Children and Divorce

Written by Karen Zastudil

You and your spouse have decided to end your marriage. Although this has been a difficult decision for you and your spouse, it can be a very complicated one for your children. Divorce in many ways is like facing a death inrepparttar family, and a grieving process takes place for everyone involved. Often times after a divorce, you need to rediscover who you are, overcome your own fears and determine how to begin making a new life for you and your children. Oncerepparttar 122072 grieving process has taken place, don't assume things will suddenly go smoothly -- especially when you start dating again. It may be hard for your children to adjust torepparttar 122073 "new you" and patience is key. The process of adapting may take longer than what you would like and your children's emotions may be like a roller coaster ride. You have spent years parenting your children and devoting your life to them. Now that you are focusing more time on yourself, your children may become disheartened and insecure. It's extremely important that at this time you strive to attain a balance in your life and enter this new phase of your life gradually. Your children will need you more than ever for support, comfort and reassurance. Many times children become unsure of themselves and aren't sure where they fit into your life, but rest assured that eventually they will come around.

Using Silk Flowers - Should I?

Written by Ginger Ruoff

Many ofrepparttar silk flowers available for bridal bouquets today look so real onlyrepparttar 122071 bride knows for sure whether they are. Using silk flowers inrepparttar 122072 bridal bouquet may not be for every bride, but many are taking a second look atrepparttar 122073 advantages.

One ofrepparttar 122074 best reasons for choosing silk flowers forrepparttar 122075 wedding bouquet is thatrepparttar 122076 beauty ofrepparttar 122077 flowers will remainrepparttar 122078 same for many tomorrows as it looks today. Too often with a fresh cut bouquet, saving it means dryingrepparttar 122079 bouquet. If you are not adept at drying flowers, they may even end up with mold spots. Even if they are dried appropriately,repparttar 122080 colors will be faded. You can get a fresh cut bouquet freeze dried to perpetuaterepparttar 122081 true colors, but it must be done by a professional and can be expensive. Silk flowers will not wilt, mold, or fade on your wedding day or overrepparttar 122082 years that pass.

If you choose to have a silk flower wedding, you can plan and order your bouquets far in advance ofrepparttar 122083 wedding. Most brides are very busy inrepparttar 122084 month beforerepparttar 122085 wedding. Having to coordinate with a florist to have fresh cut flowers delivered torepparttar 122086 wedding venue is just one more pressure point onrepparttar 122087 countdown. Also, ifrepparttar 122088 fresh cut flowers do not look like you envisioned, when you get them it is often too late to change anything. When you order your silk flower bouquets as far in advance as six months beforerepparttar 122089 wedding, you have plenty of time to ask for changes or to order extra pieces if other honored guests appear on your list.

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