Written by Fasih Hasan

Chatting is a technology through which two persons sitting at a long distance come what may atrepparttar two ends ofrepparttar 107959 world, can talk to each other, either inrepparttar 107960 form of writing and reading or through speaking and listening (voice chat). Almost everyone knows that there could be anyone (an unknown) onrepparttar 107961 other end, but still people are engaged in chatting. Some people chat for entertainment, some chat for killing time or pastime, some chat for making friends, some chat for inquiring welfare about their relatives, some to gain knowledge and information and many more. There are a number of chat rooms, which providerepparttar 107962 facility to connectrepparttar 107963 people aroundrepparttar 107964 world instantly. Some of most common are MSN, YAHOO, MIRC etc. At these chat rooms, one can share his/her feelings withrepparttar 107965 other people, make them friends, have fun, can get some relax and can do a lot of more things. Nowadays almost 70-80% boys and girls are wasting their time in chatting over Internet. Even I (the writer of this article) am also included among these 80% and it is considered that no positive use of this modern technology is being exercised. As every thing has some advantages as well as disadvantages, chatting through Internet has also some advantages and disadvantages. First of all, one advantage is for those relatives or friends who are living abroad. They can remain in touch with their families and associates and can talk to them instantly. It is useful for those parents whose children are abroad for studying or some other purposes. They become satisfied after talking to their children. There exists another kind of friendship and that is friendship over Internet. People also get some know-how of their Internet friends throughrepparttar 107966 chatting technology. I took a big advantage of this technology when my teacher gave me an assignment to know aboutrepparttar 107967 culture of two individuals throughrepparttar 107968 chatting. The Internet chatting helped me superbly. There are a lot of more advantages of chatting.


Written by Brent Filson

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Summary: Most leaders communicate through speeches and presentations. But there is a much more effective means of communication: that's The Leadership Talk. The Leadership Talk not only communicates information as presentations/speeches do, but it does one thing more: It establishes an all-important deep, human, emotional connection withrepparttar 107959 audience.


The CEO of a worldwide business asked me to help him develop a talk he planned to give to several hundred of his top executives. He said, "I feel as if I'm Daniel going intorepparttar 107960 lion's den."

Indeed, it wasrepparttar 107961 business equivalent of a lion's den that he was entering. Hired from a competing firm, he was a stranger torepparttar 107962 company, a company hobbled by declining market share and bad morale caused byrepparttar 107963 arbitrary actions ofrepparttar 107964 previous CEO, an isolated dictator.

"This isrepparttar 107965 first time most of them will see and hear me," he said. "I'll give a presentation onrepparttar 107966 state ofrepparttar 107967 business."

"Hold on," I said. "Don't give a presentation. Give a Leadership Talk instead."

There is a difference, I explained, between a presentation/speech and a Leadership Talk. A presentation/speech communicates information, but a Leadership Talk not only communicates information but makes a deep, emotional, human connection withrepparttar 107968 audience.

Most leaders give presentations and speeches most ofrepparttar 107969 time when they should be giving Leadership Talks.

"You're facing an important leadership situation," I said. "The old saying, 'You never get a second chance to make a first impression' applies here in spades. You've got a great Leadership Talk opportunity. But to have people believe in you and follow you, they must be emotionally committed to you and what you say. So understand what their emotional needs are."

I went out intorepparttar 107970 field and talked to a number of his managers and found out that they were feeling intimidated byrepparttar 107971 demands of increasingly sophisticated customers. I found out that they feared not being supported inrepparttar 107972 decisions they made inrepparttar 107973 field. I learned that they were angry at having to meet what they considered unnecessary reporting requirements. I learned that they didn't trustrepparttar 107974 top executives.

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