Cheap and Easy Domain Name Registration

Written by Pinyo Bhulipongsanon

Just like any business, your identity is very important. Onrepparttar World Wide Web, your domain name is your identity. Of course, you can opt for a subdomain name that comes with many free web hosting like But if you are serious about being successful onrepparttar 135563 Internet, you have to get your own domain name, like

Top 10 reasons to have your own domain name

Please note that all domain names listed in italic are ficticious:

  1. It is cheap and easy to get your own domain name (less than $15/year in most cases)
  2. You ownrepparttar 135564 name (as long as you payrepparttar 135565 annual fee)
  3. You are not dependent on one web hosting company to let you use a subdomain, or worse, a subdirectory
  4. Your web site promotion effort does not go to waste if you change your web hosting company (becauserepparttar 135566 domain name remainsrepparttar 135567 same regardless of what host you use)
  5. The domain name can be optimized to your business, like
  6. Your web site is more professional
  7. The domain name is easier to remember. For instance, rather than
  8. It is much easier to sell a web site with its own domain name
  9. A good domain name can be an asset
  10. It is cheap and easy to get your own domain name (this one is worth repeating)

How to register for a domain name

Please note that all domain names listed in italic are ficticious:

"What's The Big Fuss About Long Domain Names?"

Written by Alan Yap

The word is out. You can now register domain names of up to 67 characters. This is going to shoot your ranking way up onrepparttar search engines. Because if you stuff all your keywords into your domain name, search engines are simply going to love your site. Or so they say...

But is that reallyrepparttar 108339 truth?

No point speculating. Let's do a little test...

Go to your favorite search engine, say AltaVista. Key in your search term, say "website promotion." Look atrepparttar 108340 top 10 rankings, closely.

How many of these top rankings actually haverepparttar 108341 full term "website promotion" in their domains?

No hype, just facts.

Call me a natural sceptic if you want. Whenrepparttar 108342 news hitrepparttar 108343 town, with allrepparttar 108344 "Special Announcements" flying everywhere, urging people to "go grab a new all-you-can- stuff keyword rich domain name and emerge tops in search engine ranking," I was not at all moved. I believe this is too simplistic an approach to getting high search engine placements:

1. Besides keywords in domain names, search engines look at a few other factors for relevancy. In fact, this is what Don Dodge, AltaVista's Director of Engineering said: "Keywords inrepparttar 108345 domain name do not help much in ranking. We look at half a dozen factors in ranking. The words onrepparttar 108346 page, their frequency and position onrepparttar 108347 page, are still amongrepparttar 108348 most important factors."

2. Search engines are constantly evolving. Once they find out that such keyword-stuffed domain names are content-poor sites with low relevance, they are going to come up with new rules to preclude such sites from gettingrepparttar 108349 top spots.

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