Chimborazo: Climbing Glaciers Near The Equator

Written by Steve Gillman

Climbingrepparttar glaciers torepparttar 142532 summit of Mount Chimborazo in Ecuador isn't highly technical. It is mountaineering, but how hard can it be, considering I went to 20,600 feetrepparttar 142533 first time I used crampons and an ice axe? Okay, I used them once for practice, on a sledding hill near my house. I climbed forty feet while people walked by with their sleds, telling their kids to stay away from me.

It's also easier to climb whenrepparttar 142534 guide drives you to 15,000 feet. Don't get me wrong. Climbingrepparttar 142535 last 5,600 feet was incredibly difficult, but not forrepparttar 142536 skill required. The air missing half of its oxygen is what had me quitting twenty times onrepparttar 142537 way up. It just gets difficult to move up there.

The Chimborazo Graveyard

The monuments nearrepparttar 142538 first refuge weren't for climbers without skill. The graveyard is a warning ofrepparttar 142539 unpredictability of all high places. Chimborazo is very high, it randomly shruggs off large rocks, and has weather that changes byrepparttar 142540 minute. While hiking torepparttar 142541 second refuge, we could hearrepparttar 142542 rocks and pieces of ice falling somewhere above.

El Refugio Edward Whymper is an unheated hut at 16,000 feet, named afterrepparttar 142543 English climber who first summittedrepparttar 142544 mountain. Okay, it isn't entirely unheated. There's a fireplace, and if somebody feels like carrying wood up to 5000 meters,repparttar 142545 fire may raiserepparttar 142546 temperature inrepparttar 142547 hut by 3 degrees.

We had hot mugs of "mate de coca" a tea of coca leaves, which are also used to make another product - one that's taken uprepparttar 142548 nose. We went hiking for twenty minutes - my acclimatization. We ate, and I slept for an hour before startingrepparttar 142549 ascent at eleven that night.

About Mount Chimborazo

Chimborazo is in Ecuador, nearrepparttar 142550 Equator (100 miles south). The elevation inrepparttar 142551 center ofrepparttar 142552 country, andrepparttar 142553 moderating effect ofrepparttar 142554 Humboldt Current alongrepparttar 142555 coast, givesrepparttar 142556 country near perfect weather. A bit hot inrepparttar 142557 lowlands, but spring-like in Quito (the capital) , with highs inrepparttar 142558 sixties to low seventies every day ofrepparttar 142559 year. Great weather almost everywhere--until you get high enough.

The summit of Chimborazo isrepparttar 142560 furthest point fromrepparttar 142561 center ofrepparttar 142562 Earth. Our planet bulges atrepparttar 142563 equator, making Mount Chimborazo even futher out there than Everest. It hasrepparttar 142564 distinction of beingrepparttar 142565 closest point torepparttar 142566 sun onrepparttar 142567 planet. Unfortunately, it's alsorepparttar 142568 coldest place in Ecuador.

Climbing Chimborazo

Paco, my guide, didn't care forrepparttar 142569 lightweight part of my mountain climbing adventure. He frowned at my sleeping bag, which packed up smaller than a football, and weighed a pound. My 13-ounce frameless backpack didn't impress him either. It did get below freezing inrepparttar 142570 hut, just as he said it would, but I stayed warm - as I said I would. No problems so far.

Unfortunately, Paco didn't speak any English, and I was just learning Spanish. Since our whole group consisted of him and me, we had some communication problems. I thought, for example, thatrepparttar 142571 $11 fee forrepparttar 142572 "night" (a few hours) inrepparttar 142573 hut was included inrepparttar 142574 $130 guide fee. He thought I was a mountain climber.

German Gift -- Make The Right Decision

Written by Marcus Hochstadt

The Right German Gift Is Often Something Different Than A Flower Or A Bottle Of Wine. Read On To Find Out.

The most given German gifts are flowers for women an a bottle of wine for men. But you could do better.

A bottle of wine, unless it is 50 years old, will be drunk at one ofrepparttar next evenings. Andrepparttar 142468 flowers a woman gets are withered in a couple of days.

Here is what I would do instead. And that will fascinate both, women and men.

==> Bring something with you that is from your country or representsrepparttar 142469 culture of your home in particular.

Now back torepparttar 142470 flowers andrepparttar 142471 wine bottle.

If these flowers are so unique and last for a long time, means that it is a plant, than it is a good German gift. And ifrepparttar 142472 wine is a few decades old so that your recipient won't empty that bottle unless you come back and you both celebrate a big deal (or something else extraordinary), that bottle will getrepparttar 142473 best place in his house, and he will show every guest this German gift he got from his friend. He even will rememberrepparttar 142474 day andrepparttar 142475 reason he got it for.

And this is my point here. Your friend, whom you give that gift, has to feel special that it brings tears in her/his eyes. Your gift has to be so unique that your friend makes everything possible to get a special place in her/his house for that German gift.

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