Choosing A Mountain Bike

Written by Andrew Caxton

How To Choose A Mountain Bike That More Fits With Your Needs

How to choose a mountain bike depends on what you are going to do with it, if all you want your new mountain bike for is going for a nice leisurely ride onrepparttar canal path or a ride inrepparttar 141154 woods withrepparttar 141155 dog, well you wont need a full suspension downhill machine with 4 inch travel onrepparttar 141156 forks and a fully articulated rear end with damping and rebound control.

Where to Start From.

If you do want to go for an easy ride inrepparttar 141157 park you don’t need to spend too much, if you think you will do any off-road riding then big tread tires maybe all you need, but if you think you might try some rough stuff then you will need suspension. Gears will probably be Shimano, brakes must be V-brakes, but could be made by a few different manufacturers, allrepparttar 141158 rest ofrepparttar 141159 MTB components will depend on how much you can spend. If you go to your local bike shop or big sports store and see what they’ve got to offer, then buy it or have look onrepparttar 141160 Internet and maybe you’ll findrepparttar 141161 same thing at a better price.

The Next Step Up.

So maybe you want to be a bit more adventurous, more off-road, more forest tracks and dry boulder river beds, then you’ll need something a little lighter, with suspension forks. All this will cost you more money, but will be worth it forrepparttar 141162 extra enjoyment and adventure. With a better mountain bike it will have a sportier handling and because it is lighter, it will be easier to struggle uprepparttar 141163 hills before you come flying downrepparttar 141164 other side. The components will again be Shimano andrepparttar 141165 quality will depend on how much money you can spend. V-brakes and Rapid-fire gear shifters, along with Shimano chain set, bottom bracket and headset. Handle bars, stem and seat pin should be alloy and along with a comfortable saddle you’ll be set to take torepparttar 141166 hills.

More Money, More Bike.

The next rung up onrepparttar 141167 mountain bike ladder would be good enough to race on. There are many to choose from, get onrepparttar 141168 net and surfrepparttar 141169 bike manufacturers sites and allrepparttar 141170 shop sites along withrepparttar 141171 magazines for juicy photos ofrepparttar 141172 bikes. The top manufacturers in this price range, I would say are: - Trek, Giant, Specialized and Cannondale, these companies makerepparttar 141173 nicest frames withrepparttar 141174 best mountain bike parts available atrepparttar 141175 price, gears will be either Shimano or SRAM, brakes could be V-brakes or cable disc brakes, both are very good and light, most ofrepparttar 141176 other MTB parts, of course will be Shimano and as usual getrepparttar 141177 best you can afford. There are many combinations of hubs and rims to make up your wheels; hubs from Shimano and rims form Mavic arerepparttar 141178 usual mix. Then you have to choose which suspension forks to put on you bike, you may not get a choice, depending on which bike you buy,repparttar 141179 main ones are Suntour, Marzocchi, Manitou, Fox, RockShox and RST, buy any of these and you wont go far wrong.

Trailering and Towing your Pontoon Boat

Written by Thomas Holley

Trailering and towering your pontoon boat doesn't have to be a dreaded chore. As a matter of fact, if you follow a few simple tips, not only will you expandrepparttar opportunities you have to visit a wider variety of waterways, but you'll enjoyrepparttar 141036 drive as well. Towing obviously begins with your tow vehicle. It is extremely important that you keep this vehicle in tip-top shape. Change oils and filters more often than you would under normal driving conditions. In must cases, it's a safe bet to do it twice as often as regular maintenance requires. Tire pressure is another thing to check on a regular basis. While it's not a good thing to have overflated tires, its even worse to drive a vehicle with low tires. Don't forget tune-ups, services or your cooling system. All brake lights need to be in working order.

Once you're confident that your tow vehicle is in good working order, move on torepparttar 141037 trailer itself. To reducerepparttar 141038 possibility of swaying, manufacturers recommend thatrepparttar 141039 tongue weight ofrepparttar 141040 trailer (boat included) is 5-7 percent ofrepparttar 141041 total tow package. (Boat, motor, trailer and all your gear.) Make sure you have adequate tie downs on your boat and trailer. If you're traveling from one state to another you may run into different regulations regardingrepparttar 141042 use of tie downs in different states. Make sure you know what they are in your state and any states that you may be traveling through. Again, when towing a boat, it's always smart to err torepparttar 141043 side of safety. Four straps will allow you to conform to regulartions almost everywhere. If you use one strap to tie downrepparttar 141044 bow, two straps atrepparttar 141045 transom and one strap onrepparttar 141046 gunwale, you'll be in excellent shape. Remember to use straps that are weather resistant and as strong as you can buy. Straps with easy lock and release buckles allow you to tighten them and controlrepparttar 141047 slack with a minimal effort. If your boat didn't come with a cover, buy one. It'll not only keeprepparttar 141048 dust and debris off your boat when you're driving but it'll serve to hold everything in place and protect if fromrepparttar 141049 sun. The last thing you want to see are your seat cushions floating downrepparttar 141050 highway behind you. Covers will also reduce wind resistance and thereby increase your mileage.

Once you've determined that your tow vehicle is ready to go, your boat is securely onrepparttar 141051 trailer and your lights are in working order, it's time to hitrepparttar 141052 road. When towing any vehicle, it's important to stay alert while driving. Although you may be very comfortable pullingrepparttar 141053 trailer, other drivers have no idea what kind of an impact their actions can have on your safety. Onrepparttar 141054 interstate system, for example, semi-trucks can create enough of a wind to literally blow you offrepparttar 141055 road. Withrepparttar 141056 added length and weight of your boat and trailer, it's a good idea to take things slower than you normally would without them. The added weight will decrease your stopping distances tremendously so brake early and give yourself plenty of room. The length will affect your turning ability as well as how much room you need to complete lane changes. Overcompensating in these cases is much better than cutting a turn too short or clippingrepparttar 141057 front end ofrepparttar 141058 vehicle you just passed. When someone passes you, flashing your lights when they've cleared your vehicle isrepparttar 141059 safe and polite way to go.

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