Checklist for Starting Your Home Business

Written by Lesley Spencer

by Lesley Spencer, MSc; Founder & President Inc.

Once you have decided on your home business, you will need to take steps to set it up. The following checklist should help you get your business offrepparttar ground.

__ Before you begin your home business, checkrepparttar 137962 zoning ordinances in your area. Call or look online for your city or county government(usuallyrepparttar 137963 planning department, building inspector or zoning administrator)to check zoning rules. Your neighborhood also may have restrictions.

__ Decide if you will be incorporated. Talk to a lawyer and check out books on repparttar 137964 subject such as, John Kirk, Incorporating Your Business, TPR Publishing. Also decide if you will need patents, trademarks or copyrights on your work.

__ If you will be incorporated, a partnership or have employees, obtain an Employer's Identification Number (EIN) throughrepparttar 137965 IRS. Also if you have employees, callrepparttar 137966 Employment Commission for information on unemployment taxes you must pay. __ Determine if you should charge sales tax on your product or service (by callingrepparttar 137967 State Comptroller's office in most states).

__ Register your business name. Contact your county courthouse. (DBA-Doing Business As)

__ Obtain any state or federal licenses if required by your business. __ Set up your business checking and savings accounts. You may want to deduct a percentage of your earnings to set aside for taxes. Shop around for banks that don't charge monthly fees (such as credit unions) and some others.

Is it Time for a Priorities Check Up?

Written by Lesley Spencer

by Lesley Spencer, MSc; Founder & President Inc.

Working from home is a dream to many people. And its true, it comes with many benefits. Working from home enables moms to plan their day around children's needs and schedule. Havingrepparttar freedom and flexibility to attend school functions, play paper dolls at 11:00 a.m. or have an afternoon tea party inrepparttar 137961 middle ofrepparttar 137962 living floor are all luxuries of working from home. Working at home is great, but be aware, priorities can get blurred.

Our society admires successful people. Many people are driven to make a lot of money or to be well known in their industry so they can be considered successful and worthy in people's eyes. However, it may be more accurate to believe we are truly successful when we are happy and content right where we are. The constant pursuit of more or envying others' possessions does not bring contentment. It brings depression and envy. If you've ever seen celebrities, who are rich and have "everything", you've probably noticed many seem empty and unhappy. Having it all isn't about money or possessions. It's about people andrepparttar 137963 relationships you build in your life. Happiness is also about being content with what we have.

A home business can consume you. If you have your own home business, you

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