Children’s Sunglasses

Written by Tim Gorman

Sunglasses for children should be one of your top priorities to provide for your child as a parent. Usually kids needrepparttar sunglasses more than us adults, because in most cases (not all) they are outside more than us. The harmful UV rays are especially more harmful to children, being that they are not as developed as adults and their eyesight should be treated with fragile care.

Children haverepparttar 146454 option to wear cute, fun, funky and even fashionable sunglasses. Withrepparttar 146455 styles they are coming out with now days, kids have a lot more options than we do as adults! You can give them sparkly horn-rimmed sunglasses, cat eye sunglasses, star or heart shaped sunglasses, andrepparttar 146456 sort. Little girls can even sport wearing Barbi around if they please.

Children’s sunglasses are not just all aboutrepparttar 146457 awesome and fun decoration, but to keep them safe againstrepparttar 146458 suns UV rays. If there is one thing that is in common with adult and children sunglasses, is that they both providerepparttar 146459 same protection to fight againstrepparttar 146460 suns harmful rays.

The History of Sunglasses

Written by Tim Gorman

Did you think that sunglasses were always used to protect our eyes fromrepparttar sun? Well if you did, you are most certainly mistaken. The first reason why they darkened glasses was because of smoke tinting, which was held in China before 1430. It was so far back in time, that of coarse their glasses were not of any prescription, and they were not used to protect your eyes fromrepparttar 146453 sun. The Chinese judges had often worn sunglasses with quartz to hiderepparttar 146454 expression in their eyes while during a court case.

It was only untilrepparttar 146455 actual year of 1430 that prescription sunglasses came about in China fromrepparttar 146456 fair country of Italy. The sunglasses from Italy were also obviously darkened, but they were darkened for court cases as well.

The experimentation of tinting lenses came from a man named James Ayscough inrepparttar 146457 18th Century. He as well, did not seek sunglasses as protecting your eyes fromrepparttar 146458 rays ofrepparttar 146459 sun, but forrepparttar 146460 correction of vision impairments.

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