Chanukah and the Downloading of Primordial Light

Written by Rabbi Michael Ozair

Chanukah andrepparttar Downloading of Primordial Light The Mystical Significance of “36”

God said, “Let there be light,” and there was light. (Genesis1:3)

The 36 candles onrepparttar 122217 menorah correspond torepparttar 122218 36 hours when Adam and Eve were bathed in The Primordial Light of creation. Today, as we kindle our own lights, we call forth a revelation of this now hidden and intense light.

(12th century Kabbalist, R. Eliezer of Worms)

The Primordial Light of Creation is hidden inrepparttar 122219 36 candles of Chanukah.

(B’nei Yissachar, Kislev)


The mood of Winter shares with usrepparttar 122220 tender gift of returning to our inner wombs, where our wisdom resides and from which our destiny will once again shine forth in Divine Timing.

Chanukah,repparttar 122221 Festival of Lights invites us to turn our senses inward to find, cultivate, and rededicate our inner sanctuary. It is a time to empty accumulated garbage, to create an open and receptive space, and to cultivate an intimate relationship with our emotions asrepparttar 122222 sensory system of our soul. As we become more peaceful inside, we gather back our power, one candle at a time. The more supportive and nurturing our inner container,repparttar 122223 morerepparttar 122224 Ohr HaGanuz,repparttar 122225 Primordial Light of Creation becomes available to us during this time of year.

Spiritually,repparttar 122226 eight nights of Chanukah are a cumulative and progressive process through whichrepparttar 122227 light ofrepparttar 122228 menorah grows to revealrepparttar 122229 inherent light of Creation. The total number of Chanukah lights overrepparttar 122230 eight days is 36 (1+2+3+4+5+6+7+8). As Rabbi Eliezer writes, these 36 lights arouse that very same Primordial Light which illuminated Adam and Eve onrepparttar 122231 dawn of their creation,repparttar 122232 first 36 hours of their existence. The Talmud teaches: “36 hoursrepparttar 122233 Light served . . . and Adam HaRishon (Primordial Man) saw with it from one end of this world intorepparttar 122234 Other”. (Yerushalmi, Brochot 8:5)

The Midrash teaches that this intense light needed to be removed fromrepparttar 122235 universe, hidden away for a time still to be realized. All this so duality could exist andrepparttar 122236 evolution and purpose ofrepparttar 122237 universe could unfold.

Ever sincerepparttar 122238 dimming of that Primordial Light, we yearn for it, search for it and pursue it, in our prayers, studies and meditation. Yet, even in our darkest hours, we can access this memory born ofrepparttar 122239 36 hours when we, humanity as a whole, were bathed in this light. "Where was this Light to be hidden?" asksrepparttar 122240 Midrash. It answers, "inrepparttar 122241 Torah." When we immerse ourselves inrepparttar 122242 truth and wisdom ofrepparttar 122243 Torah, in its inner radiance, we can experience this Primordial Light of wisdom, purpose, andrepparttar 122244 intent of creation.

The significance ofrepparttar 122245 number 36 will lead us into some further deeper understandings.

God’s Name

God’s Name in Hebrew is Elo-him (language of Moses) God’s Name in Arabic is Al-lah (language of Mohammed) God’s Name in Aramaic is Elahh (language of Jesus)

They all share a common three letter root in Hebrew: Alef, Lamed and Heh. The sum gematria, or numerical value ofrepparttar 122246 three letters is 36 (Alef – 1, Lamed – 30, Heh – 5).


Concept of light (in one form or another), appears exactly 36 times throughoutrepparttar 122247 entire Torah (Rokayach).


It took Moses 36 days to explainrepparttar 122248 Torah to Israel (Seder Olam Rabbah 10).

Moses himself was born exactly 36 years afterrepparttar 122249 oppression in Egypt began.

