Choosing A New Floor

Written by Garry John

Is it time to give that tired kitchen floor a face lift? Are you looking for justrepparttar right finishing touch for your new living room? The floor you choose can brighten a dark room, make a small one appear larger, or setrepparttar 139618 mood and tone forrepparttar 139619 rest of your decorating. There are so many flooring options available onrepparttar 139620 market these days that you're biggest problem will be deciding which floor you like best! Here are a few suggestions to ease your decision process.

With all those choices available, how do you decide what type of floor fits your lifestyle and design senserepparttar 139621 best? There are a number of factors to consider, includingrepparttar 139622 mood you want to set,repparttar 139623 style and colors of your furnishings, and whatrepparttar 139624 room will be used for. The perfect floor for your work-in kitchen may be too dark for your bright and airy living room, andrepparttar 139625 floor that you love for your living room could be too formal or too delicate for your back patio. Rest assured though, that there is a perfect choice for every room in your home.

Things To Consider When Choosing a Floor

How much traffic willrepparttar 139626 floor get?

The amount and type of traffic that your room will see should be one ofrepparttar 139627 largest deciding factors inrepparttar 139628 kind of floor that you choose. A family room floor with a ping-pong table and busy, active life needs a floor that will stand up to lots of foot traffic andrepparttar 139629 occasional spill. In addition, you want a floor that won't show wear, will be comfortable underfoot, and easy to care for. Vinyl floor tiles or linoleum might be your best choice there, though a good, durable wood laminate floor might do well, as well.

Selecting Replacement Windows

Written by Bobby Carlten

Windows arerepparttar eyes of a home. From inside, you seerepparttar 139521 outside world through them. It has been said thatrepparttar 139522 eyes arerepparttar 139523 windows torepparttar 139524 soul. For a home, you can gain a sense of its character by examining its windows.

Windows arerepparttar 139525 primary source of natural light for a room, but they are so much more. They give a home beauty and personality. The decision to replace them is an important one. Replacements can affectrepparttar 139526 feel ofrepparttar 139527 home for inhabitants and providerepparttar 139528 opportunity for significant energy savings. They can dramatically changerepparttar 139529 value ofrepparttar 139530 property when it comes time to sellrepparttar 139531 home.

Types of replacement windows

There are many types of replacement windows to fitrepparttar 139532 varied styles of home architecture. Some ofrepparttar 139533 more popular styles includerepparttar 139534 following.

  1. Casements have one or two panes. They are hinged on one side and open by rotating a crank. Casement windows generally open only 15 – 30 degrees, enough to let in light, but little else.
  2. Sliders are generally two offset sashes, one which will slide behindrepparttar 139535 other, much like a sliding glass door.
  3. Double hung have two sashes which move vertically, allowing ventilation through a space atrepparttar 139536 top and/or atrepparttar 139537 bottom.
  4. Bay windows are three-sided arrangements that project fromrepparttar 139538 exterior wall ofrepparttar 139539 house, usually in living rooms or formal sitting rooms. They giverepparttar 139540 room a larger feel while offering additional space for a seat or arrangements of potted plants.
  5. Bow windows are set in a series with each sash set at an angle. Bows are similar to bays in that they protrude fromrepparttar 139541 exterior face ofrepparttar 139542 house. They are different in that each sash or inrepparttar 139543 series is set at a slight angle so thatrepparttar 139544 entire series forms a graceful curve or bow, rather thanrepparttar 139545 sharp three-sided appearance of bay windows. There can be any number of sashes inrepparttar 139546 bow window series.
  6. Garden windows are frequently installed in kitchens, often replacingrepparttar 139547 sash behindrepparttar 139548 kitchen sink. These also extend beyondrepparttar 139549 exterior wall ofrepparttar 139550 house. They are much smaller than bay or bow styles and are often used for holding potted plants, creating an interior garden, while giving an improved view ofrepparttar 139551 outside lawn or garden.
  7. Skylights are installed intorepparttar 139552 roof ofrepparttar 139553 house to provide direct lighting. These are generally not designed to be opened in order to providerepparttar 139554 best weather seal.


Replacement materials

Not so long ago, windows were simple panes of glass glazed into a sash. Efforts to become more energy efficient have turned them into highly engineered systems.

Single pane models have little insulating value and are still used in warmer climates.

Double pane or double glazed styles are built with an air space betweenrepparttar 139555 two panes of glass. This glass-air-glass sandwich permits much less energy radiation throughrepparttar 139556 glass. Better insulating value is offered by designs with clear argon gas in place of air. Yet another system combinesrepparttar 139557 double glazed models with panes of glass coated with a low emissivity (low-e) film. This coating reduces energy transfer even further.

Frames for sashes may be constructed from wood, wood clad in aluminium or vinyl, vinyl or fibreglass. Wood is an excellent choice in that it can be cut or trimmed to provide an excellent fit. Wood clad with aluminium or vinyl is an excellent choice in regions with periods of high humidity or damp weather. Vinyl is a great choice for homes in high moisture regions such as on lakes orrepparttar 139558 seashore. Wood clad and vinyl replacement windows are also low maintenance afterrepparttar 139559 installation.

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