Channel Your Prosperity Energy Today

Written by Caterina Christakos

Chanel Your Prosperity Energy Today

© 2003 Caterina Christakos

Every emotion, wether we classify it as good or bad, has energy. Think about it. Can’t you feel it when you are angry or bouncing offrepparttar walls happy? Just as there are levels of energy for these emotions, there are levels of energy for another emotion - wanting.

A great man called Lester Levinson discovered that this wanting energy is a negative force in our lives. He discovered this on a mission to save his own life, when he was diagnosed with cancer and sent home to die. Wanting money. Wanting to be loved. Wanting to be appreciated. All of these wants and more were slowly killing him.

He discovered that this wanting energy equaled a feeling of lack. If you want something you don’t have it. He also discovered that we hold onto energy. When we are happy we try to hold on to this feeling. When we are upset about something we try to push it away and get rid of it.

He found, and Harvard researchers agreed, that when we let go of our emotions, both “good” and “bad” and just let them flow we findrepparttar 122386 ultimate state of imperturbability. When you reach this state aboutrepparttar 122387 object or person that you are stressing out over, you can actually have what you have been wanting instantly.

Create the Happiness Habit

Written by Donald Schnell

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Do it Now!

Procrastination has to berepparttar 122385 public enemy number one. It is a career killer.

It seems like an easy enough problem to overcome, doesn't it?

When you have something to do, do it now! This idea isn't new, intellectually challenging or in any way detrimental to your health or well being.

But, are you usingrepparttar 122386 “do it now” philosophy? Are you creatingrepparttar 122387 habit of 'do it now”? The “do it now” habit is a universally accepted foundation of success. You will not find any success author selling, “Do it Tomorrow!” as a way to success.”

You can't argue withrepparttar 122388 soundness of this philosophy if you desire success and personal achievement.

Most people have no difficulty with acceptingrepparttar 122389 idea,repparttar 122390 problem lies withrepparttar 122391 implementation. Right now you have something on your desk that needs your attention. It is a psychic weight that is hanging over you and compromising your ability to bring your full attention torepparttar 122392 other matters at hand. When you finish this e-mail you will be able to tackle it and remove it from your life.

Imagine how much better you are going to feel, knowing this problem is now out of your life?

Why procrastinate? Why do we do it, in spite ofrepparttar 122393 nervous tension we feel when we delay?

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