When Moses was born, it is said thatrepparttar 122250 house was filled with light. It is written there, “And she saw him, that he was GOOD” (Exodus 2:2) and there (in Genesis 1:4) it is also written, “God sawrepparttar 122251 light,that it was GOOD” (Talmud; Sotah 12a)

Commentary to above: “She saw him, that it (he) was good” — “it” beingrepparttar 122252 Ohr HaGanuz – Hidden Light of Creation, as a Presence that came intorepparttar 122253 world with Moses. (Sha’arei Leshem, p. 130)

The word inrepparttar 122254 Torah used to describerepparttar 122255 Hidden or Primordial Light is “tov” meaning GOOD. When it appears inrepparttar 122256 Torah forrepparttar 122257 first time,repparttar 122258 first letter “Tet” of “tov” (good) has a very unusual feature. The letter “tet”, like many other letters in a Torah scroll have tiny “crowns” extending from them (which kabbalists teach is a hidden language of its own). What is unusual about this letter here is that is has four “crowns” instead ofrepparttar 122259 usual three. According torepparttar 122260 Kabbalist,repparttar 122261 B’nei Yissachar, whenrepparttar 122262 four is multiplied byrepparttar 122263 number nine (the value ofrepparttar 122264 “tet” itself),repparttar 122265 total is 36.

The Patriarch Isaac

Abraham was a righteous person whose very life embodiedrepparttar 122266 values ofrepparttar 122267 Hidden Light of creation. But when Isaac was born, he wasrepparttar 122268 first in history to be circumcised onrepparttar 122269 eighth day. Since eight represents transcendingrepparttar 122270 physical, he became infused with all that "eight" represents (transcendence), raising him forever aboverepparttar 122271 natural world. This is why he, at such a young age warranted to seerepparttar 122272 Divine Presence like his father. Contrary, to popular legend, Isaac was 37 years old when he was “sacrificed”. According torepparttar 122273 mystical tradition, Isaac was a very willing and enthusiastic participant in offering himself up as a sacrifice to G-d, and that although no slaughter took place, Isaac nevertheless left his body.

The event took place when Isaac was 37, forrepparttar 122274 reason that he had already reached his spiritual climax atrepparttar 122275 end of a complete 36 year life cycle. According to Midrash, although Isaac had not died physically, a part of him transcended even further beyond his earthly identity, causing him to be likened to an angel. The text says he was blind afterrepparttar 122276 Akeidah (binding, sacrifice). It wasn’t physical blindness he suffered from, but being “blind” to garments of this existence, especiallyrepparttar 122277 aspect of duality (this is why he was “blind” to his own twin’s characteristics, Esau and Jacob). The energy ofrepparttar 122278 36 facilitates a non-dualistic consciousness since it is a light which Primordial Man bathed in, beforerepparttar 122279 “Fall”.

The Great Pyramid - Part Two

Written by Robert Bruce Baird

The location ofrepparttar Great Pyramid atrepparttar 122216 centre ofrepparttar 122217 Earth's land masses, unless it is truly a coincidence, impliesrepparttar 122218 following. First, its builders knewrepparttar 122219 geography and size ofrepparttar 122220 Earth quite accurately because they could not otherwise calculaterepparttar 122221 correct centre of land - masses. Second, they chose Egypt becauserepparttar 122222 centre is there {It would be quite coincidental that they were Egyptian as well.}, and this means that Ancient Egyptian civilization may have arisen because of lingering cultural influences as well as because ofrepparttar 122223 supposed advantages conferred byrepparttar 122224 Nile. Third,repparttar 122225 three pyramids ofrepparttar 122226 Giza complex, includingrepparttar 122227 Sphinx, were built by someone other thanrepparttar 122228 Ancient Egyptians--unless we are willing to grant them advanced knowledge as well--but then we must contend withrepparttar 122229 various correlations at Giza that all point to 10,500 B.C. asrepparttar 122230 origin ofrepparttar 122231 Giza complex {I'll grant this date or 2,000 years later forrepparttar 122232 Sphinx, as well asrepparttar 122233 whole complex being designed at this time. I believerepparttar 122234 capstones were used beforerepparttar 122235 final Pyramids were constructed. It would appear there were other pyramids built to imitate this 'GREAT' pyramid. The issue ofrepparttar 122236 Brazilian pyramids is yet to be determined, and it is possible they are even more 'fantastic'.}. Eitherrepparttar 122237 three pyramids andrepparttar 122238 Sphinx were built by an unknown culture long beforerepparttar 122239 beginnings of Ancient Egypt, now dated as about 3200 B.C., orrepparttar 122240 Egyptians themselves have a much longer history than we think." (1)

