Cheap Web Hosting is No Bargain!

Written by Jim Edwards

Ever heardrepparttar saying "Penny-wise and Dollar-foolish"?

Well bargain priced website hosting may just representrepparttar 134436 perfect example of watching a jar full of pennies while bucket loads of dollars fly outrepparttar 134437 window!

When I launched my first website (way back inrepparttar 134438 "dark ages" of 1997) I paid almost $150 a month in hosting and data transfer charges. My web host watched how many files I uploaded like a hawk and always seemed to send their hefty invoices earlier with each passing month.

I'm obviously notrepparttar 134439 only one who felt that way, because suddenly a whole industry of "bargain" web hosts sprang up all overrepparttar 134440 web.

Onrepparttar 134441 surface they all sound great, especially when you think you can go from $150 a month down to $4.95 a month!

Five bucks a month sounds great, until you realizerepparttar 134442 amount of data transfer (number of page views) and bandwidth (the amount of data transfer your host allows in a given period) you get for that low price potentially hampers your ability to do business.

This realization - along with a panic attack and a quick lesson in calculating data transfer and bandwidth - usually comes atrepparttar 134443 least convenient time.

When you exceed your limits, a bargain host usually just shuts you down with no warning. Most webmasters realize they've made a mistake choosing a bargain host when their site suddenly loads a blank page inrepparttar 134444 middle of a big promotion traffic spike.

Believe me, everything just stops!

Here are a few bargain hosts that provide good service, but you need to carefully checkrepparttar 134445 fine print for how much bandwidth they allow.

The Nimda Virus...

Written by

Because ofrepparttar increased activity overrepparttar 134435 Internet, viruses and worms have become serious pests. Asrepparttar 134436 Internet advances, these pests are becoming much more sophisticated. There capacity to spread acrossrepparttar 134437 Internet in just a matter of hours can cause serious floods of payloads to systems. One recent virus that caused, and still is causing, an up-roar acrossrepparttar 134438 Internet isrepparttar 134439 'Nimda'.

What is Nimda? Nimda is a computer virus appearing first on September 18, 2001 when it caused massive delays by creating huge amounts of traffic as it spread acrossrepparttar 134440 Internet. Nimda has four main attach mechanisms: web server to web server (IIS 4 / 5), to desktops through an e-mail attachment called README.EXE or ADMIN.DLL; browsing infected Web sites from Windows desktop or server machines; and by shares across internal networks. Once an internal machine is infected, it is possible forrepparttar 134441 virus to spread to shared drives and machines.


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