Chichen Itza Discoveries

Written by Robert Bruce Baird

It was a 'heady' time in my life. I knew I had some insights that would be helpful from history and I knew something big had happened and was in process spiritually.

Here I was 'head over heels' with a young woman who was teaching me about empathy and demonstrating her willingness and ability to grow, as much as I could have hoped for. I was 'in tune' and waiting forrepparttar next 'event'. Barbi and I headed for Cancun, where I could take a side trip and see my first Pyramid, at Chichen Itza. I expected something big to happen! And I could rememberrepparttar 144247 re-incarnated Mayor of Old Sacramento who I had met some twenty years earlier. He said he had discovered many Mayan sites in his previous life.

The trip was prepaid, including hotel, but when we arrived atrepparttar 144248 Mayaland Hotel they had no record of our reservation. Barbi was upset which can easily happen if you expect efficiency in México. I onrepparttar 144249 other hand, began to feel my body hair 'stand and quiver'. Fate was smiling on me but Barbi wasn't. My explanations about what was 'intended' just added to her frustration. She commanded that I should, "Getrepparttar 144250 owner! And straighten this out.”

It was no problem except that they had no rooms at The Mayaland that evening. The owner was quite pleasant and said she'd arrange a place for us atrepparttar 144251 'Club Med' property uprepparttar 144252 road. Barbi wanted to be sure we could come back forrepparttar 144253 entertainment atrepparttar 144254 Mayaland and asked if I had ascertained how this had happened? I replied that it wasn't anyone's fault and that she would soon see we wererepparttar 144255 better off for it. I didn't need any intuition to feel her mounting disgust with my arrogant certainty that it was about to happen. There had been other events of synchronicity and weirdness in our time together forrepparttar 144256 previous thirteen months and I had told her that her energy had been very important all of these things that had happened. I was 'inrepparttar 144257 flow' and she couldn't relate to my elation. The 'Villas Archaeologique' wasrepparttar 144258 place thatrepparttar 144259 people who had excavatedrepparttar 144260 site a hundred years or so ago, had stayed in.

Upon walking intorepparttar 144261 courtyard, I was even more certain something 'special' was going on! The place was like a museum in a jungle gazebo and even smelledrepparttar 144262 way it should. I was looking at allrepparttar 144263 artifacts and carved rocks in their displays or amongrepparttar 144264 plants. The earlier statues were much more refined and Greek looking. Why had no one mentioned this in any ofrepparttar 144265 literature? I was absolutely 'stoked'! The more recent Mayan statues had this gargoylish long-tongued creature that Barbi had told me duringrepparttar 144266 week in Cancun that reminded her of me. I was so sure anyone could easily seerepparttar 144267 degradation of a society over many millennia. Barbi said it could have been her Greek ancestors who had come to Central America. The dates onrepparttar 144268 statues would make that fit my 'traveler' theory as well.

I was certain that anyone could seerepparttar 144269 work of Churchward and MacDari might be vindicated by this art alone. Churchward claimed Mu had a higher culture and technology and Barbi had to agreerepparttar 144270 older artistry was in every way superior. "I wish MacDari and Churchward had met here to compare their notes." I enthused. "Just asrepparttar 144271 Kelts (Toltecs) and Lemurians did."

"Well if they met here they probably met inrepparttar 144272 Indus and becamerepparttar 144273 Phoenicians as you say, too. But we need to get torepparttar 144274 temple or pyramid, Bob!"

I was trying to 'feel'repparttar 144275 presence of 'The Red-Headed League' (of Megalith Builders) that my early-life literary friend Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and Sherlock Holmes had turned me on to. The scientific branch of their unified organization or original League of Nations calledrepparttar 144276 Tuatha de Danaan seemed more likelyrepparttar 144277 makers of these fine works of art. I forget how long it was before Barbi took me byrepparttar 144278 hand and brought me back torepparttar 144279 reason we were there inrepparttar 144280 first place. She was into that almost as much as I was grooving onrepparttar 144281 Etruscan/Phoenician or Mu/Kelt connection to this part ofrepparttar 144282 world. It had taken me by surprise but still I felt there was more, and off torepparttar 144283 room we went. It was cooler inrepparttar 144284 small room, and as we freshened up I pestered Barbi for a celebration.

