Choosing A Web Site Content Management System

Written by Michael Park

Asrepparttar saying goes onrepparttar 132037 web “Content is King.” There is no argument that if you are going to have an effective Internet presence you must have current, dynamic content that gives your visitors reasons to come back time and again. While content may be king there seems to be little discussion aboutrepparttar 132038 optimal way to manage this content for small to medium sized businesses. Have you ever noticed that when your buildingrepparttar 132039 web site you have plenty of helping hands but oncerepparttar 132040 site is launched andrepparttar 132041 daily grind of support kicks in it becomes harder and harder to find that help. This is why it is so important to evaluate your Content Management System (CMS) for you web site inrepparttar 132042 development stages. Every web site has some form of content management system in place, except for those that never change. The CMS can be as informal as an email torepparttar 132043 web developer or a multi-million dollar computer program that warehouses data from several different databases. In focusing on small to medium sized businesses I have decided to eliminaterepparttar 132044 big dollar systems and concentrate onrepparttar 132045 three major types of CMS’s available.

The first type of CMS isrepparttar 132046 default traditional and most widely used method I callrepparttar 132047 manual update system. This usually requires sendingrepparttar 132048 information torepparttar 132049 web developer. The web developer then utilizes their FTP program and HTML coding skills to makerepparttar 132050 requested changes. The changes are then reviewed and approved byrepparttar 132051 requester. The problem with this model is thatrepparttar 132052 web developer is usually a high priced contractor and not an in-house resource. This means that you end paying a hefty price for web site changes. The cost of web site changes becomes a budget issue so you end up reducingrepparttar 132053 number of changes you make to your site in turn reducing its overall value.

The second type of CMS isrepparttar 132054 WYSIWYG system. This model allowsrepparttar 132055 web site owner to use one ofrepparttar 132056 graphical web development tools onrepparttar 132057 market today such as FrontPage or Net Objects Fusion. These are great programs that allow you to make changes torepparttar 132058 web site in a graphical look. The changes are simple and if you configurerepparttar 132059 software correctly you can update your web site with a few clicks ofrepparttar 132060 mouse. The problem with this model is that you become dependent onrepparttar 132061 WYSIWYG tool. If you can’t get to FrontPage then you can’t make your change unless you resort back to our first model. But now it gets a little trickier. These WYSIWYG tools create very convoluted HTML code so manual changes can become very time consuming. Another draw-back ofrepparttar 132062 model is that if your company utilizes a tool like this to create their site they are limited torepparttar 132063 graphical templates that come withrepparttar 132064 software. You end up getting a site that looks pretty much like everybody else’s. Furthermore, I think it is important for any company planning on building or revamping their web site to meet with a web development company to at least reviewrepparttar 132065 best practices for web development.

What's IN and OUT For The Information Sales Industry In 2001

Written by Monique Harris

OUT - Giving away all of your valuable content.

IN - Selling it!

I've been selling information online for 4+ years now. Manuals, e-books, special reports, etc. That's how I make my living. (And "no" I'm not telling you this to brag, or make my operation seem larger than life.)

I'm telling you so that you'll know that it can be done in a consistent and steady manner. So that those of you who constantly give your information away will understand that you don't have to.

If your information is good... tried and trusted by readers... then I advise you to build uprepparttar courage this year to sell it.

Start with a 15-20 page special report for $10-$30, if you don't want to openrepparttar 132036 floodgates with anything big. (C'mon, you can write a 20-page special report in less than a week!) Take $100, secure a new domain, and pay for a few megs of Web site space for a couple of months. Promoterepparttar 132037 heck out of your new report.

Seeing something small sell will give yourepparttar 132038 kick inrepparttar 132039 butt you'll need to create and promote other infoproducts. The point is you gotta start somewhere.

OUT - Publishing your own free e-zine.

IN - Syndicating your content.

You wantrepparttar 132040 truth? Okay I'm gonna give yourepparttar 132041 truth. There are too many e-zines in existence, ESPECIALLY inrepparttar 132042 business industry.

Yes... inrepparttar 132043 past I recommended that you start your own e-zine for promotional purposes. But after looking at how jam-packedrepparttar 132044 market is getting, I'm singing another song.

The truth is you'll probably receive more attention getting your articles seen in already established and well known e-zines, than you will starting your own publication. (Unless you're already a 'famous' personality who has a following.)

Content syndication - (allowing other Web sites and e-zines to feature your articles) - gives yourepparttar 132045 power to be in several places at once. Plus syndicating your content means you don't have to worry aboutrepparttar 132046 hassles of running your own e-zine.

Where can you syndicate your content? Check out iSyndicate , and The Syndicator .


IN - Wireless content.

Okay Adobe Acrobat isn't entirely 'out.' But there is something that you forward thinkers may want to keep an eye on...repparttar 132047 advent of wireless content.

I was just over in France where it seems like everybody has a digital telephone. I've heard that in China not having a cell phone is like not wearing underwear.

And they don't just use them to talk. People are actually using them to access information onrepparttar 132048 Net.

Granted I don't think I'd want to read a novel on my cell phone. However certain types of content, like news or specialized data, is currently being accessed by people with digital telephones and Palm Pilots.

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