Choosing Keywords

Written by George Manty

Choosing Keywords

Keywords are words that people use to find your website. Keywords arerepparttar words entered intorepparttar 145693 search field of a Search Engine to search for website pages related to or including those words. For example, if you are looking for blue shoes, you would type “blue shoes” into a Search Engine and find websites related to “blue shoes”. The phrase “blue shoes” is called a keyword phrase. To increase your Search Engine traffic you should choose a 1-3 word keyword phrase for each individual page of your website. You also should choose two or three keyword phrases that constituterepparttar 145694 overall theme of your website.

Methods of Choosing Keywords

Choosing good keywords is vital to increasing your website traffic. Before choosing which keywords to focus on, you should brainstorm possible keywords that people might use to find your website. After brainstorming keywords, then use a thesaurus to come up with more words. You can also use a tool likerepparttar 145695 Google® Sandbox Tool. Enter in keywords andrepparttar 145696 Google® Sandbox Tool will return a list of words it believes are related words. Other websites including, NicheBot, and Wordtracker offers a similar service as well.

Another method of finding keywords is to take a look at your competitors websites, and determine what keywords they are targeting. One method of doing this is to take a look at their keywords meta tag. In Internet explorer you can do this by:

1.Clicking onrepparttar 145697 top pulldown menu “View”. 2.Scrolling down and click onrepparttar 145698 menu item “Source”.

This will show yourepparttar 145699 source code for that page. Then look for a line that looks like this:

This example usesrepparttar 145700 keywords meta tag forrepparttar 145701 home page of our dinosaur website. The words after “content=” arerepparttar 145702 keywords that are considered important byrepparttar 145703 person (in this case me) who wroterepparttar 145704 HTML forrepparttar 145705 page. From this meta tag you can find out some ofrepparttar 145706 keywords that are being targeted onrepparttar 145707 page. Add any keywords used in this tag to your list.

Once you have your list of keywords it's time to find out if anyone searches for them. You can do this by usingrepparttar 145708 Overture® search term suggestion tool. The Overture® search term suggestion tool shows you how many times a certain keyword was searched forrepparttar 145709 previous month. You can use this tool to find out how many times people search for keywords related to your website. For example, go torepparttar 145710 Overture® search term suggestion tool and type in “dinosaur”. Then clickrepparttar 145711 button torepparttar 145712 right. You will now see a screen that shows a big table of keyword phrases that includerepparttar 145713 word dinosaur. Here is an example snippet ofrepparttar 145714 list for September 2004:

Keywords and SEO. The facts.

Written by Joe Balestrino

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is essential forrepparttar success of almost every website. The majority of traffic to websites is brought in by search engines. Keywords are an important part of SEO. Unfortunately, many website owners overdo it. Keywords are one ofrepparttar 144242 most important tools in ranking high on search engines. Abuse them and you will sufferrepparttar 144243 consequences.

Many novices read about places to add keywords, such as ALT tags, anchors and other areas. While these are meant to be used if you want to help boost your keywords, they should be relevant torepparttar 144244 image orrepparttar 144245 place where you are linking. Many people try to stuff keywords into every possible place. There is no benefit whatsoever in doing this.

As a general rule, I would say you can optimize one page with 3 keywords or phrases. I would recommend starting with one or two. Depending on who you talk to, your percentage of keywords in your text should be between three and five percent ofrepparttar 144246 total content onrepparttar 144247 site. I have seen site tops with percentages as high as ten. There are some free online tools that can tell yourepparttar 144248 percentage of each word on your site. This one is This tool will also show under which of those words your site comes up on.

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