Characteristics To Help Find The Work Of Your Dreams

Written by Gloria Dunn

"Why am I not happy?" "Why is life a struggle?" "Why doesn't work, work?" We probe our soul with questions like these, but we will never hearrepparttar answers if we don't take time off in our hectic days to listen. Unless we slow down and take a deep breath, we cannot hearrepparttar 131417 subtle responses that come from within.

As we get older,repparttar 131418 questions aboutrepparttar 131419 nature and quality of life come up. By then, though, we are so mired inrepparttar 131420 car payments andrepparttar 131421 mortgage andrepparttar 131422 daily routine, and we are so used to looking for answers outside ourselves, that we fail to recognizerepparttar 131423 simple truth: We need to find enough quiet space so that we can listen torepparttar 131424 answers locked deep inside. We need to stop and let them surface.

Once we take that time, we can reflect on all we have done and all we hope to do, and decide if we are livingrepparttar 131425 life we want or if, instead, it was programmed for us by others. Only then can we listen to our own voice, our own intuition, our own inner wisdom. Only than can we tap into our inherent skills, talents and inner creativity, which formrepparttar 131426 work for which we were individually designed. Then we will truly reaprepparttar 131427 rewards of joy and fulfillment as well as a paycheck.

Afterward, when we go back to our busy life, we find that we are whole beings again, not walking machines. If we have chosen to take a break from our careers,repparttar 131428 work we choose when we return will be right and satisfying.

Regardless of how we use it, time goes by and then it's gone. The combined power of every ruler inrepparttar 131429 world could not change that by decree. So, inrepparttar 131430 end,repparttar 131431 only thing that counts is how we usedrepparttar 131432 time. Is what we're doing meaningful enough that if we were still doing it 10 or 15 years from now, we would be satisfied with that?

If you just keep goingrepparttar 131433 way you are, ask yourself what you will miss and how it will affect you andrepparttar 131434 ones you love. If you are losing some of your spirit every year, what kind of husband, wife, father, mother or friend will you end up as after half a lifetime goes by? If you need to take time off to stoprepparttar 131435 downward momentum, isn't it worth it?

Staying in the Holiday Spirit

Written by Rinatta Paries

The holiday season can either be exiting and joyous, or saddening and lonely. How you experiencerepparttar holidays is completely up to you. Really! Whether you feel sad or happy, lonely or connected is completely up to you.

Your thoughts, your activities, andrepparttar 131415 kind of situations you put yourself into generate your feelings. In other words, you do not have to experience sad or unhappy holiday feelings unless you want to. If you want to change how you feel, simply change what you are doing, and this will change your feelings.

What makes you feel sadder duringrepparttar 131416 holidays? What makes you feel more disconnected, out of touch withrepparttar 131417 spirit ofrepparttar 131418 holidays?

Right now make a quick list ofrepparttar 131419 activities, or lack thereof, that may make you sad or unhappy aboutrepparttar 131420 holidays. Do something different about two of these right now.

Here are some more attitude-altering activities to help you stay in (or get into)repparttar 131421 holiday spirit:

* Doesn't feel like holidays at your house? Put up lights! Decorate in holiday motif. Play holiday music and light candles.

* Don't have plans for Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, etc.? Volunteer! Helping those in need can do wonders for your attitude. Or call up some friends and plan a small get together.

* Aren't looking forward to seeing family? Take interest in each of your relatives as you speak to them, in a much deeper way than ever before. You may enjoy them for a change.

* Exhausted from cooking and running around? Take an hour, half-hour or even 15 minutes all to yourself. Don't do chores, errands, clean up, etc. Don't do anything you have to do, even if you feel guilty. Do whatever YOU like.

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