Cheryl Fox

Written by Katherine Beal

Who is this latest whirlwind hittingrepparttar entertainment spotlight? Cheryl Fox of Dimension Scouting Network is making a BIG SPLASH. New torepparttar 146951 industry, she is making her mark.

On site at The Punch Line Comedy Club, one of Atlanta's hot spots, NBC Universal LA was hosting "Stand Up For Diversity". Information that NBC reserved VIP for Cheryl Fox, escorted by an associate ofrepparttar 146952 film industry, was later inrepparttar 146953 company of Don "D.C." Curry, star host of this NBC event. Word that D.C. just finished a film project and now inrepparttar 146954 company of this newest Flash, what are we witnessing?

2 Great Methods To Free Online Poker

Written by Ispas Marin

What's one ofrepparttar most common dreams for a an online poker player? It's playing good online poker for free. You can playrepparttar 146950 poker games you likerepparttar 146951 most and don't spend a cent.

I will revealrepparttar 146952 2 greatest ways to play online poker for free. This would be playing money poker and playing poker freerolls. I will also try to give you a few tips on each of this methods.

Play Money Poker

You should consider playing poker for play money to berepparttar 146953 best way with getting familiarized with an online poker table.You can find this kind of game on every poker site. It's better to try play money poker before you decide risking any real money. If you are a beginner this isrepparttar 146954 perfect method to learnrepparttar 146955 rules and discover some online poker tricks. You might think that if you played one or two times or you have seen some games on TV it's safe to risk your money. Well that's false. It's a totally different thing when you play real online poker, with real players, betting real money. The only bad point in play money poker is that you usually find poor players atrepparttar 146956 table. So don't make an idea in your head that it'srepparttar 146957 same game on a real money table. Belive me that it's not. So if it happens to win atrepparttar 146958 first play on a play money table don't get excited and think that you can win at a real money table to.

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