Chinese on terrorism: A question of "proper candor"

Written by Stephen Sullivan

The moral problem that arises out of state run propaganda does so, not as a result ofrepparttar target audience believing inrepparttar 132461 veracity ofrepparttar 132462 propaganda, but, when members of that audience do not believe, however choose to act as if they do in furtherance of their own agendas.

A practical problem that arises out ofrepparttar 132463 running of state propaganda, and one thatrepparttar 132464 Nazis had managed effectively, is that for propaganda to be effectiverepparttar 132465 propagandist must be consistent inrepparttar 132466 untruths and misinformation he propagates. Holes in a boat will eventually sink it.

The People’s Republic of China has, within it’s borders, a relatively little known ethnic minorityrepparttar 132467 Uygur , who live predominantly in Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region (XUAR) in China’s north west border area.

The Uygur are Caucasian, mostly Muslim and speak a Turkic language. The inclusion ofrepparttar 132468 name “Uygur” inrepparttar 132469 regions title is reflective ofrepparttar 132470 situation in 1955 whenrepparttar 132471 Uygur were by farrepparttar 132472 largest ethnic group inrepparttar 132473 region. They currently number some 8.5 million and up untilrepparttar 132474 early 1960’s lived a fairly insular and relatively politically free existence as a result of Xinjiang’s geographical remoteness and it’s then apparent economic bareness. That situation had existed, despiterepparttar 132475 fact that they had been nominally ruled by successive Chinese regimes, since 1876. Going back in timerepparttar 132476 Uygur had been inrepparttar 132477 9th CE, rulers a great empire in Central Asia and inrepparttar 132478 1940’s had established a short lived independent state of Eastern Turkestan..

Sincerepparttar 132479 early 1960’s, however, things have changed dramatically in Xinjiang. The discovery of rich reserves of natural resources andrepparttar 132480 increasing strategic importance ofrepparttar 132481 area brought about a PRC policy to populaterepparttar 132482 region with a resultant inpouring of Han ”migrants”.

The Uygur in a relatively short period of time therefore, have gone from a position of hegemony in 1949 to one of near tenuity now. Their traditional economy has largely been supplanted and their environment has been irrevocably changed.

Butrepparttar 132483 Uygur, to date, has demonstrated a remarkable resilience to these changes. They have refused to be assimilated sincerepparttar 132484 communist takeover as they had refused to be totally subjugated byrepparttar 132485 Chinese since their first recorded meeting in 63 BCE. They stand out like a sore thumb onrepparttar 132486 hand of Chinese homogeneity.

From their earliest historyrepparttar 132487 Chinese have pursued an active policy of expansion and assimilation as they moved outwards fromrepparttar 132488 East andrepparttar 132489 last 53 years under communist rule has been no different. Fromrepparttar 132490 early Mao periodrepparttar 132491 PRC has followed an undeclared policy of assimilation of ethnic groups,repparttar 132492 Uygur, however, have been less than totally acquiescent to this policy. And, this,repparttar 132493 PRC does not like one iota.

Initially,repparttar 132494 policies implemented to achieverepparttar 132495 PRC’s goal were fairly benign in nature, almost paternal, but, withrepparttar 132496 failure ofrepparttar 132497 Uygur to comply,repparttar 132498 methods have become more overt and much more direct. They have escalated fromrepparttar 132499 novel such as “intermarriage bonuses”, through attempts at religious re-education, to more multi-targeted and concerted plans.

Prior torepparttar 132500 riots in Gulja (Yinning) in 1997repparttar 132501 Chinese policies had gone fairly much unnoticed byrepparttar 132502 outside world but with this eventrepparttar 132503 situation altered considerably.

It is not just coincidence then, that subsequent torepparttar 132504 riots in Gulja andrepparttar 132505 severe government recriminations that followed andrepparttar 132506 world attention ensuant, thatrepparttar 132507 word “Terrorist” began to increasingly replacerepparttar 132508 century old terminology “Separatist” and “Splittist” to describe those seeking independence from China. The term “Separatist” not having quiterepparttar 132509 same evil connotations thatrepparttar 132510 term “terrorist” does.

The propaganda machine had been kicked over.

It was put very much into high gear withrepparttar 132511 events of “9/11”. Within a month of that date, and beforerepparttar 132512 dust ofrepparttar 132513 Twin Towers had settled,repparttar 132514 PRC had commenced an orchestrated propaganda and lobby programme in an attempt to couch their policies withinrepparttar 132515 terms ofrepparttar 132516 “War on Terror”. In doing so they hoped to maskrepparttar 132517 actions they deemed necessary to finishrepparttar 132518 task of breakingrepparttar 132519 collective will ofrepparttar 132520 Uygur people.

For propaganda to be successful, however, it must be universally believed and, to be believed, it must be themed, it must be constant and it must be consistent inrepparttar 132521 misinformation it provides. To this endrepparttar 132522 PRC has almost failed miserably.

The Lawsuit Matrix

Written by Lady Camelot

The Lawsuit Matrix by Lady Camelot

According to an article written by Michael Weissentstein, A New York Jury awarded $20 Million in punitive damages to a smoker's widow last week (after a jury deliberation of over two days).

Per Mr. Weissenstein's report, Ms. Gladys Frankson sued Brown & Williamson (Lucky Strike Manufacturers) when her husband passed away in 1999. Ms. Frankson's husband had begun smoking around 1954 atrepparttar age of 13.

Let's take a long and very deep perspective ofrepparttar 132459 grand effects this ruling may have on corporate America:

To any other, this may simply be an everyday case inrepparttar 132460 National court system, but contrary to what one's opinion may be of cigarettes and cigarette smoking,repparttar 132461 phenomenal repercussion of this landmark decision may create extreme, adverse effects. Not to be misconstrued that we do not sympathize with Ms. Frankson's loss, as any loss of human life is a sorrowful hardship.

Why does this particular ruling have such profound consequences? Think about it. Since Ms. Frankson was awarded a sum for her husband's loss, would it not only be right and justifiable that ALL persons who have died from lung cancer due to smoking should be awarded equal amounts as well? Should this not mean that government should becomerepparttar 132462 main source of intervention and stop all production of tobacco products? What aboutrepparttar 132463 people who have suffered from certain types of oral cancer, should not chewing tobacco manufacturers be called upon to halt ALL production of their chew products as well?

Furthermore, what aboutrepparttar 132464 recent McDonald's case? Why not hold ALL fast-food restaurants and restaurants in general liable for persons suffering from type II Diabetes, for persons suffering unimaginable weight-gain related, health problems associated with their eating at these restaurants?

In addition to tobacco companies and local & National Food chains, I naturally would assume that we should also hold alcohol manufacturers, and distributors liable for liver disease,repparttar 132465 thousands of D.U.I.-related deaths, and even kidney dialysis. But we can't just stop there. Eventually, this ruling may even lead torepparttar 132466 auto and small engine manufacturing industries as well. After all, aren't automobiles, motorcycles, and lawnmowers leading culprits for smog and oxygen depletion; thus an indirect cause of ozone layer reduction?

We mustn't forgetrepparttar 132467 beef & cattle industry. God forbid one should get botchulism or salmonella poisoning for digesting undercooked beef -- or worse yet -- mad cow disease? Greater concerns are forrepparttar 132468 cattle themselves, as they emit methane gases. Perhaps we should eradicate cattle too, because there are definitely some major counter-effects of even raising and herding these gentle giants for human consumption.

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