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How to choose the right domain name for your company

Written by Andrew Allemann,

Asrepparttar editor of, Im frequently e-mailed by people asking for domain name advice. Specifically, what should they look for when registering a domain name for their company? This may be basic for some of you, but I hope some of my readers gain value from this.

Let me start withrepparttar 136262 things to avoid when registering a domain name that will be used for your main company web site.

1. Never use a hyphen. If your domain is, many people will forgetrepparttar 136263 hyphen when typing your name intorepparttar 136264 browser or sending e-mail to you. This can result in lost business. 2. Avoid digits if possible. Using digits requires you to spellrepparttar 136265 domain name out to people. For, you need to tell people itsrepparttar 136266 digit 2 rather thanrepparttar 136267 word two or even to.

Here arerepparttar 136268 positive things to look for in a domain name.

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