Choose & Use the Best Colors

Written by Andrew Eaton

Copyright 2005 Andrew Eaton

The Psychology of Color

Are you usingrepparttar best colors for your web site? Many web designers often overlookrepparttar 146475 issues of color in web design. When choosing colors for your web site there are three main areas that should be addressed.

1) The psychological effect of colors,

2) The effect onrepparttar 146476 readability of your site, and

3) The complementary choice of colors for your background, graphics, links, and text

These are all areas that must be well satisfied to create an effective and professional web site.

Listed below are a few characteristics of color that should always be considered when designing your graphics.

Colors have an effect on our emotions within 90 seconds of viewing.

Color choices can motivate, impress, and persuade your prospect to buy from you.

Colors not only intensifyrepparttar 146477 item, they greatly influence our behavior.

The effects of color differ among different cultures.

Color choices alone are sending a specific message to your viewers.

Givenrepparttar 146478 fact that people respond more to non-verbal cues than verbal cues, its all-important that you chooserepparttar 146479 corresponding colors forrepparttar 146480 emotional trigger you want to trip. The following colors are associated with certain emotions or qualities in North American culture.

White - Suggests truthfulness, purity, clean, devotion, mild, and contemporary. White isrepparttar 146481 best color for a background color onrepparttar 146482 web. For business it can be refreshing and sterile.

Black Suggests elegance, boldness, power, authority, seductive, evil, sophistication and classic. Black isrepparttar 146483 ideal choice for text on a light background. It is hard onrepparttar 146484 eyes when used as a background on web sites.

Red Suggests strength, sex, excitement, passion, speed, danger, aggressiveness, and demands attention. In business it is associated with debt. Red isrepparttar 146485 most emotionally intense color. It stimulates a faster heartbeat and breathing.

Cell Phone Marketing: Podcasting, Ringtones, Wallpaper, and Games are Hot in 2005!

Written by Jack Humphrey

Copyright 2005 Jack Humphrey

by Jack Humphrey for

Cell phone and PDA cell phone combo users are downloading, buying, and playing more and more add-ons than ever before. From cell phone wallpaper (backgrounds and images) to games and ringtones, it seems cell phone users just cannot get enough!

There are also even newer software and information packages that come as add-ons torepparttar PDA/cell phone market. You can download software that tells you how to mix any drink imaginable and even tells you which types of glasses to use for each drink.

You can purchase and download golf software applications of all kinds. And let's not forgetrepparttar 146474 multitude of Bible ebooks that are available almostrepparttar 146475 instant a new PDA model is available!

Ringtones are always a major pull online and tens of thousands of them are downloaded every day from places like and hundreds of sites like it.

Many PDA phones are coming out with Adobe PDF readers that make reading an "ebook"repparttar 146476 same as reading online at home from your desktop computer.

Marketers are picking up on this booming market and scurrying to supply more choices in topics and information to this hungry, under served market.

Already there are some applications coming out to organize recipes, mixed drinks, gold scores, sports betting and virtually anything else you can imagine. But only ifrepparttar 146477 creators of these products make them available for specific platforms like Blackberry.

Podcasting is a major topic now among marketers. Withrepparttar 146478 ability to get online with your cell phone, you can easily surf to a site that makes audio and even video presentations, commercials, and seminars available for download instantly to your phone.

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