Chiropractic Schools

Written by C. Bailey-Lloyd/LadyCamelot

Before Chiropractic Schools accept one into their educational system, it is recommended that students have earned a degree inrepparttar arts or sciences from an accredited college or university. Chiropractic schools also require applicants to have at least 90 semester hours in English, social sciences or humanities, organic and inorganic chemistry, biology, physics, and psychology as well.

Chiropractic schools offer education and training in chiropractic health treatments. Teaching a broad spectrum of topics of diagnostics and treatment for persons suffering from muscular, nervous and skeletal system problems; chiropractic schools and colleges stand strong onrepparttar 136587 firm belief that interference within these systems can disrupt normal functioning and lowers resistance to disease. Chiropractic schools are holistic educational systems that place emphasis onrepparttar 136588 patient's overall well-being. By evaluating numerous factors such as one's exercise, diet, rest, environment and heredity; chiropractic schools teach prospective physicians to use natural, drug-free, non-surgical health treatments that rely onrepparttar 136589 body's self-healing mechanisms.

After completion ofrepparttar 136590 chiropractic school of choice, a four-part exam is administered byrepparttar 136591 National Board of Chiropractic Examiners. However, state examinations may supplementrepparttar 136592 National Board testing -- dependent upon individual state requirements.

Reflexology Schools

Written by C. Bailey-Lloyd/LadyCamelot

Reflexology Schools teach reflexology therapy, (an ancient art practiced by early Egyptians) andrepparttar science founded onrepparttar 136586 basis that areas ofrepparttar 136587 feet, hands and ears are comprised of zones and reflex areas (which correspond to all glands, organs, and bodily systems). Reflexology schools instruct a therapeutic technique whereby pressure is applied to these reflex areas. Through reflexology school training, students are taught to reduce stress by using thumb, finger and hand methods. Reflexology schools further teach how reflexology can create physiological improvements withinrepparttar 136588 body. Reflexology schools teach students to restore natural balance and revitalization through reflexology. Not intended to cure diseases, reflexology therapy is valuable in locating high stress or tension areas inrepparttar 136589 body. Therefore, reflexology schools provide instruction that promotes natural healing through reflexology therapy.

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