Chinese Jump Rope

Written by Sheree S. Marty

Imagine having a great time playing with just a simple piece of elastic string! Chinese Jump Rope is a jumping game popular aroundrepparttar world!

Chinese Jump Rope found me as a child and once again, through my profession as a physical educator. The game is funny like that, popping up from generation to generation, verbally passed from one to another like a folk tale.

Chinese Jump Rope is a challenging game played by anyone anywhere.

The simple rules testrepparttar 150261 skill and coordination of all players. An elastic rope isrepparttar 150262 only equipment needed for play. The game is easily learned and always fun! Chinese children first played Chinese Jump Rope inrepparttar 150263 7th century. Rediscovered by English children inrepparttar 150264 1960's, Chinese Jump Rope remains as popular as ever.

Chinese Jump Rope is no ordinary "rope skipping" game. "Enders" hold an elastic rope while a "jumper" jumpsrepparttar 150265 rope in special ways. The challenge? To jump successfully!


A Jumper jumps until a jumping mistake or "miss" is made.

-A miss can be made if a jumper jumps "out" instead of "in".

-A miss is also made if a jumper touchesrepparttar 150266 rope incorrectly while jumpingrepparttar 150267 game.

After a miss,repparttar 150268 jumper trades positions with an ender.

The jumper starts fromrepparttar 150269 very beginning ofrepparttar 150270 game onrepparttar 150271 next turn.

Every Chinese Jump Rope game begins withrepparttar 150272 rope held in basic position.


1. Face each other and step insiderepparttar 150273 rope.

2. Placerepparttar 150274 rope aroundrepparttar 150275 ankles.

3. Step back untilrepparttar 150276 rope is stretched.

Two parallel jumping lines, about 12 inches (30cm)apart, are stretched betweenrepparttar 150277 enders.

How to Protect Your Child from Sexual Abuse

Written by Arthur Zulu

The first 5 chapters below, excerpted from an unpublished manuscript withrepparttar above title, will soon be made available for your reading pleasure. The titles ofrepparttar 150197 10-chapter book are as follows:

1. Definition of Sexual Abuse 2. Sexual Abuse andrepparttar 150198 Law 3. What a Child Should Know 4. Who is a Pedophile? 5. Causes of Sexual Abuse 6. The Role ofrepparttar 150199 Internet in Sexual Abuse 7. How to Know When Your Child is Sexually Abused 8. Handlingrepparttar 150200 Situation 9. Helpingrepparttar 150201 Child afterrepparttar 150202 Abuse 10. Solution to Sexual Abuse

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