Cheap cigarettes, discount tobacco and Cigars online is it legal?

Written by Declan Keane

Many people online today still believe that buying tobacco products viarepparttar Internet is an experience that is doomed to failure. Either,repparttar 144337 package will go astray, orrepparttar 144338 HM Customs and Excise storm troopers will smash downrepparttar 144339 door and abseil fromrepparttar 144340 roof to collectrepparttar 144341 pennies that they are allegedly due for ďtax evasionĒ.

That may onrepparttar 144342 face of it seem silly to some of you guys out there, but let us considerrepparttar 144343 propaganda issued byrepparttar 144344 UK Government before we find this amusing.

Iím a smoker myself andrepparttar 144345 prices that we are expected to pay inrepparttar 144346 United Kingdom are outrageous to sayrepparttar 144347 least. As far as this Government are concerned we can just do as we are told and pay up!! I donít think thatís right, itís time for a change.

I first started buying Cigarettes on-line some 5 years ago and itís not been a smooth ride by any means. It was difficult to find a good supplier, HM Customs & Excise had something to say, and sent a bill for every sleeve I managed to get! Until, I realized that it wasnít me that was doing something wrong. It was our duly elected Government that was acting outsiderepparttar 144348 law. Now Iím left very much alone to get on with it and makerepparttar 144349 savings that Iím entitled to make as a citizen ofrepparttar 144350 European Union.

Look at South Africa - "Celebrate the Beloved Country"

Written by Craig Lock

# Introduction: Just sharing a few thoughts and remembrances after a very recent visit to my former homeland, this incredible, vibrant and diverse country atrepparttar tip ofrepparttar 144234 vast ("dark") continent of Africa, which may be of interest. This piece that I wrote is based upon an inspiring address by former Archbishop, Desmond Tutu. LOOK AT SOUTH AFRICA - CELEBRATE THE BELOVED COUNTRY (UPDATED) Authors Note: It is ten years sincerepparttar 144235 first democratic elections, so we can celebrate a decade ofrepparttar 144236 birth of a new country, where in spite of an endemic crime rate most people accept each other and work together as common citizens ofrepparttar 144237 "beloved country". Well, I'm always looking at some positive aspects and this is my reason for sharing this piece about my former (yet always in my heart) country! Inrepparttar 144238 light of current world events and global uncertainty, I say: "Look at South Africa"... Thousands of people died overrepparttar 144239 years of South Africa's turbulent, history (and underrepparttar 144240 "nightmare" called apartheid - forgotten already ???)...which has ended relatively peacefully. Out of a violent and bloody past, South Africa's extraordinary relatively peaceful transition to democracy was a minor miracle... and I believe, South Africans have accomplished something unprecented, unparalleled inrepparttar 144241 last eight years. Perhaps there is a message in South Africa's violent and tortuous path to democracy somewhere torepparttar 144242 "trouble spots ofrepparttar 144243 world"... perhaps there was a reason forrepparttar 144244 misery and tragedy of apartheid (as well as many centuries of colonialism aroundrepparttar 144245 globe), after all... A possible role-model? In spite ofrepparttar 144246 corruption, crime and "cheapness of life there, South Africa may berepparttar 144247 "trail-blazer",repparttar 144248 beacon of magnanimity, hope and reconciliation torepparttar 144249 world. With strong leadership, a spirit of goodwill, tolerance, acceptance ...and most importantly, attempts to understand other peoples and cultures, who are different to us (yet we humans have far more in common than our differences)...and especially withrepparttar 144250 SPIRIT of peace, your nightmare too will end. An end torepparttar 144251 evil of terrorism, man's inhumanity to man andrepparttar 144252 "impossibility" of world peace CAN one day be achieved. Letrepparttar 144253 world celebraterepparttar 144254 quite magnificent achievement South Africans of ALL races and creeds, "The Rainbow People of God" have accomplished inrepparttar 144255 past decade. With your "torch of light" you may yet illuminaterepparttar 144256 path to a world one day at peace with itself. CELEBRATE THE "BELOVED COUNTRY" - a land of such contrasts, a "happy, sad" land of great wealth and great poverty, yetrepparttar 144257 beauty and richness ofrepparttar 144258 land ...and most importantly its most valuable resource,repparttar 144259 spirit of its 45 million diverse peoples always seems to shine through in conquering adversity. "South Africa's ability to overcome deep divisions, to negotiate a common future and to commit itself to reconciliation and reconstruction offers new hope - not only to South Africa, but acrossrepparttar 144260 globe.

