Characteristics: Creative Types vs Clods!

Written by Michael Dimas

Here are some odds & ends I have observed in creative-expert-genius types:

Direction of motivation: creatives move toward what they want in all areas of their life whilerepparttar clods move away from what they don't want.

Time orientation: creatives look forward to completion. Clods look backward at how they have been unable to do it and assume future is also failure.

Memory management: creatives look toward constructed imagery combiningrepparttar 136565 new withrepparttar 136566 old to create. Clods rely almost exclusively on eidetic imagery ofrepparttar 136567 past for repeat type solutions.

Time distortion: creatives get in a groove and time goes zip. Clods drag out time

Perceptual positions: creatives use a 1-2-3 way of processing info where 1 represents self, 2 is other and 3 is observer. They move in/out of these various frames of reference to gather info not available to any single position. Clods are rarely aware of anything but position 1.

Perceptual roles of dreamer-critic-realist. Creatives remain in dreamer mode for decades and userepparttar 136568 critic role to make dream better andrepparttar 136569 realist mode as final preparation for making dream come true. Clods kill dream almost immediately by allowingrepparttar 136570 critic/realist intorepparttar 136571 show before dream develops enough to have a life of it's own.

Exagerrated sense of worth/potential. Creatives believe they are more capable than their peers or family think. Clods accept limiting beliefs of those around them as accurate.

Dump the to-do list

Written by Janet Ansell

When I was a child,repparttar minute hand onrepparttar 136564 clock went at a snailís pace. Now there is never enough time.

I used to thinkrepparttar 136565 answer to this problem was to-do lists. I had one at work, one at home and one forrepparttar 136566 weekends. I prioritized. I delegated. Learned to say no. Still my to-do list grew faster than I could tick items off. And, although Iíd createdrepparttar 136567 list to better manage my time, my to-do list seemed to be managing me.

One day my inner rebel had had enough. I put my to-do list away. And you know what? Life didnít end. Things still got done when they needed to. And I found I actually had more time, not less.

The truth is this:

1.What has to get done, gets done, whether you schedule it or not. You will always find time to dorepparttar 136568 things you have to do.

2.The most important things in life rarely make an appearance on any to do list. There will never be enough time to dorepparttar 136569 things you want to.

3.Time is not a sequence of events; itísrepparttar 136570 way you spend your life.

4.When you make time forrepparttar 136571 things you want to do, you will dorepparttar 136572 things you have to do more efficiently.

5.Just because itís urgent doesnít means itís important.

6.You donít have to do everything.

If you too want to get out of to-do tyranny, here are some ideas to try:

1.Make up your to-do list, then put it away. Getting items down on paper stops them from running around and away with your brain. What needs to get done, will get done.

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