Chinese Pinyin or Hanyu Pinyin Overview

Written by Rosie Wang

Chinese Pinyin isrepparttar romanization ofrepparttar 139849 Chinese "written sound". Romanization approximates Mandarin pronunciation with Western spellings and includes a tone mark to signifyrepparttar 139850 pitch of a word.

Just like alphabet A - Z to English, Pinyin provides a phonetic alphabet for Chinese and is taught from Grade 1 in Chinese elementary schools. It is a fundamental tool used for learningrepparttar 139851 spelling of Chinese characters throughout Chinese language study.

Pinyin is used by most modern Chinese dictionaries to denote pronunciation of characters. It is also an efficient input method in Chinese computer software, which is natively supported by Microsoft Windows OS.

After mastering Pinyin, you can easily read Chinese books with Pinyin marked, learn Chinese characters by looking inrepparttar 139852 dictionary, or input Chinese characters into your computer, it will take your Chinese study to a higher level.

25 out of 26 English alphabet letters are used in Pinyin. Letter 'v' is not used, while letter ' ' is added to representrepparttar 139853 vowel sound of 'yu'.

Pinyin includes consonants and vowel letters.

1. Consonant letters

There are 20 consonant letters use in Mandarin (three consonants are represented by combinations of two letters - 'zh', 'ch' and 'sh'), they are:

b, p, m, f, d, t, n, l, g, k, h, j, q, x, z, c, s, zh, ch, sh, r, y, w

2. Vowel letters

There are 6 vowel letters used in Mandarin:

a, o, e, i, u,

3. Syllables

Syllables are composed by consonants, vowels and tone.

Go to the Head of the Class How to use the Internet for learning and fun

Written by Alvah Parker

Go torepparttar Head ofrepparttar 139657 Class How to userepparttar 139658 Internet for learning and fun By Alvah Parker

Several years ago when I was preparing to start my own business I decided to take an accounting class. I tookrepparttar 139659 course at a local college. Each week I set out forrepparttar 139660 school which was in a nearby city after working a full day.

I drove during rush hour and left more than enough time to reachrepparttar 139661 city because parking spaces were scarce. After working a full day I was tired and hungry (I ate when I got home after class). Fightingrepparttar 139662 traffic to get to class and searching for a parking space were so exhausting that it is amazing that I passed that class!

Fast forward a few years. Now all sorts of classes are given by phone and overrepparttar 139663 web. The convenience is unbelievable. No more searching for parking, worrying aboutrepparttar 139664 weather, and thinking about an empty stomach rather than concentrating onrepparttar 139665 learning.

Today I can set myself up with my computer and telephone, bring along my sandwich and soda and listen, talk, and learn. E-learning also known as distance learning is simple, cost effective, and fun! Andrepparttar 139666 choices are endless.

Searchrepparttar 139667 web and you will find e-books, e-courses, teleclasses and downloadable recorded material on all sorts of topics. I could now enroll in my accounting class atrepparttar 139668 site and takerepparttar 139669 course for credit. Some sites even offer degreed programs.

In my journey investigating what was available I signed up for a teleclass. A teleclass is a class given by telephone, where everyone is connected torepparttar 139670 leader ofrepparttar 139671 class and torepparttar 139672 other participants. The particular class I signed up for was free sorepparttar 139673 only cost I incurred was a long distance charge on my phone bill. Of course there are many classes for which you pay butrepparttar 139674 fee is usually low. I saw several for $19.

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