Chevrolet Corvette 2006: Get Superior Chevrolet Auto Parts from Partstrain

Written by Jenny McLane

With 500 horsepower, GM saysrepparttar 2006 Corvette Z06 isrepparttar 137666 fastest, most powerful car ever offered byrepparttar 137667 automaker. The car can zip from 0 to 60 miles per hour in less than four seconds and fly throughrepparttar 137668 quarter-mile in less than 12 seconds with a top speed of more than 190 mph on a racetrack.

"We buy watches that cost thousands of dollars and don't tell time better than a $20 Swatch," said Bob Lutz, vice chair of General Motors Corporation. Itísrepparttar 137669 same thing with high-horsepower cars. You don't move any faster in traffic than you do with a Chevy Aveo, but it's all about knowing that you have all this power and potential at your disposal." The car's body is made of aluminum, andrepparttar 137670 front fenders and front wheelhouses are made of carbon fiber. The Z06 also has a unique front fascia with a larger grille, cold-air scoop and lower air splitter. The interior is different, too, with a special gauge cluster featuringrepparttar 137671 Z06 logo onrepparttar 137672 tachometer and lightweight two-tone seats.

Derived from Chevy's successful Corvette racing program,repparttar 137673 ZO6 has an all-new chassis that replacesrepparttar 137674 conventional car's steel parts with lightweight aluminum, magnesium and carbon fiber. The new LS7 7.0-liter OHV (overhead valve) V-8 engine forrepparttar 137675 2006 ZO6 Corvette will not only achieve 500 horsepower, it will be capable of running up to 7100 rpm. The previous limit was 6600 rpm inrepparttar 137676 6.0-liter LS2.

Ford Explorer Sport Trac and Ford Auto Replacement Parts Take You to the Next Level

Written by Jenny McLane

"Withrepparttar addition of a number of new competitive offerings,repparttar 137665 sport utility truck segment is red hot, and itís time forrepparttar 137666 original to raiserepparttar 137667 bar again for everyone else to try to follow," said Chris Feuell, Ford Motor Company SUV group marketing manager. "This concept magnifies all ofrepparttar 137668 aspects of Sport Trac that customers already love and introduces some street- savvy cues."

The Explorer Sport Trac isrepparttar 137669 first sport utility vehicle withrepparttar 137670 versatility of four full doors, a roomy feature-filled interior and a pickup truckís cargo box. Todayís Explorer Sport Trac isrepparttar 137671 only vehicle in its segment to offer a durable color-coordinated cargo box and an available swing-over tubular bed extender that dramatically increases its capability to haul oversized cargo. The Explorer Sport Trac conceptís interior is larger andrepparttar 137672 cargo bed is about 30 percent bigger than todayís model for increased cargo capacity.

Fordís exclusive Roll Stability Controlô technology features roll-rate sensing and correcting capability, assistingrepparttar 137673 driver in maintaining vehicle control during extreme maneuvers. Ifrepparttar 137674 system detectsrepparttar 137675 possibility of a rollover, within milliseconds, it automatically engages counter measures to helprepparttar 137676 driver maintain maximum control and further reducerepparttar 137677 risk of rollover.

A micro-machined gyroscopic sensor determinesrepparttar 137678 vehicleís body roll angle and roll rate. This information, along with Ford-developed algorithms embedded in advanced software is used with other vehicle sensorsí inertial information on yaw rate, lateral and longitudinal accelerations to monitorrepparttar 137679 vehicles roll stability condition approximately 150 times per second.

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