Choosing Keywords: What They Don't Tell You

Written by Mike Arnold

Website Design What They Don’t Tell You

Let me start off by saying that I am no web design expert but I have designed a few websites andrepparttar biggest challenge I found was choosing keywords. It seems like it would be easy but it is not.

Choosing keywords and keyword placement isrepparttar 127851 foundation of getting indexed properly in search engines, choosingrepparttar 127852 correct ones and placing them on your web page is not an easy task. First off your keywords or key phrases have to make sense so that a person visiting your website can understand what you are saying. All well and good, we can all do that. The problem comes when a machine is sent to look at your page all ofrepparttar 127853 sudden it no longer looksrepparttar 127854 same. Take this page for example, after reading this page you would knowrepparttar 127855 following things about this company: •Global Web Monitor sells business services. •The business services are designed for IT departments, website owners, web hosts and website developers. •The primary service Global Web Monitor sells is called Global Up Time. •Global Up Time is a monitoring service. •Global Up Time monitors websites, servers, networks and ports. •Global Up Time can do port security checks on servers and firewalls. •Global Up Time emails, phones or pages customers if one of their monitored items goes down. •Global Up Time can save its clients time, money, customers and business reputation. •Website monitoring is priced as low as $4.95 per month. •And finally you haverepparttar 127856 option of a 30 day free website monitoring trial.

Unfortunatelyrepparttar 127857 search engine robots and spiders are just machines and see this page completely different. If you runrepparttar 127858 keyword density program from Google forrepparttar 127859 web page you get keywords and key phrases that are completely useless to this particular website. A second problem that affects this web page isrepparttar 127860 stop word list that is used by many search engine spiders. The third problem with this page is words under 3 characters are filtered out. So what happened torepparttar 127861 Global Web Monitor main page is that they ended up with key phrases like: •Global time monitoring •Servers network appliances •Global monitor overview •Status pages overview •Time monitoring •Services global •Monitor overview •Sign trial •Account enter •Check systems •And my personal favorite – Eliminates human

The Back Pain of Search

Written by Gallianno Cosme

If you've ever suffered from back pain you'll relate torepparttar grief that I discuss in this article. You'll relate even more if your back pain started onrepparttar 127850 onset of your SEM career. Not surprisingly, mine did.

Don't get me wrong, I absolutely love this industry. It's entertaining, thought provoking, and challenging. It's an ever-changing industry that keeps me on my toes in constant search of information, knowledge, and new ideas.

But there are some aspects that make me just want to squeal. Most of my rants rest onrepparttar 127851 shoulders ofrepparttar 127852 SEO kinship. The, often self-proclaimed, gurus and goddesses ofrepparttar 127853 search engine community. The often disbelieving falsities, self propaganda nonsense that many in this industry procreate.

Don't get me wrong. I respect many SEM professionals. The likes of Danny Sullivan, Shari Thurow, Morgan Carey, and Peter da Vanzo - to name but a few. But then there are those, who I'll refrain from naming, who seem to think they are know-it-alls, alluring people to follow their often devious or bandwagon practises, and occasionally belittling those who don't.

What really gets my pain throbbing isrepparttar 127854 constant battle to find original content from these self-proclaimed "gurus". As you will know, many swear that increasing link popularity isrepparttar 127855 most important factor in obtaining high search engine placement. Those same experts proclaim that bulking up content isrepparttar 127856 way to gain link popularity.

I'll take this one step further and say that original, interesting content is what really works. These arerepparttar 127857 sites that people want to share with friends, families, and colleagues alike. The problem I have with this is quite simple: where hasrepparttar 127858 original content disappeared to?

I cannot remember when last I read an original piece or commentary onrepparttar 127859 SEO industry? Most ofrepparttar 127860 "content-bulking" copy that I come across is repetition of something said before. "Thesaurusised content" is what I like to call it.

The majority ofrepparttar 127861 population, myself included, don't haverepparttar 127862 time to sit and read old information. As far as link popularity is concerned, why would someone want to devalue their own site by linking to sites that have similar content? Makes no point at all. Ever noticed thatrepparttar 127863 most populated sites onrepparttar 127864 Net are those that genuinely have interesting and original information that people find enticing. Isn't that whatrepparttar 127865 gurus mean by "content is king"?

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