Some hermetic sages who are heroes of mine are mentioned inrepparttar 122241 following response to a person asking me about Shakespeare’s tragedies. The publisher site mentioned in this was in reference to Diverse Druids which setrepparttar 122242 stage for my re-evaluation of all history and man’s cultural evolution or devolution. The graphics from that book and site are included herein.

Shakespeare's Cosmogony ofrepparttar 122243 Spheres andrepparttar 122244 Tao combine withrepparttar 122245 chakras to giverepparttar 122246 Tree of Life or Norse and Indian of America – this Tree of Yggdrasil is shown inrepparttar 122247 graphics at my publisher site.

The Triune Nature of Man isrepparttar 122248 Tao plus Divine Spirit and together can become Providential especially when a true union (Yoga means union) is achieved. Thus as Victor Hugo noted in his evaluation of Shakespeare "One is drawn back again and again torepparttar 122249 cliff over-lookingrepparttar 122250 waves ofrepparttar 122251 marvellous, and each time taking one step further down or towardsrepparttar 122252 precipice". But when you lose yourself fully inrepparttar 122253 'marvelous' you will find PURPOSE and that Divine Providence you are part and parcel of. We are all Gods in Training and God requires all energy to harmonize and thus another phrase for Shakespeare’s Cosmogony (a paper I did a real study of in grade 11) is 'Harmony ofrepparttar 122254 Spheres' (spheres is sephirah).

How much ofrepparttar 122255 intrigue surroundingrepparttar 122256 abuse of religion was known to Pelikan,repparttar 122257 eminent scholar of Yale University, is a matter of conjecture. He certainly would have known about Prescott Bush andrepparttar 122258 other Skull and Bones people named in court proceedings for trading withrepparttar 122259 enemy. He most certainly would have known aboutrepparttar 122260 Rockefeller involvement inrepparttar 122261 family of Jesus or Merovingian group that includesrepparttar 122262 Rothschilds and Kennedy family. And he should have known a lot more aboutrepparttar 122263 man (Rothschild illegitimate that Hitler’s father was) who called himself ‘the torch-bearer for Jesus’. I have delved intorepparttar 122264 matter of esoteric teachings inrepparttar 122265 St. Germain established center of Vienna where Hitler and his father studied for much of their life. I am sure there is a great deal I will never know aboutrepparttar 122266 von Neumann he spent time with there. You must ask yourself why Old Joe Kennedy andrepparttar 122267 Brown Bros./Harriman/Bush andrepparttar 122268 later Bilderbergs of Prince Bernhard orrepparttar 122269 Beacon Hill Mob of Rockefeller/Rothschilds were supporting Hitler and Stalin both.

The Sun god, Mithras, wasrepparttar 122270 most widely worshipped deity inrepparttar 122271 Roman Empire inrepparttar 122272 first century when Christianity was first forming. Mithras was calledrepparttar 122273 Son of God,repparttar 122274 light ofrepparttar 122275 world, he was a redeemer and savior and his birthday was celebrated on December twenty-fifth. He eventually died and was buried in a cave and was resurrected three days later. Sound familiar? Constantine is said to have converted to Christianity but that is pure ‘Spin’ fromrepparttar 122276 editor ofrepparttar 122277 Bible. He was a Mithras worshipper and they are Heliopolitans or Luciferians just like Hitler and his ‘torch-bearer’ crap. IESA is in Iesoos ofrepparttar 122278 fish symbol and IXOYE as well as many other pre-Christian things they appropriated; whichrepparttar 122279 Father of Biblical Archaeology says showsrepparttar 122280 Bible is a 'Phoenician literary legacy'. It is notrepparttar 122281 first time you have heard about it.

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