"Bob, we don't have time for all of that."

"Just a 'quickie!" I pleaded.

"You don't knowrepparttar 144285 meaning ofrepparttar 144286 word." She joked as she ran away from me and outrepparttar 144287 door.

As we roundedrepparttar 144288 first corner ofrepparttar 144289 courtyard I sawrepparttar 144290 manager in front of us, talking to a group of 'turistas'. I waited anxiously as Barbi tried to push or pull me towardsrepparttar 144291 exit. At what appeared to be an 'opening' in their conversation I brazenly asked, "Can you direct me to what is really important here? I'm not interested inrepparttar 144292 'official' Mexican government position thatrepparttar 144293 tour provides!?"

He responded in his best English combined with a calming French type accent. "I don't know what you mean, Sir?!"

"I mean I knowrepparttar 144294 Mexicans and their Franciscan forbears aren't interested in havingrepparttar 144295 Mayan people of Chiapas and elsewhere getting to knowrepparttar 144296 degree of pride they should have in their heritage."

He looked at me and shrugged his shoulders as he looked at Barbi tugging on my arm. I was sure he knew more than he was allowed or willing to tell me. I was convinced I wasn't going to get any encouragement from him, so I followed Barbi who was into her 'mall walk' that I always joked about. Her small legs were quite powerful and when she wanted she sure knew how to use them, like when shopping.

"You know, I might learn more if we tookrepparttar 144297 tour." Barbi said in a half-hearted manner with full knowledge that I was not going to listen to their lies which includedrepparttar 144298 Mayans not having existed beforerepparttar 144299 time of Christ. Barbi remarked with conviction. "You know everyone isn't intorepparttar 144300 same things you are."

Many people would agree with her criticism of my often intense social behaviour. "I make no apologies for being willing to question authority and act in a right and growth oriented or 'open' manner. You are getting pretty good at it yourself lately, you know!" I said as I squeezed her hand.

At that time Barbi and I were living apart, but we had lived together for about six months duringrepparttar 144301 time we had known each other. Her sexual abuse issues had been faced butrepparttar 144302 character and programming of behaviour that had been her life for so many years were still being evaluated. She had just turned twenty five and I was forty three years old.

I had read aboutrepparttar 144303 buildings onrepparttar 144304 site more than once and I was most interested in seeingrepparttar 144305 'Pelota' where they had played a game with a big ball. The winner of this game got to choose who would die! Thus I figured, it was likely that sometimesrepparttar 144306 winners chose death. You wouldn't imagine that a team with ten players would make this kind of decision without some major motivation. I told Barbi thatrepparttar 144307 Persian roots ofrepparttar 144308 game Parcheesi were not necessarilyrepparttar 144309 real origin, by saying. "The early MesoAmerican Indians played a game just like Parcheesi that some historian/anthropologists said was Persian."

"Is thatrepparttar 144310 game like hook and ladders?" She replied as she saw some Greek looking columns up ahead.

Choosing An Airline For Smooth Flying

Written by Joanne Ronnin

Inrepparttar planning stage, it seems that going on a deserved vacation can cause nothing but stress; you know where you want travel, you decide how to get there, but you are not sure what airline you should fly with. Airline companies are plentiful and like most competitive businesses their services vary - your decision could be a difficult one if you do not know what you want.

Picking an airline to fly with could be one ofrepparttar 144189 most important decisions you can make. Flying is no more risky than any other form of transportation, however knowing that you are going to be thousands of feet aboverepparttar 144190 ground with no safety net can make for some pretty nervous times. Many things should be considered when searching forrepparttar 144191 best airline to take you on your trip. Some of these factors include:

Safety Ratings: all airline companies have a safety rating, undergoing necessary audits of their aircraft and safety policies. It goes without saying that it pays to steer clear of any airline with a less than stellar air safety history.

Cost: with allrepparttar 144192 other expenses of a vacation to evaluate, being able to sourcerepparttar 144193 most cost effective solution to reaching your destination and coming home safely makes researching airline companies and their subsequent airfares an all-important task.

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