Choosing, Cleansing and Charging Crystals

Written by Sam Stevens

I have written a lot of articles about gemstones, rocks and crystals for this site that describe which ones are best for prosperity, love and protection. If you look back inrepparttar archives here, you will find lots of information about gemstones, crystals and semi-precious stones and their magical purposes. This article teaches you how to make optimum use of these natural allies ofrepparttar 105662 spirit.

First of all, when you go to a new age or gem store, you will usually find baskets or drawers filled with various kinds of gems. Tumbled stones are usuallyrepparttar 105663 cheapest and feature lumpy rounded surfaces. Points are gems that have been cut so that they resemble a geometric shape or a small tower. The most important thing is to pick uprepparttar 105664 stone and see if it feels right in your hand. One stone might feel somehow "better" than another. The process of feeling energy from an object by holding it is called "psychometry." It is very common to set foot in such shops and then step out again holding a bag full of stones that are quite different thanrepparttar 105665 ones you originally intended to purchase. Don't worry, as this is quite common. Many of us make decisions about which stone we need to heal by reading a diagnostic description and then feel a certain rock or crystal "call out to us" inrepparttar 105666 store. Half ofrepparttar 105667 time that isrepparttar 105668 remedy forrepparttar 105669 situation that you really need. For instance if you set out to buy Chinese Jade for money drawing, but instead walk out with a nice big hunk of Rose Quartz (which is more for emotional healing),repparttar 105670 fact that you chose this stone might open your way for abundance. It could be thatrepparttar 105671 quartz is a somehow more suitable coin it may soften a "block" you have inside with regards to prosperity. As this is not a pure science, you are well advised in this situation to follow your gut instincts and have faith inrepparttar 105672 universe. If you find yourself attracted to a certain color of stone, pay attention as well, as it may reflect a color that is missing in your aura. For instance, an attraction to red or pink stone might represent a desire for more love and security in your life whereas an attraction to a purple stone might mean you are ready to advance onrepparttar 105673 spiritual path. Once you have your stones, it is important to cleanse them of any energy they may have picked up inrepparttar 105674 past. Crystals are little storehouses that can collect various forms of energy and they may have been touched, handled or meditated upon before you bought them. Quartz crystals, in particular, can just pick up vibes from an environment. There are four main methods of clearing crystals. The Solar Method: Perhapsrepparttar 105675 easiest and quickest method for clearing stones, especially crystals, is simply to place them outside in direct sun for one full day.

Feng Shui Atrracts Money

Written by Sam Stevens

The first thing that you need to do is get yourself a good compass and determine what is inrepparttar southeastern corner of your home. The Southeastern sector of your home governs both your cash flow as well as your faith inrepparttar 105661 idea that you will always be able to create money. According torepparttar 105662 classic and traditional rules of Feng Shui (the ancient art of object placement to increase good energy in your life)repparttar 105663 items that you place in this part of your should be things that align withrepparttar 105664 energies of personal abundance. Things that Create Prosperity: •The colors purple, red and green. These three colors support prosperity energy in a space. A pleasant still life to attract this energy is a pretty glass bowl containing a purple amethyst, a red carnelian and a green piece of jade. You also might want to consider painting this corner one of these colors or using purple, red and green lighting in this corner. An easy way to enhancerepparttar 105665 color value in this corner is to purchase a lava lamp in purple, red or green. The great thing about a lava lamp is that it also moves, and in Feng Shui, anything electronic or moving helps keeprepparttar 105666 money circulating in your life. •Symbols of wealth: Actual money and gold objects are good to display in this area of your house. A bowl of foreign or antique coins can also augment this sector. You can also find statues of "gold ingots" to your local China Town A wonderful statue to place in this area is of a Prosperity Buddha lifting a gold ingot over his head. You might also want to consider placing a gold or green statue of a Chinese Money Toad (this is a three legged statue of a frog or toad with a coin in it's mouth) or a statue of leaping goldfish •Fake Money. This isrepparttar 105667 place to put that fake million-dollar bill you got in a novelty store in a frame and hang it. Some people even keep monopoly money in this area as a symbol of their circulating prosperity. A bowl of foreign coins can also be placed here to magnetize wealth into your life. •Fountain. This is onerepparttar 105668 two best places inrepparttar 105669 entire bagua to place a flowing fountain. The other is your Career sector. Flowing water representsrepparttar 105670 flowing of money. The Chinese consider wood or bamboo fountains to be especially auspicious when placed in this area. •Goldfish. This is a great area to put an aquarium. Traditionallyrepparttar 105671 Chinese place eight orange or yellow gold fish and one black goldfish in an aquarium to attract money. The number 8 represents prosperity in Feng Shui. The idea too is that if misfortune hits your family, thenrepparttar 105672 ninth black goldfish will die and receiverepparttar 105673 misfortune instead of you. You can also buyrepparttar 105674 traditional Chinese poster of this image in Chinese specialty shops. •Eight Horses. This is an image of eight horses that can be purchased either a statue or as a poster that adds good chi to this sector. However please noterepparttar 105675 position of your front door when positioning this poster. Make sure thatrepparttar 105676 directionrepparttar 105677 horses are running is INTOrepparttar 105678 house and not outrepparttar 105679 front or back doors! You can buy this statue in gold, red, green, crystal and orange. When placing it inrepparttar 105680 southwest, red, green, brass or gold arerepparttar 105681 best styles to choose.

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