Charm Jewelry: It's Not Just For Kids

Written by Antigone Arthur

Create Heirlooms and Personalized Jewelry in Traditional or Italian Styles

History of Charm Bracelets

Charm bracelets have been popular from as early as 500 B.C., when Assyrians, Babylonians and even Persians wore charms which they associated with special powers. In recent years gold charms and silver charms are becoming popular once again.

Charm jewelry was also very popular during Victorian times in England, when charm bracelets were standard attire among fashionable women seeking spiritual protection and trendy jewelry. Queen Victoria was known to wear charm bracelets containing tiny pictures of family members.

Charm fashions did not become popular inrepparttar U.S. untilrepparttar 145973 1940s, when soldiers often collected gold and silver charms from cities they visited duringrepparttar 145974 war.

Today charm jewelry is most often purchased as a keepsake; many charms are theme based, while others are sentimental in nature, often purchased as a souvenir of a trip or reminder of a special occasion. Charms are even passed down from generation to generation as family heirlooms, often given to children when younger.

Owners may add their own charms to bracelets over time, including those representing favorite places, hobbies and interests.

Italian Charm Bracelets

Italian charm bracelets are slightly different from traditional silver charms or gold charms. Most charm bracelets are fashioned withrepparttar 145975 charms dangling from a chain; Italian charm bracelets however, are made withrepparttar 145976 charms soldered to flat links that can be removed from a stretch bracelet. Charms can easily be switched on and off depending onrepparttar 145977 owners personal preference. Italian charm bracelets are a unique and fun twist onrepparttar 145978 standard charm bracelet because they are dynamic, fun to wear and trendy. Popular amongrepparttar 145979 young and old alike, these link style charm bracelets are usually made of high quality, hypo-allergenic stainless steel. The actual charms may be fashioned from a variety of different materials including 14 or 18k gold.

Most charm bracelets come in standard sizes, small-medium-large. For Italian charm bracelets these sizes are categorized as follows:

  • Small includes 17 charm links
  • Medium contains 18 charm links
  • Large contains 19 charm links

Traditional Charm Bracelets

Traditional charm bracelets are made of a silver or gold chain with charms dangling. There are literally hundreds of different styles and themes to choose from when purchasing traditional charm jewelry. Some ofrepparttar 145980 more common themes and styles of charm bracelets available include:

  • Beach lover themes
  • Victorian style charms
  • Vintage charm jewelry
  • Memoir or locket style charms
  • Silver charms
  • Gold charms
  • Gemstone charms

Traditional charm bracelets make superb gifts. You can literally find a charm to represent almost any interest, hobby or theme. Sports, animals, travel, landscapes... you name it! Inrepparttar 145981 world of charms, almost anything is possible. Many people enjoy receiving and exchanging charms as part of a hobby or friendship building. Others pass on charm jewelry as part of family traditions. Charm jewelry fashioned with lockets is most commonlyrepparttar 145982 type used for family heirlooms. Perhapsrepparttar 145983 best facet of charm gifts is that they can be modified at any point in time to reflect a person's changing interests and style preferences. Bracelets or chains can even be upgraded over time without losingrepparttar 145984 original charms.

Men's Jewelry: It's Not Just for Women Anymore

Written by Antigone Arthur

Find out what mens jewelry is in, what to buy for a loved one and more!

People often associaterepparttar term "jewelry" with something a woman possesses and covets. Yet for centuries mens jewelry has been fashionable and popular among elite and average men alike. Kings and Pharaohs in ancient times wore jewelry as a symbol of power and prestige. Whether a member of a tribe, team, work group or family many men wore rings as a symbol of their belonging or achievement.

Jewels and jewelry have been coveted sincerepparttar 145972 beginning of time, as symbols of power, richness, beauty, commitment and even pride. Just as princesses and Queen's of old fell underrepparttar 145973 spell of sparkling gems, so too have men fallen underrepparttar 145974 tempting promise a precious metal offers.

History shows that men have worn jewels and rings for a variety of reasons. Most jewelry serves as an aesthetically pleasing accompaniment to a wardrobe or fashionable figure. Yet mens jewelry has also served functional purposes, including describing a male's social status, place in society and of course, marital status.

Men's Wedding Bands

Mens wedding bands are amongrepparttar 145975 most common form of mens jewelry purchased. The tradition of offering a double ring or mens wedding bands at a wedding ceremony can be traced back torepparttar 145976 mid 1940s inrepparttar 145977 United States. At this time jewelry manufacturers popularizedrepparttar 145978 idea of offering a groom's wedding band asrepparttar 145979 perfect accompaniment torepparttar 145980 ladies wedding ring. The idea of a groom's ring however, existed long before advertisers popularized it. In fact, consumers had already bought intorepparttar 145981 idea that a groom's ring symbolized much more than marriage, but also male prosperity and stability.

Amongrepparttar 145982 more common and popular forms of mens jewelry onrepparttar 145983 market today isrepparttar 145984 mens diamond wedding band. Many gentlemen prefer to purchase a dual wedding set featuring a mens diamond wedding band and ladies diamond wedding ring. Mens wedding bands are often much thicker than women's. Though many men prefer jewelry that is subtle and less adorned, others prefer mens wedding bands that are ornate and intricate.


There is no end torepparttar 145985 jewelry accessories available to today's modern man. Mens jewelry often comes with complementary mens jewelry boxes made to hold a collection of cherished pieces. In fact, many men have so many necklaces, rings and bracelets one might consider mens jewelry boxesrepparttar 145986 ideal gift.

Other more common accessories offered inrepparttar 145987 mens jewelry category includerepparttar 145988 following:

  • Cufflinks
  • Bracelets
  • Money Clips
  • Rings
  • Watches
  • Earrings
  • Chains

There is virtually nothing one can buy a woman that they can't buy a man when it comes to fashionable and tasteful mens jewelry. Don't be surprised to find many women out shopping for mens jewelry, a trend that is increasingly more popular as men continue to grow in their love of jewels and precious accessories. Why not? Who doesn't want to adorn their bodies with precious gems and sparkling gifts that say, I'm strong, I'm powerful, I'm handsome.

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