work with we recommend focusing on traffic quality asrepparttar 138159 key criteria. If your clicks convert into customers, it's easier to put up withrepparttar 138160 challenges that come with working withrepparttar 138161 smaller Search Engines.

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