Child Injury Lawyers - Oklahoma

Written by T.Going

Child injuries are devastating and tragic events. Children arerepparttar most susceptible to many types of severe bodily injuries because of their participation in so many dynamic activities. Child injuries can vary from skinned knees and broken bones to permanent disability and sometimes even death. The leading cause of death in Oklahomanís underrepparttar 139706 age of 19 is accidental injuries. These numbers are constantly onrepparttar 139707 rise, and are not slowing down.

Evenrepparttar 139708 most protective parents canít watch their children allrepparttar 139709 time. Dangerous chemicals, asbestos and toxins can cause children to develop life-threatening disabilities and can interfere with their growth and development. Caring for an injured child can involve great emotional and financial costs. Sometime parents are left with no choice other than watching helplessly as their child struggles through life.

Don't be stuck with a lemon.

Written by Paul Forcey

California Lemon Law

Officially known asrepparttar Song-Beverly Consumer Warranty Act,repparttar 139565 California Lemon Law is there to protectrepparttar 139566 consumer. If you have found yourself to berepparttar 139567 owner of a lemon car, truck, RV, or puppy,repparttar 139568 California Lemon Law will make sure that you get your purchase replaced or refunded to you. How do you know if you have a lemon? The California Lemon Law states that any purchase more than $25.00 that is defective, unsafe, malfunctioning, or has an existing problem that greatly reduces its value will qualify as a lemon.

Underrepparttar 139569 California Lemon Law you should notifyrepparttar 139570 dealer/manufacturer ofrepparttar 139571 problem you are having with your vehicle. The dealer must make four attempts to repairrepparttar 139572 lemon car duringrepparttar 139573 first 18 months or 18,000 miles, whichever comes first. California Lemon Law states that a vehicle that has been in for repairs four or more times forrepparttar 139574 same defect, or ifrepparttar 139575 car has been inrepparttar 139576 dealer for repairs ofrepparttar 139577 defect for a total of 30 calendar days, thenrepparttar 139578 vehicle should be presumed to be and classified as a lemon car. If your vehicle has to be brought intorepparttar 139579 dealer two times to repair a defect that could result in injury or death if not repaired, that too is considered a lemon car underrepparttar 139580 California Lemon Law.

The California Lemon Law also allows Lemon Law claims to be filed against manufacturers ifrepparttar 139581 car is overrepparttar 139582 18 months/18,000 mile limit, ifrepparttar 139583 car is still under warranty. This coversrepparttar 139584 consumer who has a two or a three-year-old vehicle that comes with an extended warranty. This law also protectsrepparttar 139585 consumer by allowing a time period of four years afterrepparttar 139586 defect is first noticed to bring a lemon law claim against a manufacturer. It is important that you get legal advice from an attorney who is knowledgeable in California Lemon Law. When you seek an attorney, it is best to hire one with a history of only representing consumers, and neverrepparttar 139587 manufacturer in California Lemon Lawsuits.

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