Chinese Business Culture and Etiquette

Written by Ken Cheong

Chinese business culture and etiquette The Chinese business practice is vastly different fromrepparttar Western method that most of us may be used to. Of course, withrepparttar 151148 Chinese economy opening up, China's joining of WTO andrepparttar 151149 Olympics in 2008, many Chinese business practice are now beginning to align with more conventional methods.

However, China will always have their own unique business culture and etiquette, given their unique history and background.

"I was recently involved in a business meeting that went sour and threatened to scuttle a good deal. What happened was thatrepparttar 151150 Chinese party recievingrepparttar 151151 American purchaser was late in reaching his hotel. The American was furious as he had a tight schedule and that they were late and threatened to withdraw his purchase.

The Chinese party was late because they were given a vague address of a lake-side hotel. You see, what happened was thatrepparttar 151152 American gave his hotel as Lakeside hotel. Unfortunately, there were numerous hotels alongrepparttar 151153 lake butrepparttar 151154 Chinese were too shy to enquire which lakeside hotel earlier because they were afraidrepparttar 151155 American would 'lose face' for having given a vague address. Instead, they spentrepparttar 151156 morning hopping from one lakeside hotel to another looking for this American gentleman."

A simple cultural difference threatened to scuttle a perfectly good working relationship. To avoid similar cultural disasters, here are some tips on how you can conduct a more successful business in China.

The initial approach Chinese business are mostly referrals; essentially a business relationship is struck based on another business associate recommendation. The best prices and deals often comes from a strong recommendation.

However, it is common today for cold calls and direct contacts, givenrepparttar 151157 availability ofrepparttar 151158 internet andrepparttar 151159 competitive nature of Chinese businesses. You may source fromrepparttar 151160 internet, trade fairs, catalogues and brochures, advertisements and approachrepparttar 151161 Chinese companies directly through a call or email.

Alternatively, if you are seeking to invest in a factory in China, you can approach a investment committee or a business advisory directly. They will be able to advise you on your best location based on your industry, raw material and manpower needs. Please contact us directly if you have such a need and we'll be glad to advise accordingly.

Relationship Chinese business relationship inevitably becomes a social relationship after a while. Unlike Western business relationship which remains professional and perhaps, aloof, even after a long time, Chinese business relationship becomes a social one.

The more you share your personal life, including family, hobbies, political views, aspirations,repparttar 151162 closer you are in your business relationship. Sometimes, a lot of time is spent discussing matters outside of business, but then a lot of time,repparttar 151163 other party is also making up his mind about your deal based on how much he sees your personal relationship with him.

Seniority Seniority is very important torepparttar 151164 Chinese especially if you are dealing with a State owned or government body. Instead of addressingrepparttar 151165 other party as Mr or Mrs so and so, it is always appropriate to addressrepparttar 151166 other party by his designation ie Chairman So and So, Director So and So or Manager So and So.

When giving out namecards or brochures, make sure you start withrepparttar 151167 most senior person before moving downrepparttar 151168 line. When giving out a namecard or recieving one, ensure that you are stretching out with both hands withrepparttar 151169 card. Remember to facerepparttar 151170 card you are giving out in a manner such thatrepparttar 151171 recieving party gets it facing him correctly.

Giving Face Giving face (aka giving due respect) is a very important concept in China. You must giverepparttar 151172 appropriate respect according to rank and seniority. For example, if you are buying gifts for an initial contact, make sure you buy better gifts forrepparttar 151173 senior managers instead of buying similar gifts acrossrepparttar 151174 board.

Similarly, sitting positions in a meeting room or a dining table is accorded accordingly to rank, importance and seniority. It is good to seek advice before embarking on your first meeting with Chinese business contacts to avoid makingrepparttar 151175 wrong move.

Essential Buyer’s Guide for Overseas Real Estate

Written by Rhiannon Williamson

It’s been said many a time that overseas real estate buyers leave their brain onrepparttar plane when they step out intorepparttar 151147 sun in their overseas destination of choice. They’ve already fallen in love withrepparttar 151148 country, its people, climate and lifestyle and they’ve come to snap up that dream home.

The trouble isrepparttar 151149 real estate agents in these popular destinations know that they have a captive buyer and sorepparttar 151150 buyer is inrepparttar 151151 ultimate vulnerable position! Add to thisrepparttar 151152 fact that legal and financial processes differ from country to country and many people don’t appreciate this fact and you have a real estate disaster waiting to happen!

So, here’srepparttar 151153 essential guide to buying overseas real estate to protectrepparttar 151154 unsuspecting buyer from unscrupulous sales techniques or falling foul of misunderstandings and misinterpretations.

1)Get yourself independent legal representation – do not takerepparttar 151155 recommendations ofrepparttar 151156 developer or sales agent you’re thinking of buying from, do your own research. Check out whether your country’s embassy in your overseas destination of choice has a list of lawyers they recommend. If not then get onrepparttar 151157 internet, find forums and sites dedicated to your country of choice and askrepparttar 151158 people on these sites for their recommendations.

2)Never assume anything! Purchase processes differ from country to country, legal processes differ from country to country and your rights as an overseas buyer differ from country to country. Find out from your lawyer what your rights are and howrepparttar 151159 entire process to purchase should proceed.

3)Have any financing you will require agreed in principal before you set out on your hunt for that dream home. That way you will have a fixed budget with which to work – do not be seduced by a salesman into extending that budget. He wants you to as he will make more commission but it will mean you put yourself in a potentially untenable financial situation.

4)Visit as many properties in your price range as you can in your time overseas. And before you even get on a plane to fly out contact as many real estate agents as you can find and insist they send you prospectuses of all properties within your price range across allrepparttar 151160 regions you’re interested in. With this information to hand sit down and go throughrepparttar 151161 properties carefully. Find out what your money will buy you atrepparttar 151162 bottom and top end ofrepparttar 151163 real estate spectrum so that you know what you will be viewing when you get to your destination. That way an unscrupulous agent will be unable to convince you that an overpriced property is anything other than a rip off.

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