Check Out That Money Making Opportunity!

Written by Joe Reinbold

Too many people today look at an opportunity online, fall forrepparttar hyped claims and signup without thinking. You really need to take a step back and examine it before joining. Here are some things to consider.

One ofrepparttar 127567 first things you should do is go throughrepparttar 127568 site ofrepparttar 127569 program you are interested in and determine who is running it, where they are located and what their contact information is. Know who you are dealing with. If you can't find any of that, that should bring up a red flag!

If you were referred torepparttar 127570 program by someone, email them or call them and find out what they know aboutrepparttar 127571 program, who runs it, how long they have been involved and are they making money. If they can't give answers, ask them for their sponsor's name and email. Maybe they have information from being able to accessrepparttar 127572 program's member pages, from a welcome email they received upon joining or maybe from checks/statements that they might have received. If they don't have any information or are reluctant to tell you, they may be promoting it inrepparttar 127573 dark.

If they have some company information, i.e., telephone number, address or email addresses, contactrepparttar 127574 company and ask questions about how many people they have inrepparttar 127575 program, how long they have been in operation, do they have any business references you could talk to and whatever else you want to ask. If you email them and they don't get back to you timely or at all, pop up another red flag. This may be an indication ofrepparttar 127576 type support you are going to get.

If you can't find any information on them throughrepparttar 127577 above avenues and you still want to do some research takerepparttar 127578 URL (web site address) i.e., and go to one ofrepparttar 127579 major search engines and enterrepparttar 127580 address ( orrepparttar 127581 name ofrepparttar 127582 company.

The other day I searched on a company that has been around for a number of years. I enteredrepparttar 127583 name ofrepparttar 127584 company in quotes at and got a list of almost 25,000 sites. By doing this you can then check out some ofrepparttar 127585 sites that you find for contact information or at least find other members who you could contact.

Another place you can go if you can't find any contact information onrepparttar 127586 company is a domain registration site. Takerepparttar 127587 URL ofrepparttar 127588 company you are checking and go to:


Written by Susie Michelle Cortright

The email inboxes of net-savvy parents are often flooded with home business scams.

We're prime targets. We know our way around a computer keyboard, and we love to spend time with our kids, so we're marked for every home-business opportunity inrepparttar book.

And it's true: a lot of us would love nothing more than to make money and stay at home. That's why even though we know we can smell a rat a mile away, we're sometimes tempted...even by those less-than-reputable (and less-than-ethical) companies that rely on SPAM to getrepparttar 127566 word out.

Here are a few tips to avoidingrepparttar 127567 scams and finding repparttar 127568 right home-based business opportunity for you.

IF IT SOUNDS TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE... It probably is. If you find an opportunity for which you can make a lot of money without spending any time working, move on torepparttar 127569 next opportunity.

VAGUE HEADLINES "Tammy made $4,000 in her first month. So can you." First of all, who is Tammy? Testimonials that are difficult to verify may not be legitimate. Ifrepparttar 127570 ad only gives first names and photographs of people holding scads of cash, be careful. If Tammy is a legitimate home-working entrepreneur, it's possible that she made that $4,000 in her first month...and significantly less after that time period.

Also be wary of companies that offer to sell you lists of companies that are looking for homeworkers. A friend of mine once shelled out $95 for such a list, which turned out to be a listing straight from her yellow pages. When she contacted these businesses, she discovered that they were neither looking for home-workers nor did they agree to be listed in such a book.

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