Choosing The Right Blog-Tools

Written by Gunnar Berglund

Choosing The Right Blog-Tools Bloggers are constantly discovering new ways to express their ideas through new markup. There are bloggers who are usingrepparttar latest state-of-the-art ďvisualĒ web design programs, but few others consider using HTML code is not a bad idea altogether. The XHTML family can accommodate extensions through XHTML modules and techniques to develop new XHTML-conforming modules. These modules permitrepparttar 131725 combination of existing and new feature sets when developing content and when designing new user agents. With so many different ways to accessrepparttar 131726 Internet,repparttar 131727 XHTML family is designed keeping in mindrepparttar 131728 general user agent interoperability. Through document profiling mechanism, servers, proxies, and user agents are able to create best effort content transformation. This language is both RSS and XML conforming. The content can be readily viewed, edited, and validated with standard XML tools. XHTML documents can utilize applications (e.g. scripts and applets) that rely upon eitherrepparttar 131729 HTML Document Object Model orrepparttar 131730 XML Document Object Model. Bloggers may also use Movable Type forrepparttar 131731 weblog. Movable Type is a powerful, customizable publishing system, which installs on web servers to enable bloggers to manage and update weblogs. This enables a blogger to hand editrepparttar 131732 other parts and pages, includingrepparttar 131733 Daily Links, in TextPad. Bloggers may use a date format string forrepparttar 131734 individual entries, and for monthlies. Movable Type Installation is followed by Plugins. There are many to choose from. MT Plugin Directory andrepparttar 131735 Movable Type Support Forums are two resources that can be referred to. Most ofrepparttar 131736 plugins make users typographically correct and enables them to properly use curly-quotes, ellipses, em-dashes, and en-dashes. A feature of pluggins combines trackbacks (comments on other articles from other blogs) and comments into one page. Another use is to create author comments and addendums inrepparttar 131737 comments engine. Few plugins may allow bloggers to add additional fields, example: using keywords field to create additional fields. Few others create a collection of links atrepparttar 131738 bottom of each individual entry page. Title attributes can be used with allrepparttar 131739 links. Movable Type includes a default RSS Feed.

Content is King!

Written by Jeremy C. Wright

Content is King


A pencil. Yes, a pencil. In my opinion, every great idea has started with a pencil. Sure, lots stay in someoneís head, but to me a great idea doesnít have any value until itís written down. Until itís written down itís just dust Irepparttar wind: here today and quickly forgotten tomorrow.

But, every great idea needs a little something extra. Maybe youíre great at design, but you simply canít write worth a darn. Or, maybe, you haverepparttar 131723 best idea for a website, but no real way to getrepparttar 131724 word out. Either way, we all have different skills and we all have something to give and wouldnít mind getting a little something in return.

The website Iím talking about today is really about just that: getting something valuable in return for something valuable. Whether you are a website owner or a writer, this website has been rather successful at giving you what you need, when you need it.

Constant Content is all about giving webmastersrepparttar 131725 content they need to make their sites great while atrepparttar 131726 same time giving authorsrepparttar 131727 exposure and income they need to keep doing what they are great at. At itís core, itís about allowing people to play to everyoneís strengths.

The Gist ofrepparttar 131728 Gist

There are really two parts to Constant Content. If you are a webmaster, there are hundreds of articles available for you as free content, licensed content or exclusive content. Constant Content will even have content custom written for you if you donít find what you need!

Itís a little bit like having hundreds of writers sitting around at your beck and call. Some would call it spoiled, but I call it a dream come true.

The flipside of this equation is for authors. As you can tell, Iím an author. Iíve written articles, reviews, tutorials and curriculum for magazines, universities, booksÖ You name it, Iíve done it. For merepparttar 131729 two hardest parts about being an author are exposure and a revenue stream. Either you canít find enough work, orrepparttar 131730 work you find doesnít pay you often enough or well enough to make life easy.

For writers, this is where Constant Content comes in. It provides you a place to showcase your work, to license it (lots of people buy, lots of money for you) and even to sell exclusive, lucrative, licenses of content you prepare.

As I said before, Constant Content really is about connecting webmasters and writers up to form a team. A very cool concept which works very well.

Webmasters, Put Your Hands inrepparttar 131731 Air!

By now any smart webmaster should be aware that content is what makesrepparttar 131732 site go round. Even if all you have is an Ecommerce site, itís still ultimatelyrepparttar 131733 content on that site which gives it legs. Your users need to know certain things, and content is what fills them in. Whether itís articles, reviews, tutorials, essays or editorials, every site benefits from new, professional content.

Before we get in too deep to how you can get that great content right now, let me go through some ofrepparttar 131734 basics of how Constant Content works for site owners. The process is fairly simple. You go torepparttar 131735 Constant Content site. Then you findrepparttar 131736 type of content you are looking for (there are several ways of narrowing it down). Once youíve found a piece you like, you are able to see a preview of it to make sure it fits withrepparttar 131737 overall tone of your site.

You then have a choice. Do you want a ďUsageĒ license or a ďUniqueĒ license. A Usage license basically means you are allowed to userepparttar 131738 license, but so is anyone else who buys a Usage license. It gives yourepparttar 131739 content you need, but does not guarantee you wonít find it elsewhere. The flipside of this is thatrepparttar 131740 content is very well priced: often inrepparttar 131741 10-20$ range, which isnít bad at all. If youíre looking for exclusive rights to a piece of content though, you will need to purchase a Unique license. This will guarantee that nobody else buysrepparttar 131742 piece in question. Itís a bit like buying a print of a famous painting versus buyingrepparttar 131743 original. Both are great, both will work, it just depends on your needs.

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