Cheap Long Distance for College Students

Written by Troy Sapp

As a parent, watching your child go off to college may be exciting and yet scary! Your new college student may also be happy to go off to school, but atrepparttar same time feel anxious to be leaving his family behind forrepparttar 147022 first time in his life.

One ofrepparttar 147023 problems with living on campus is that students usually do not have a choice between long distance carriers. Most college dorms will not allow your child to pick a Cheap Long Distance plan or any phone plan for that matter. But we do have some solutions for you that will allow you to get a cheap long distance so you can talk with your child as frequently as you like without fear of an expensive phone bill arriving atrepparttar 147024 end ofrepparttar 147025 month!

Below you will find solutions for your long distance options that will save you money while also allowing you to talk to your child frequently without worry of a huge phone bill!

Phone Cards

Purchasing a calling card is a good choice for long distance and it offers a couple options as well. The two types of calling cards are – prepaid and postpaid. From parents point of view, prepaid is probably your best option. You can send your child a phone card with allotted time paid for in advance. That way you pay this fee only, shouldrepparttar 147026 card run out of minutes it won’t work again until you recharge it or buy another depending onrepparttar 147027 phone card you choose.

A postpaid card means you are billed on a monthly basis for all ofrepparttar 147028 calls you made. As you can see, this may end up a problem atrepparttar 147029 end ofrepparttar 147030 month when you get a larger bill then expected! To use a postpaid calling card you will be billed monthly through your debit card or credit card that you set up your account using.

Cellular Phone Plans

Cellular phones come in second to calling cards for convenience and allowing you to stay on budget! In this day and age there are many different phone companies and Cheap Long Distance plans to choose from. With most cellular phone companies you can pick a service plan that has unlimited minutes and some even have a small extra fee should you go over your plan minutes that month.

Meet a Talent Agent, "What Teens Want", TV Producers' Boot Camp, NashCamp Songwriting Week Top July Media Dates

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Essence Magazine's annual music festival is in New Orleans through July 3 and has slated performers, speakers and seminars as part of its 35th anniversary celebration. The Thirty-ninth annual Montreux Jazz Festival takes place atrepparttar foot ofrepparttar 146943 Swiss Alps this year in Montreux from July 1-16 and spans a wide musical spectrum. Screenwriter Steve Kaire has sold or optioned eight projects torepparttar 146944 major studios including Warners, Columbia, United Artists and Interscope. On July 2 he discusses "High Concept: Creating and Selling to Hollywood" at Alameda Writers Group Meeting in Glendale. Writingrepparttar 146945 One-Hour Dramatic Teleplay isrepparttar 146946 focus of a one-day workshop meeting on UCLA campus July 6 in Los Angeles. Los Angeles Area Emmy Nominations covering Broadcast and Cable Previews are set to be announced July 7 in Los Angeles. Meet Margaret Emory, talent agent for Dulcina Eisen Associates andrepparttar 146947 columnist for "Ask an Agent" in Back Stage newspaper, in an evening that includes interactive on-camera demonstrations, on July 7 in New York. "Battle forrepparttar 146948 HeArt Creative Roadshow," making stops in several cities, examinesrepparttar 146949 rolerepparttar 146950 Web is playing as both a change and transformation agent during a stop in Chicago on July 7.

Professional and commercial media produced in Florida is previewed in "Best of Florida, Made in Florida" running July 8-10 in Downtown Fort Lauderdale. Atrepparttar 146951 July 9 "No Budget Film Workshop" in Los Angeles, attendees can learn how filmmakers like Christopher Nolan, Joe Carnahan, Darren Aronofsky, Marc Forster, and Tim Story launched careers with no-budget films. Youth culture experts and thought leaders from apparel and entertainment to music, gaming and publishing tackle marketing and selling to teenagers in a July 12 session titled "What Teens Want" taking place July 12 in New York City. This yearrepparttar 146952 American Black Film Festival is introducing a new networking event - ABFF Soap Box, a two-day event designed to highlight festival participants careers and projects - when it opens up a four day session, July 13-17 in Miami. After a welcoming cocktail party, classes, panels, chat sessions, and pitch sessions form "How to Beatrepparttar 146953 Odds in Hollywood - 12 Steps to an Independent Film" with sessions running July 14-17 in Las Vegas. Atrepparttar 146954 Songwriters Guild of America Week, opening July 17 in Nashville, needs of bothrepparttar 146955 songwriter and performing songwriter are addressed through educational workshops and networking opportunities for both. Atrepparttar 146956 Diversity Film TV Market happening in Washington DC, attend business and industry-related seminars, meet and discuss potential sales and acquisitions from July 21-24. Henry Mancini Summer Music Festival showcasesrepparttar 146957 works of new, competing artists taking place July 23 to August 12 in Culver City. National Association of Broadcasters Management Development Seminar for TV Executives will be held July 24-29 in Evanston. KidFest opens July 25 in Winter Park and includes a Young Filmmakers’ Academy and screenings of unusual and classic children’s films until July 29. Songwriters inrepparttar 146958 round can discuss and perform their songs in a casual setting at a BMI Acoustic Series on July 27 in New York City.

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