"God does work in amazing and miraculous ways...and every person and country has a unique purpose in "God's Divine Plan". Craig Lock * "How apartheid was finally buried, without requiem; but in joyous celebration, will remain forever inrepparttar 144261 hearts and minds of a nation reborn. When tears came, and there was dampness inrepparttar 144262 eyes of evenrepparttar 144263 most stern, it was for puttingrepparttar 144264 past inrepparttar 144265 past and hoping for hope inrepparttar 144266 future." "South Africa is blessed in resources beyond many. It dare not live just for itself. It must work and labour to bless Africa andrepparttar 144267 world...but especially Africa. If only for Africa's sake we dare not fail; because as South Africa goes, so willrepparttar 144268 rest of Africa." * Editor's note ( This prayer of Craig Lock was published in THE BRIDGE EZINE, thought we'd share. Prayer for South Africa 1994 (and these days especially for Southern Africa...and specifically - Zimbabwe)

by Craig Lock

We join in prayer to celebrate this new nation and surrender its destiny to you. We give thanks in our hearts torepparttar 144269 founding of this vibrant nation of diverse peoples, a beautiful yet tragic land built uponrepparttar 144270 rivers of blood, that flowed from our forefathers; yet still flow today...a 'happy sad' land of such contrasts. We give thanks for and blessrepparttar 144271 souls of those, who came before us and prepared this nation, to nurture and to save it; because so many gave their lives for it, some selflessly and many needlessly.

We ask that God's Holy Spirit now fillrepparttar 144272 hearts of all this great nation's citizens with thoughts of goodwill, righteousness, justice, acceptance and respect for others. In this may we be cleansed of all destructive thoughts. May judgement of others, bigotry, racism and intolerance be washed clean from our hearts, likerepparttar 144273 blood of our forefathers. God, instill in us especially a generous spirit of forgiveness and hope forrepparttar 144274 future. May we play our parts, all of us, inrepparttar 144275 healing andrepparttar 144276 furtherance of our diverse country; so that South Africa will one day fulfill its immense potential, a promise yet to be fulfilled. To dorepparttar 144277 very best within our abilities in developing "the Beloved Country" socially, politically, economically and a spirit of acceptane, co-operation, reconciliation and peace - each and every one of us.

Let each one of us build bridges rather than barriers, openness rather than walls. Let us look at distant horizons together in a spirit of acceptance, helpfulness, co-operation and peace. Let our leaders look atrepparttar 144278 future with a vision - to see things not as they are, but what they could one day become. * Dear Almighty God, you are all-powerful and omnipresent. You hold each one of us inrepparttar 144279 palms of your mighty hands. May our minds be filled withrepparttar 144280 thoughts of You; Your unconditional love and Your acceptance of all Your people, Your children. May this nation be forgiven its transgressions against its fellow citizens of all races and creeds and any and all othersÖ so that we as a nation can move forward in harmony and prosperity.

May our lives be turned to instruments of resurrection and reconciliation, to reach out and bring all our peoples together, thatrepparttar 144281 sins of our fathers might be reversed through us, His children. Let us forgive, even if we can never forget. Mayrepparttar 144282 rich promises of this beautiful country of such contrasts be long last.

The greatest resource in any nation is its citizens; so mayrepparttar 144283 beauty and greatness of this rich, diverse and vibrant land burst forth inrepparttar 144284 hearts of all it's people. Out ofrepparttar 144285 mistakes and tragedy ofrepparttar 144286 past, mayrepparttar 144287 dreams of our forefathers be realised in us; so that we might live with thoughts of goodwill, honesty, integrity, excellence and peace with our neighbours in a bright new dawn..

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