Choose The Right Business For You In Less Than 15 Minutes

Written by Charles Kangethe

Choose The Right Business For You In Less Than 15 Minutes ---------------------------------------------------------- (c) Copyright Charles Kangethe

----------------------------------------------- 3 Characteristics Of "The Right Business" Model -----------------------------------------------

=> The business must service a large market.

Niche markets are also very profitable but require specialist products and customer service. Target niche markets when you are more confident in your business abilities.

=> The business must adapt and change withrepparttar market. Be aware faddish businesses can be very difficult to operate because ofrepparttar 117107 rapid rate at which market perceptions change.

=> Initial start-up capital requirements must be minimal

Many new business owners work to tight budgets and have limited resources to start-up. Ideal business models should therefore have low start-up costs.

------------------------------------------ What Business Fits These Characteristics ? ------------------------------------------

A (home based), direct response marketing business, dealing in Information has all these characteristics and offers unparalleled flexibility forrepparttar 117108 serious Wealth Creator.

Direct response marketing is all aboutrepparttar 117109 targeting of a specific market by use of mail shots.

Mail shots can be sent by post as happens in mail order or by e-mail as happens inrepparttar 117110 online Internet world.

Let's get specific and see how direct response marketing fulfilsrepparttar 117111 characteristics of "The Right Business"

------------ Large Market ------------

Direct Response is a multi billion dollar industry and growing. The US leadsrepparttar 117112 world in direct response marketing, principally due torepparttar 117113 geographical spread ofrepparttar 117114 country, andrepparttar 117115 almost universal acceptance of direct response marketing as a valid means of buying and selling products.

The UK is a very sophisticated direct marketers environment, where many US trends manifest themselves as a result ofrepparttar 117116 close cultural, economic and political ties betweenrepparttar 117117 two countries.

5 Reasons Why The Business Should Deal With Information. --------------------------------------------------------

=> People like Information. They seek it everywhere. Onrepparttar 117118 TV, on radio, atrepparttar 117119 cinema, in newspapers, in books and reports and increasingly onrepparttar 117120 Internet.

=> The need for Information seems insatiable -repparttar 117121 more a person knows about a particular subject,repparttar 117122 more they want to know. It is also true thatrepparttar 117123 less someone knows about something which is of some interest to themrepparttar 117124 more they will seek out information to expand their knowledge.

=> Advances in technology in computing and desktop publishing means it is now unbelievably easy and cost effective to engage in Information provision businesses.

"3 Hard Nosed, Can't Lose Ways To Get More Results Out Of Your Home Business In 2004."

Written by Gary Baker

"3 Hard Nosed, Can't Lose Ways To Get More Results Out Of Your Home Business In 2004."

Written By: Gary Baker

Okay, lets cut right torepparttar quick...

-You want your home business to succeed. -You want your home business to bring in substantial profits. -You want your home business to give yourepparttar 117106 freedom to liverepparttar 117107 kind of life you badly desire.

No problem.

Here are "3 Hard Nosed, Can't Lose Ways To Get More Results Out Of Your Home Business In 2004."

These following 3 ways are NOT forrepparttar 117108 weak of will or day dreamers.

What follows is for serious, hard working individuals who want real results and are willing to do what it takes to succeed.

Lets get to it...

#1 - Devote 5 hours per week to doing NOTHING but working on your home business.

It is imperative that you set aside a minimum of 5 hours duringrepparttar 117109 week where you concentrate 100% on making your home business more productive.

This can be working on a new product, website, ads, sales letters, etc.

Just make sure you WORK and not mess around with this time.

It is ONLY to be used for your home business.

#2 - Spend a little extra cash on advertising.

Yes. You will need to spend a little bit of money on your home business in order to make money.

Without advertising your home business is doomed.

Try and set aside $20.00 per week and use this cash for advertising only.

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