Chinese sugar fried chestnuts

Written by Jacklyn Chen

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The "Liang Xiang" chestnuts are well known. Here "Liang Xiang" refers torepparttar 146876 old "Liang Xiang" county, is equivalent to part ofrepparttar 146877 mountain area of "Fangshan" district of Beijing, and is notrepparttar 146878 "Liang Xiang" village county. "Liang Xiang" chestnuts really are "Fangshan Chinese chestnuts".

There are many ways to eat chestnuts, butrepparttar 146879 most popular one isrepparttar 146880 sugar roasted chestnuts.

As soon as chestnuts are harvested in autunm, you'll see cauldrons are set up at every corner ofrepparttar 146881 street. Mix chestnuts with sand, sprinklerepparttar 146882 plain sugar syrup, fry tillrepparttar 146883 sand becomes pitch-black. The chestnuts will then look shinning and bright as if a layer of oil has been applied torepparttar 146884 shells. The burning smell flutters all over. People like me who are craving for chestnuts would come to buy by followingrepparttar 146885 smell wihtout sellers' calling out. People used to use shovel to fry, nowrepparttar 146886 process is electrically operated.

The history of Beijing sugar roasted chestnuts is quite long.

The old "Zhitang" man copies others quotes from Lu You's "Old School Notes" in "Roasted Chestnuts", talking about a chestnut roasting story: The most well-known and best-selling chestnuts inrepparttar 146887 Northern Song Dynasty Kaifeng were roasted by Li, HeEr. Others were trying everything possible to imitate, but no one did atrepparttar 146888 end. Duringrepparttar 146889 Southern Song Dynasty Shaoxing years, Song's embassador was sent to Jin (an old country in China) and arrivedrepparttar 146890 now Beijing. Suddenly two people, who called themselves "Li, HeEr", sent in 20 bags of sugar roasted chestnuts, then left with tears.

Gourmet Flavored Coffee

Written by Hans Dekker

Coffee tastes great by itself, but for an extra special taste sensation, try gourmet flavored coffee. There are many flavoring substances which can be added to coffee to give your daily cup of Java an out ofrepparttar ordinary flavor experience.

Some flavors are natural enhancers that go together with coffee like bees and honey. Rum and chocolate have been added to coffee for almost as long as coffee has been produced. Some ofrepparttar 146825 newest gourmet flavored coffee includes vanilla, macadamia, and even peanut butter!

Not all these flavors are everyone's “cup of tea”, butrepparttar 146826 taste sensations of gourmet flavored coffee give you a new outlook on Java juice. Try out some of these special flavors -- you may find a favorite that you always come back to.

Just look at some of these types of gourmet flavored coffee -- apricot cream, Black Forest cake, Café Napoleon, chocolate raspberry, Jamaican rum, Southern pecan and vanilla hazelnut. The names by themselves makes your mouth water.

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